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[Full Guide] How to Restore Call History Backup from Google Drive

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-02-20 / Update for  Android Recovery

For those who wish to learn how to restore call history backup from google drive, using the Google Drive app will be the most practical way to restore the call history, contacts, and SMS. This procedure can save you time and effort if you have backed up your data first.

Besides Google Drive, you can also backup and restore your call log history via a recovery app, or by utilizing the local backup of your smartphone. In this article, we'll review all of these features to show you how to restore your call history backup.

Part 1. How to Restore Call History from Google Drive?

Google Drive is a service for synchronizing and storing data in the cloud. It is made to provide you with space for backing up all of your data, including pictures, documents, music, call logs, text messages, and much more. You can access your call logs from any smartphone device as long as you have an internet connection. However, if you want to restore your call history or any other type of data in the future, make sure to back it up first.

In order to restore your call logs from your Google Drive backup, consider these following steps:

  • Download the Google Drive app for your phone if it is not installed previously.
  • Launch the app and sign into your account. After that, look at the top right corner and tap the three horizontal lines to get to the drop-down menu.
  • Tap "Backups" in the menu, and you will get a list of everything that has been backed up.

  • how to restore call history from google drive
  • Choose Call History, then select "Restore." You will easily find your call logs there.

Part 2. One Click to Restore Call History on Andriod

If you forget to back up your call log data before erasing it from your phone, you will still have a chance to retrieve it using an amazing call logs recovery app - Tenorshare UltData for Android. This app has high uccess rate when recovering deleted call history on Android without a backup.

Also, using this app to restore your call logs is pretty easy compared to other alternatives. Within six simple steps, you can restore your call logs from your android device even if you have deleted them by mistake without any backup.

UltData for Android enables you to restore various data types, including call history, contacts, photographs, and videos, from your Android phone after an unintentional deletion. Let's look at how to recover deleted call history without root.

  • Start downloading and installing Ultdata for Android on your PC.
  • Open the application, then click the "Recover Google Drive Data" button on the main screen.

  • recover deleted call history on android - 1
  • The next step is to use a USB cord to link your Android phone to the PC. After being connected, you must allow your Android phone for USB debugging.

    recover deleted call history on android - 2
  • UltData for Android will display several categories of recoverable data when your phone is recognized. Now click "Start" after choosing "Call History." Allow the application to search through your phone's erased call history.

    recover deleted call history on android - 3
  • Once the scan is complete, preview the recoverable videos and select the ones you want to recover. Click "Recover" to recover the selected videos and save them to your computer.

    how to retrieve delete contacts from android - 4
  • The method for recovering call logs on Android without root or backup is complete. You can now go to the target folder to quickly find the recovered data on your computer.

    how to retrieve delete contacts from android successfully

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Part 3. Two Alternative Ways to Restore Call History

As long as you have backed up your data in your smartphone device’s local backup, you can always use a few alternative ways rather than Google Drive to restore your call logs. Here are two of the quick alternative ways to restore call history.

1. Restore Call History on Android from the Local backup

Manufacturers of Android smartphones, such as Samsung, offer their Backup solutions so you can back up and restore phone data to cloud storage. You can restore data from local cloud storage if you've already backed up your Android phone and all the data it contains.

The steps to restore call history from a Samsung Cloud backup are below.

  • Select Settings > Accounts and Backup> Restore data from backup.
  • Select your preferred device backup > Select Call Logs > Then tap Restore.
  • Your phone will begin retrieving the backup once you tap install.
  • Call logs that have been deleted will be retrieved from the Samsung smartphone.

  • how to retrieve call log on from samsung cloud backup

Please be aware that the recovered call history will replace the current call logs.

2. Retrieve Calls History by Contacting Your Carrier

You can also contact your service provider to recover deleted call history on an Android device. You can contact the carrier and request access to check your call record. Service providers generally back up call log data for two years. So contacting them will provide you with the required assistance to retrieve your call log data.

The other option to retrieve call history through your carrier is to visit your carrier account (Verizon, T - Mobile, AT&T, etc.)and click Call History to view the call history for the previous several weeks. You will find your call logs organized according to the date and time. By tapping the Type option, you can find out if a call was missed, answered, or dialed. Download it from the internet to recover your deleted call history from your Android phone.

Tip 1. How to Back Up Call History to Google Drive?

Using Google Drive, you can back up all of the dataon your Android device, including SMS text messages, call history, contacts, call logs, app data, and device settings. Follow these three simple steps so that you can get to how to backup call logs to google drive:

  • Go to Settings and select Google.
  • On the following screen, click backup.
  • Enable the Google Drive backup option.

  • call log backup and restore with google drive

Google Drive will start receiving backups of your phone following these steps.

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Tip 2. How Do I Access My Phone Backup on Google Drive?

Here is how you can access your back on Google Drive step by step.

Access on your phone:

  • Launch the Google Drive app on your mobile device.
  • Click Menu, and the backup option will appear.
  • Choose backup, then use Google Drive to access your files.

Access on your PC:

  • Go to in your browser.
  • Choose the storage option from the left navigation bar.
  • At the top of the open page, click Backups.

  • how to access backup on google drive on pc
  • Access the Backups interface to handle your files.


You can always backup and restore various file kinds, including call logs, on your smartphone device. If you are used to backup your important files to Google Drive, you can always restore them using these approaches. We recommend using Tenorshare UltData for Android - the most effective and easy way to recover your call logs data. Using UltData for Android, you can quickly restore your call history with no prior backup in a few simple steps. To ensure the safety of your data, you should also develop a backup routine and learn how to restore it. 

  Updated on 2023-02-20 / Update for  Android Recovery

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