iPhone Won't Charge When Turn on/Unless Turn off, How to Fix It?

I've almost had my iPhone for a year now and it's still in really good shape. But, anyway, it won't charge when it's turned on so it only charges while it's turned off. It charges really slow and I don't know why. Is there any fix for this?"

Many users have the issue that iPhone won't charge and recently some users complained that their iPhone won't charge when it turns on. This is really strange. Luckily, there are some tracks you can try to fix it. Below we share the 3 most useful methods for your reference. Read on, please.

Method 1: Hard Reset Your iPhone

Some software installed on your iPhone may affect hardware behavior and cause the iPhone charging issue. If the software was interfering with charging, a hard reset will clear any conflicts and allow the battery to charge normally.

  • Press and hold both the sleep/wake button of your iPhone and the "Home" button for 10 to15 seconds; you'll see the red "Power Off" slider.
  • Keep holding until you see the Apple logo and the phone shuts off. Turn your iPhone on and try to charge it to see if the problem still exists. iphone won't charge when turn on

Method 2: Using iPhone Recovery Mode

Usually, software- or app-related trouble can be easily solved by a hard reset. However, sometimes it needs more extensive steps to solve them. One of those measures is Recovery Mode which can help you solve more complex problems.

Here we recommend you using Free Tenorshare ReiBoot to get your iPhone into Recovery mode and restart. Better than the traditional way, Tenorshare ReiBoot won't cause any data loss and enable you to enter and exit Recovery mode with 1 click. The latest update works for all iOS 10/9/8/7 devices inclulding iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/6/5s/5/5c/4S/3GS, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Connect your iPhone to PC and launch the free iPhone reboot tool.
  • Click "Enter Recovery Mode", and then click on "Exit Recovery Mode" to reboot your iPhone. iphone won't charge unless turn off

Method 3: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

If methods above all didn't work for you, I am afraid you have to backup the content of your device and restore your iPhone to factory settings. Note that after restoring to factory settings, all data will loss and your device will get the newest iOS.

Tip: Make sure you have backed up your device. If you unfortunately lost iPhone data without backup file, refer to powerful iPhone Data Recovery for help.

  • Connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that came with it and then open iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes. In the Summary panel, click Restore. how to fix iphone won't charge unless turn off
  • After your device is restored to factory settings, it will restart. When it does, you'll see the "Slide to set up" welcome screen. Follow the steps in the device Setup Assistant. Now you can restore your device from backup file. how to iphone won't charge when turn on

After trying all methods above but still can't get your problem solved? I am afraid you need to take your iPhone to Apple store to see what they can do for you.

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