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Tweaked Pokemon GO Download for iOS And Android 

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-07 / Update for  change location

Are you wondering how Tweaked Pokemon Go works for iOS and Android devices? This section will give you a quick introduction to Tweaked Pokemon Go and how you can download its tools for your devices with iOS and Android interfaces. 

tweaked pokemon go

What Is Tweaked Pokemon GO

Tweaked Pokemon GO is the tweaked version of the very famous Pokemon Go game. It is a spoof of the actual game and can be downloaded through many third-party app stores that contain many more applications and their tweaked versions. This application is super simple to download with the right third-party assistance.

Tweaked Pokemon GO Tool for Android

Tweaked Pokemon Go Tools are a great way of elevating your gaming experience and enriching it with convenience. There are numerous pokemon go anywhere tools available for android that help the user spoof their location and use more interactive features. PGSharp is one such tool. 

1. What Is PGSharp

PGSharp is an apptweak pokemon go that assists android devices to fake and teleport their locations. It also offers numerous amazing spoofing features. However, there are some limitations to using PGSharp for Pokemon Go tweaked iOS and it is not available on for iOS device. 

2. How to Download PGSharp

Downloading PGSharp on Android is easy as a cakewalk. The user can follow these super easy steps to download PGSharp on their Android Device.

  • Go to the official PGSharp website and install the application on your android device.
  • Login to your account to PGSharp to start the game.

3. How to Use PGSharp

PGSharp comes with numerous features for the user. All you need to do is activate your account and work your way through them. As you open the feature page, you will find your account information. You can try out some of the following tools with PGSharp and make optimum use of the application.

  • Custom Shortcuts - you can use this tab to add or remove any element you wish from the shortcut menu that appears under the Golden Star.
  • Speed - This feature allows the user to walk around the game without having to follow the movement in real life. It also gives the user the option to set the speed of the character’s movement. 
  • Spoofing Location - Spoofing location is among the core features of the user. It allows the user to use the application to trick the game into thinking you are at another location instead of your real location. This enables the user to travel the world and easily catch all kinds of Pokemon. 
  • Joystick - the virtual joystick on the screen allows the user to move their character around manually. When enabled, this feature gives a virtual joystick on your screen. 

Tweaked Pokemon GO Tool for iOS

There are many tools that help the user enhance their experience of playing the Tweaked Pokemon Go. iAnyGo is one such tool that helps the user conveniently spoof their location. The added benefit of using iAnyGo is that it is compatible with iOS systems. Let’s know more about this amazing tool. 

1. What Is iAnyGo 

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a location spoofer for tweaked pokemon go iOS. It is the perfect alternative for PGSharp and other spoofing software and offers a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience. The tool supports location changing without jailbreak and stimulates GPS movements with customized routes. 

2. How to Download iAnyGo

Downloading Tenorshare iAnyGo is one of the simplest tasks to do. All you need is to follow these steps.

  • Click on the Free Download option on the screen. 
  • Install it on your PC. And you are done! It is that simple and quick! 

3. How to Use iAnyGo

The software allows you to play Pokemon Go at home without any limitations and comes with the splendid Joystick Movement feature. This feature allows the user to move at the speed of their choice and easily change their direction. Given below are the steps to use this amazing Joystick feature.

  • Select the “Joystick Movement” mode from the home screen after you launch your program and link your device to your system. Your Joystick will appear on the lower-left corner of your screen.

    joystick movement
  • Now you can drag the slider to customize the speed of your movement. You can select from the options for driving, walking or cycling speeds with the fastest option being a speed of 72 kilometers per hour. 

    set speed
  • Use your Joystick to initiate an automatic movement. You need to drag the middle button to the circle and release it to set the speed as the GPS starts moving automatically. You can now tweak the direction in 360 degrees of movement. 

    start joystick movement

How to Avoid Pokemon GO Soft Ban When Using Tweaked Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Soft Ban is a common occurrence if you are not using the right assistance with your Tweaked Pokemon Go. You must use professional software like Tenorshare iAnyGo for modifying location functions with inherent features to allow location spoofing without the risk of being under house arrest by Niantic to play pokemon go anywhere. 

Many more such tools come with auto-cooling features and whenever the location changes within a short time period it offers the user a countdown time based on the location distance. The countdown is usually based on how much you have teleported and can vary from 1 minute to 2 hours. This prevents excess activity and prevents the user from getting banned for the violation of their agreement with Pokemon Go. 

The Bottom Line

Tweaked Pokemon Go is common for users who are not equipped to travel around in real life and catch Pokemons. With app tweak Pokemon Go users can simply navigate their way through the game without any hassle of actual movement. Applications like Tenorshare iAnyGo further simplify this process with their user-friendly interface and wide compatibility with numerous device interfaces like Android and iOS.