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Photos are the data that is in plenty in our phones because this is the age of taking selfies. But, when the photos that we captured are lost, there is no worse feeling than this because photos are the things that remind of some memories of the past when the photos were taken. Therefore, Android photo recovery tools for Windows are developed. There are many free and premium Android photo recovery software is available for Windows PC, and that is what our today's topic.

Part 1: 5 Free Android Photo Recovery Software for Windows

1. Recuva

Recuva is a free Android photo recovery. It can restore documents, videos, audios, compressed files, emails, etc. that you have lost from phone's SD card. Recuva is not a new tool, it has been there since long, and well trusted as well.

recuva android recovery software


  • Scans quickly for recoverable data.
  • If the basic scan cannot find all recoverable files, it has deep scan feature to scan deeper.
  • Cons

  • Cannot recover files from Android phone's internal memory.
  • Some users reported that not all recoverable files get recovered correctly.

2. MiniTool Mobile Recovery

This is another free Android photo recovery for Windows which is quite reliable and robust. It can recover from both internal memory, and SD card's lost data quickly. No matter what caused the data loss, it does take care of the recovery free of cost. It can recover almost everything from photos, WhatsApp messages, contacts, to videos, attachments, documents, etc.

minitool mobile recovery software


  • Works well with a various number of phones from different brands running on Android OS.
  • Recovers photos and other data from both Android phone's internal and external memories.


  • While scanning if there are broken sectors, this tool cannot skip that and stuck there. Most of the other tools skip the bad sectors and move ahead for scanning.

3. Eassos Android Data Recovery

This is another free Android photo recovery for Windows. However, it offers premium plans as well. It supports 6000+ Android devices work with Android OS. It recovers data from Android phone' internal memory and external SD card as well.

essoss android data recovery


  • Allows you to preview all recoverable photos and other data.
  • Recovers data from both internal and external memories.


  • Doesn't support older Operating systems.

4. Remo Recover for Android

Remo Recover for Android is another free software for recovering lost data on your Android device. It can recover data even if the SD card is formatted completely. It uses the award-winning Remo data recovery engine that makes it robust.

remo recover windows


  • Allows you to preview recoverable data and also organize them category wise such as photos, videos, .APK, etc.
  • Saves recovery sessions to save the scanning time. It helps when you start the scan, but you turn it off since you have out for some work, and later when you start the tool, it will start from there only, and the data that are already scanned will be saved already.


  • It cannot recover text messages.
  • The scanning speed is a bit slow.

5. iCare Android Data Recovery

This is another free Android photo recovery for Windows that you should try out. It can recover lost data from Android phone and external SD card as well. The process of recovery is quite easier with this software.

icare android data recovery


  • Previews of the recoverable file are available.
  • Risk-free recovery.


  • Advanced options are not available in the free version

Part 2: 4 Paid Android Photo Recovery Software for Windows

Although there are some free data recovery tools available on the market, they all have limitations. If you want to look for a professional tool to retrieve the deleted photos, then you can try apremium software. Here we gathered 4 most popular paid data recovery tool, just check it out.

1. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare is by far the best Android data recovery software for Windows that you should use. This software is able to recover almost everything that are lost either from phone's memory or external memory.

tenorshare android data recovery


  • Compatible with Windows 10 and other versions.
  • Compatible with all the modern day versions (2.0 to latest) of Android OS.
  • All type of photos, videos, documents, WhatsApp messages, etc. can be recovered using this software.


  • No obvious cons have been found so far.

2. Wondershare Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery

Wondershare is the name behind this data recovery software which says how robust this tool is. No matter how you lost the data, it will recover all of them in simple steps. It works well with all Windows and Android versions.

wondershare dr fone android data recovery


  • Recovers everything on your Android phone and SD card
  • It recovers data from broken Android phones as well.
  • It displays previews of the data that is recoverable.


  • Since Wondershare is a popular company, this software is quite expensive.
  • The trial version offers the most basic features only. No pro features in that.

3. Mobikin Doctor For Android

Mobikin is a great Android photo recovery software for Windows that you can try out today if you have to recover the data.

mobikin doctor for android


  • Recovers all types of photos and other data whether that are lost from internal or external memory.
  • Documents and photos, videos when recovered have their original format as they had before getting lost.


  • To recover contacts, messages and call logs, you need to root your Android phone.

4. Jihosoft Mobile Recover for Android

This is another great name in the Android data recovery industry which is able to recover data from both internal and external memories. From photos, videos to call logs, WhatsApp messages, contacts, etc. can be recovered using this software.

jihosoft mobile recovery android


  • Recover data from both internal and external memory.
  • Friendly UI.
  • Displays previews of recoverable photos and other data.


  • Scanning speed is a bit slow
  • A bit costly than most of the similar software.


When we talk about the smartphone, Android wins the user base because it is affordable and full of great features. Since every one of us use Android phones, there are chances we do some mistakes and accidentally lose some of the very important photos and data. In that, case Android photo recovery for Windows can be the lifesaver.

We have listed 5 free and 4 premium software that you can use as per your preferences. Moreover, Tenorshare Android photo recovery has been the most robust out of all the listed ones. So, choose wisely.

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