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Top 5 Pokemon GO Gym Defenders for Beginners

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-06-30 / Update for  change location

Pokemon GO is an immersive and engaging augmented reality game that allows players to explore the real world while capturing and battling virtual creatures known as Pokemon. One important aspect of the game is defending gyms, which are key locations where players can test their skills and claim ownership.

In this article, we will discuss the concept of gym defenders, explore the best Pokemon for gym defense, and provide valuable insights to help you maximize your defense strategy.

Understanding Gym Defenders

Gym defenders are Pokemon that players assign to defend a gym against rival trainers. When a gym is under attack, the defenders engage in battles with the attackers' Pokemon.

The primary goal of gym defenders is to withstand multiple battles and reduce the motivation of attackers' Pokemon, making it difficult for them to defeat and take over the gym.

Best Pokemon for Gym Defense

Now that we understand the factors to consider, let's explore some of the best Pokemon for gym defense. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of defenders may vary based on the specific metagame of your region.

1. Blissey

Blissey is often regarded as one of the best gym defenders due to its enormous HP and exceptional defensive capabilities. Its Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam moveset can be quite formidable, wearing down attackers over time.

2. Snorlax

Snorlax boasts impressive stamina and solid defensive stats, making it a reliable gym defender. Its moveset, including Zen Headbutt and Hyper Beam, can deal significant damage to opponents while enduring multiple battles.

3. Chansey

Chansey, similar to Blissey, excels in stamina and bulk. While it lacks the same level of defense as Blissey, it compensates with high HP. Chansey's Pound and Hyper Beam moveset can make it a challenging defender to overcome.

4. Metagross

Metagross, a Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon, brings a unique defensive advantage to gyms. With its high CP and moves like Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash, it can deter attackers, especially those relying on common types like Normal or Dragon.

Strategies for Maximizing Defense

To further enhance your gym defense strategy, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Gym Placement: Position your strongest defenders towards the front of the gym lineup to discourage attackers and increase the number of battles they must win.
  • Golden Razz Berry Feeding: Regularly feed Golden Razz Berries to your defenders to restore their motivation and increase their resistance during battles.
  • Team Collaboration: Coordinate with other members of your team to reinforce gyms by assigning complementary defenders and ensuring a diverse lineup.
  • Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on your gyms and defend them promptly if they come under attack. Staying vigilant will help maintain your team's control.
  • Optimize Move Sets: Evolve and power up Pokemon with movesets that have the most favorable defensive characteristics, providing an edge against attackers.

How to Get More Powerful Defenders Pokemon

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a software that allows you to spoof your location in Pokemon Go. This means that you can catch Pokemon that are only available in other parts of the world, and you can also use it to hatch eggs and collect Pokestops without having to go outside.

One of the best ways to use Tenorshare iAnyGo is to get more powerful defenders Pokemon. Defenders are Pokemon that you place in gyms to defend them from other players. The more powerful your defenders are, the harder it will be for other players to defeat them.

  • Launch iAnyGo and select the "Joystick Movement" mode.

    joystick movement
  • Enter the location that you want to spoof your GPS to.

    set speed
  • Change the direction by stimulating GPS from left to right with the help of a keyboard.

    start joystick movement

Frequently Asked Questions about Pokemon GO Best Defenders

Q: Can I use Legendary Pokemon as gym defenders?

A: Yes, you can use Legendary Pokemon as gym defenders. They often possess high CP and powerful moves, making them formidable opponents.

Q: How can I increase my chances of holding a gym for a longer time?

A: By strategically assigning defenders, feeding them berries, and collaborating with teammates, you can improve your chances of holding a gym for an extended period.

Q: Are there any other factors that affect gym defense?

A: Yes, factors like gym badge level, gym location, and the level of motivation decay can influence gym defense. Focus on strengthening these aspects as well.

Q: Should I prioritize evolving Pokemon with high defensive stats?

A: While high defensive stats are beneficial, moveset synergy and type advantages should also be considered when evolving Pokemon for gym defense.

Q: Can I earn rewards for successfully defending a gym?

A: Yes, successfully defending a gym rewards you with PokeCoins, which can be used to purchase various in-game items and enhancements.


In Pokemon GO, selecting the right gym defenders is crucial for maintaining control and ensuring the longevity of your team's gyms. So, gather your strongest defenders, fortify your gyms, and aim for victory in the world of Pokemon GO!