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How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon GO Cheat [100% Works]

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Pokemon GO, the popular augmented reality game, continues to captivate players around the world with its diverse collection of creatures to catch and train.

Among the most coveted and elusive Pokemon is Mewtwo, a legendary Psychic-type Pokemon known for its incredible power and rarity.

In this article, we will explore the methods and cheats to help you acquire Mewtwo in Pokemon Go in 2023. So, gear up and embark on this exciting journey to catch this formidable creature!

Preparing for the Hunting

Before diving into the specific strategies, it's essential to ensure you are well-prepared for the hunt. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Ensure you have a high-level trainer account to increase your chances of encountering Mewtwo.
  • Stock up on Poke Balls, berries, and healing items to sustain yourself during battles.
  • Strengthen your team of Pokemon by leveling them up, evolving them, and teaching them powerful moves.
  • Stay updated on the latest events and updates in the game to take advantage of time-limited opportunities.

How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon GO 2023 [Cheat Method]

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    joystick movement
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How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon GO 2023 [Normal Methods]

Here are some regular methods you can refer to help you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon GO.

Method 1: Leveraging Raid Battles

Raid Battles offer an excellent opportunity to encounter Mewtwo. Follow these steps to increase your chances:

Keep an eye on nearby Gyms for Mewtwo Raid Battles. Form a group with fellow trainers to maximize your chances of defeating Mewtwo. Use powerful Pokemon with advantageous types and well-rounded movesets. Coordinate your attacks and utilize strategic dodging to preserve your Pokemon's health.

Method 2: Utilizing EX Raids

EX Raids, also known as Exclusive Raids, are invitation-only events where Mewtwo frequently appears. Here's how you can secure an invitation:

Win Raid Battles at EX Raid eligible Gyms to increase your chances of receiving an invitation. Raid frequently at popular Gyms known for hosting EX Raids. Make sure to have a Gold Badge for the Gym you wish to receive an EX Raid invitation from.

Method 3: Exploring Legendary Raids and Events

Mewtwo frequently appears in Legendary Raids and special events. Stay up to date with the game's news and event announcements to take advantage of these opportunities. Participating in these raids will allow you to battle Mewtwo alongside other trainers and potentially catch this legendary Pokemon.

Method 4: Exploring Nest Locations

Pokemon nests are specific locations where certain Pokemon spawn more frequently. While Mewtwo is not typically found in nests, it's still worth investigating nest rotations. Who knows, you might stumble upon a rare Mewtwo spawn during a nest migration.

Method 5: Trading with Other Trainers

Trading Pokemon with other trainers can provide an opportunity to acquire Mewtwo. Find trainers who are willing to trade their spare Mewtwo in exchange for Pokemon you possess. Keep in mind that trading requires Stardust and may only be possible with trainers in close proximity.

Method 6: Time-Limited Events and Promotions

Keep an eye out for time-limited events and promotions introduced by Pokemon Go. These events often feature increased Mewtwo spawns or exclusive raid battles, providing an excellent chance to encounter and catch this legendary Pokemon.

FAQs about How to Find Mewtwo in Pokemon GO

Hope these faqs will help you to get your first mewtwo.

Q1: Can I catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go without participating in raid battles?

A1: Raid battles are currently the most reliable method to encounter Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. However, there may be occasional events or research tasks that offer alternative opportunities.

Q2: Is using cheats or hacks a viable method to obtain Mewtwo?

A2: No, using cheats or hacks, such as GPS spoofing, is strictly against the terms of service of Pokemon Go and can lead to severe penalties, including account suspension. It is recommended to play the game fairly and enjoy the authentic experience.

Q3: Are there any upcoming events where Mewtwo will be available?

A3: While specific event details are subject to change, it's advisable to stay updated on the official Pokemon Go news and announcements for information on upcoming events, including those featuring Mewtwo.

The End

So, there you have it! These are some of the best ways to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go in 2023. With a little hard work and patience, you too can catch this legendary Pokemon and add it to your collection. Good luck!