Top 2 Ways to Fix This Accessory May Not Be Supported Error on iPhone/iPad

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-12-26 / Update for  Fix iPhone

Summary: This post aims to fix "this accessory may not be supported or certified" error that occurs on iPhone/iPad while you connect your device to the charging cable.

“Recently I was rather frustrated with the “this accessory may not be supported" error every time when I connect my iPhone 7 Plus to the charging cable. This message occurs after I updated my iPhone to iOS 10.3.2. I have tried a lot of cables including original Apple cables with no good. “

It seems to me that there are quite a number of iOS users are seeking a fix for this issue. As far as I tell, the error mainly occurs after an iOS update (for example, iOS 11 beta, iOS 10.3.2/10.3.1/10.3). The cynics say that this is Apple’s trick to force people to buy accessory from Apple, which sells much more expensive than that from other third-party accessory manufactures. Why the error message occurs and how to get it resolved? Here we share the complete solutions to “This accessory may not be supported” error on iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6/5s, iPad after iOS 10.3/10.2/10 update.

fix this accessory may not be supported

Things You Can Do on Hardware to Fix "This accessory may not be supported" on iPhone

1. Clean the dirt
The first thing you should try is to clean out the charging port. Turn off your iPhone to prevent any unnecessary damage. Then take a Q-tip and insert it into your iPhone or iPad charging port to clean out the lint or debris. Repeat this a few times until no dirt comes out.

2. Use original charging cable
If you were using non Apple charging cable to charge your device, I suggest that you swap to original charging cable for your iPhone/iPad. It is possible that the newer updates have programmed the iPhone to detect unsupported accessories.

If you charge your device by connecting it to another device like computer or mobile power pack, you could try changing a different USB port.

3. Turn off your device
When you get the error message, dismiss it and turn your iPhone into Airplane Mode, and then turn your phone off with the lightening plug attached. Leave it a few minutes and turn the phone on again. This proves to be an effective method to fix this accessory may not be supported error on iPhone.

Repair Operating System on iPhone to Fix This Error

Some people report that the “accessory may not be supported” still occurs even using cables and chargers that come with Apple. Suppose all those tricks related with hardware didn’t work, it could be that something goes wrong with the iOS system after update. If so, you can repair the operating system using Tenorshare ReiBoot.

System recovery aims to fix all issues related with iOS software such as freeze, crash, or errors.

Connect your iOS device to computer and choose “Fix All iOS Stuck”.

fix iphone frozen on apple logo screen

The program will detect your device model and display the matching firmware version ready for download. Click “Download” to download the firmware file, and the program starts to repair operating system immediately after download is completed.

system recovery to fix accessory is not supported issue

The whole system recovery process takes less than 10 minutes. You won’t see the error again while charging, if it proves to be an operating system issue.

In this essay we have provided solutions to “This accessory may not be supported or certified” on iOS 10 from both hardware and software. Hope one of these tips relieves you from this annoying error.

  Updated on 2019-12-26 / Update for  Fix iPhone

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