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How to Recover Contacts from Android Phone after Factory Reset

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-09-14 / Update for  Android Recovery

If you have factory reset your Android device, you'd notice that all the data stored on your device is gone and your phone is like a clean slate now. After factory resetting your Android device, the first thing you may want to recover is your contacts. These contacts are what allow you to stay in touch with your friends and families and it is important to get them back as soon as your device has been reset. The same as recover contacts from lost/stolen Android phones.

In the following section of the guide, you are going to learn how to recover contacts after factory reset Android. You have got multiple methods so choose the one that best suits your situation.

Part 1. How to Recover Contacts from Android Phone after Factory Reset without Backup

As long as there is no new data write in, you still have a chance to recover contacts after factory reset. What you need is a professional Android data recovery tool – Tenorshare UltData for Android. It can effortlessly recover contacts Android after factory reset without backup or root.

The following guide shows the steps of Android contacts recovery after factory reset. Let's check them out.

  • Download, install, and open the software on your computer. Select the feature Recover Lost Data from the main interface.

    how to recover contacts from android phone after factory reset
  • Connect your device and enable the USB debugging option on your device by following the on-screen instructions.

    does factory reset delete contacts
  • When your device is connected, you can now choose what content to recover. Select Contacts from the list and click on the Next button to continue.

    does a factory reset delete contacts
  • After the software has scanned your device, you will see contact previews on your screen. Select the contacts you want to recover and click on Recover.

    recover contacts after factory reset

The software will then recover all the selected contacts to your Android device. This ensures you have all the contacts you want on your device.

Part 2: Methods to Recover Contacts after Factory Reset

As long as you have backed up your contacts with your Google account or Samsung could before you factory reset Android, you can quickly restore your lost contacts for you by restoring the contact backup.

Method 1. Restore Contacts Android After Factory Reset from Google Backup

If you had your phone contacts synced to your Google account prior to factory reset, you could use Google contacts sync to get all the contacts synced from the cloud to your Android device. The following shows how to restore contacts after factory reset Android from Google backup.

  • Open Contacts.
  • Tap on the Settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on Undo changes.
  • Choose the timeframe you'd like to restore from, and then tap or click Undo.

    how to recover contacts after factory reset android

If you don’t use Google’s Contacts app, you’ll have to access and restore the backup of your contacts in your Google Account:

  • Go to Settings > Google > Services > Restore contacts.
  • Select the backup you want to restore. (If you have multiple Google Accounts, to choose which account's contacts to restore, tap From account.)
  • Tap the phone with the contacts to copy.
  • Tap Restore, then wait until you see "Contacts restored."

    restore contacts android after factory reset

In this way, you can easily recover lost Android contacts from backup. Please be noted that Gmail can only help you retrieve deleted contacts from Android 30 days after you deleted contacts.

Method 2. Recover Contacts after Factory Reset Samsung from Samsung Cloud

If you are Samsung users and have created backup using Samsung Cloud, then you can recover deleted contacts from Samsung Cloud. Below is about how to recover contacts after factory reset Samsung.

  • Go to Setting and tap on Account and backup and them tap Accounts and backup or Cloud and accounts or Samsung Cloud.
  • Tap on Backup and Restore button and Restore data. if i factory reset my android will i lose my contacts

  • Select contact you want to restore and tap on Restore Now to restore contacts after factory reset Samsung.

    how to recover contacts after factory reset

With a few clicks, you can recover contacts from Android phone after factory reset without any hassle.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions about Factory Reset Android Phone

1. What is Android factory reset?

Android factory reset means you reset your Android device to its factory settings. That means all of your customizations, modified settings, apps, and everything else will go back to what it was when you took your phone out of the box for the first time.

People usually factory reset their Android devices when either the phones are running slow, they have downloaded updates that have broken functionalities, or when they have modified a lot of settings that it has now become almost impossible to get back to the default settings.

It's quite easy to factory reset an Android device and the same can be done from the settings menu of the device.

2. If I factory reset my Android will I lose my contacts?

Does a factory reset delete contacts? Of course, yes! Once you reset your Android phone to factory settings, you will lose all of the content that was saved on it.

3. What's the difference between factory reset and hard reset?

Factory-reset is to restore the device to the state it was in when you got the new device, while hard-reset is force restarting device. Hard-reset does not wipe data. It is a forceful way of restarting the device.


That’s all about how to recover contacts from Android phone after factory reset. Android contacts recovery after factory reset is now possible with the availability of several recovery methods and tools. With the software like Tenorshare UltData for Android, it is now possible to recover contacts even when you don't have a contacts backup on your device.