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Never Chuck It Up,Best 5 Methods to Remove Forgot Android PIN

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-10 / Update for  Unlock Android

Setting PIN for Android devices is an important way to keep the content of the device secret. Even if you choose to unlock the device with your fingerprint lock, the Android operating system will still ask you to enter a PIN as the backup protocol.

forgot android pin

But what if it's you who can't access the phone? In other words, what do you do if you forgot Android PIN? In this article, we provide the following methods to help you regain access to your Android phone.

Part 1: Bypass Forgot Android PIN in Minutes

It’s no exaggeration to say that Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the best method to remove pattern lock on Android. No matter your are using Android 10.0 or Android 5.0, this tool can help you easily solve the "forgot pattern Android" problem. Try it and follow the below steps:

  • In the first step, you need to download and install it on your computer, then using USB cable to connect your device to your computer.

    forgot android pin without losing data
  • Choose "Remove Screen Lock" on the main interface.

    forgot android pin 2020
  • After that, tap on "Start" button on the next interface and confirm it.

    forgot my pin on an android device just changed last night
  • Please wait for a few minutes, then you will bypass your Android PIN lock successfully.

    forgot android pin

In minutes, you can access your Android phone again. If you have other needs, including Bypass Samsung FRP Lock, it can also help you.

Part 2: Bypass Forgot Android PIN without Losing Data

If you have a Samusng account then you can try below 3 ways to bypass Android lock screen PIN. If you forgot Samsung account password, try 4uKey for Android. By the way, this tool can also help you remove Samsung FRP lock.

Method 1: Bypass Forgot Android PIN with Find My Mobile

Want to bypass forgot Android PIN? "Find My Mobile" can be another choice. But there are some requirements that you need to know before applying this method: Your device must be powered on, signed in to a Google Account, connected to a mobile data or Wi-Fi, have location turned on and also find my device turned on. Now, follow these steps:

  • Sign in on Google My Account, remember that using the same account on that device.

    how do i unlock my android phone if i forgot my pin
  • See your device and other options and choose your device.
  • Turn to the "Unlock my Device option" and follow the instructions.

Method 2: Remove Forgot Android PIN with Android Device Manager

Using "Android Device Manager" is a way you can try, which may help you. But, in this method, please attach your locked phone with your Google account, and it is necessary. Below are how to use it to unlock Android phone forgot PIN:

  • Open your computer and turn to the "Android Device Manager" website on your browser. Then, log in with the Google account.They maybe ask you some necessary demands in order to confirm you are the owner of the device.
  • Choose your device according to your mobile model from the list below. Now, tap on the "Lock" option.
  • On the next interface, you will see a option to ask you put a new lock screen password. Write a new password up to yourself.

    forgot pin on android phone

Method 3: Unlock Android Forgot PIN with Google Account

Try to unlock Android PIN with Google Account, and it is quite easy to follow the steps rightly as given below. Although it is easy, secure, and safe, it is an older method of unlocking the phone, just available on Android 4.0 and older versions. So, if you are using Android 5.0 and above, this method doesn’t work:

  • Enter a wrong password 5 times on your android phone, and it’ll get automatically locked. You will see two options: Emergency and Delete.

    i forgot my android pin
  • Then tap on the "Delete" option.
  • Next, you’ll see a new screen appearing in front of you, type in your registered Gmail address and password.
  • Now click on the sign-in button. Google will verify your necessary credentials, such as Google account username and password.and once all the credentials are verified, your Android phone will be unlocked.

Part 3: Bypass Forgot Android PIN by Factory Reset

Some people said that "I forgot my PIN on an Android device just changed last night, how do I unlock my Android phone if I forgot my PIN?"

To be honest, factory reset always can be regarded as an official way to solve this problem. Of course, this will erase all data on your phone as well. So, if you wanna try it, please be careful. And we provide a better way above, you do not need to rush to factory reset your phone.

  • First, you should turn your phone off.
  • Press "Volume Down" and "Power" button of the phone at the same time.
  • Release the "Power" when you see the LG logo and again press and hold the "Power" button immediately.
  • When the Factory hard reset screen is displaying, please release all the buttons.

    i forgot my screen lock pin android
  • Next, you can press the "Lock" or "Power" button to continue your process.
  • Press the pop-up to confirm the option.


In short, when you forget your Android device PIN, you don't have to worry too much. Forgetting the password is a problem that many people will encounter, and I will always be committed to solving your problem for you.

Although I have provided you with many measures to solve this problem, I recommend that you use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to perform unlocking of Android devices. The software is fast and safe. In addition, as a powerful unlocking software, it can also help with remove Samsung Galaxy S8 lock screen, bypass FRP lock on second hand phone, samsung j5 google account bypass and many Android devices' issues.