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How to Recover Samsung Notes? Tips You Can't Miss

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-10-26 / Update for  Android Recovery

How do I restore my Samsung Notes? I was cleaning out my phone for space and I think I accidentally deleted the data from my Notes app. Is there any way I can recover the notes I had on there?"

Making memos and notes containing text, pictures, pictures, voice recordings, and music in Samsung Galaxy has become a handy option since the launch of Samsung Notes, a powerful note-taking app. While enjoying the convenience Samsung Notes brings, some Samsung users also run into a situation where their memos and notes on Samsung Notes are deleted by accident. If you are in the same boat then give this article a read. We have discussed how to recover Samsung notes, be they backed up or not.

Part 1: Can You Recover Deleted Samsung Notes?

Definitely yes. If you just mistakenly deleted some of your notes, you can look into the trash folder and immediately restore them to your Samsung Notes. If you have also removed them from the trash or gotten all your Notes deleted due to Samsung Notes app being uninstalled or factory reset, but luckily, you have turned on Samsung Cloud sync, then you can easily restore the notes you backed up before.

Part 2: How to Recover Samsung Notes?

As previously mentioned, there are mainly two ways you can use to recover Samsung notes depending on how they are lost. Whatever your situation, below we will show you how to restore Samsung notes with detailed steps.

Option 1: Restore Deleted Samsung Notes from Trash Folder

The Samsung Notes app offers a Trash option where your deleted notes are kept for 15 days or 30 days depending on your device and after that period they are deleted permanently. It is really helpful in the situation when you accidentally deleted some files and want to get them back immediately.

If your notes are deleted but not moved from Trash bin, you can restore them before they are deleted forever. That said, here’s how to retrieve Samsung notes from the trash folder.

  • Head over to Samsung Notes app.
  • Tap on the Hamburg icon in the top left corner and then select the “Trash” option.
  • You will see here the deleted Samsung memos and the days left before being deleted forever. Simply select the notes you want to recover and tap “Restore”.

    restore deleted samsung notes from trash folder
  • The deleted notes will immediately be moved to Samsung Notes app.

Option 2: Recover Samsung Notes with Samsung Cloud

If you are wondering how to get Samsung notes back after they are deleted from Trash permanently or how to recover Samsung notes after factory reset, then this section has got you covered. Being a Samsung user, you get the ease of using Samsung Cloud to back up all the important data whether it’s your notes, pictures, videos, documents, or any contacts to a connected Samsung Cloud account and restore them after accidental deletion or factory reset. So long as you turned on Sync with Samsung Cloud before, you will be able to recover deleted Samsung notes.

  • Open the Samsung Notes app, tap on the three lines icon and then press the Gear option at the top to make sure that you have a backup of your Samsung notes (Samsung notes are synced with Samsung Cloud).

    recover samsung notes with samsung cloud - enable sync with samsung cloud
  • Return to your phone’s Home screen, long-press the Samsung Notes icon and select Uninstall from the pop-up menu.

    recover samsung notes with samsung cloud - uninstall samsung notes
  • When the Samsung Notes is uninstalled, download and reinstall it from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch Samsung Notes and allow all the permission for it.
  • When a message appears asking you to turn on Sync with Samsung Cloud Settings, tap on the Settings option, this will take you to the Samsung Notes settings page.
  • From there, select Sync with Samsung Cloud, continue to tap Allow and turn on the toggle for Samsung Notes sync.

    recover samsung notes with samsung cloud
  • Wait for your notes to be synced and restored from Samsung Cloud. Once the restore process is completed, you will see all your deleted data back in the Samsung Notes app.

Part 3: How to Retrieve Samsung Notes from Old Phone?

In case you just made a transition from an old Samsung device to a new model then you can also restore Samsung notes from an old device to a new one. For this, you just need to have a backup of the notes data in the old device. Here is how to recover Samsung notes from old phone.

  • Open your old Samsung device, go to Settings and tap on Your Samsung account at the top.
  • Tap on Samsung Cloud and be sure that Samsung Notes are synced.

    restore samsung notes to new phone-1
  • Now download and install Samsung Notes on your new device.
  • Once the installation is completed then open Samsung Notes.
  • Go to Samsung Notes settings by tapping the menu icon and then the Gear icon, tap on Sync with Samsung Cloud.
  • Turn the toggle on and all your old Samsung notes data will be restored to your new phone.

    restore samsung notes to new phone-2

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung

If you have a backup for your photos then you can use the above-mentioned Samsung cloud method to restore them. However, in this busy life, we may forget to save our important files and that becomes a problem in times we badly need them. If you have lost your favorite photos and don’t have a backup, don’t stress. Tenorshare Ultdata for Android will help you recover your lost data without any backup. It’s completely safe since it doesn’t need you to jailbreak your device or cause any harm to it. With its fast and easy features, you can recover deleted photos, text messages, and contacts from your Android smartphone. Here is how to recover deleted photos from Samsung using Tenorshare UltData for Android.

  • After downloading and installing UltData for Android, launch it on your computer and choose “Recover lose data”. Next, connect your Samsung device using a USB cable.

    how to recover deleted photos from samsung - 1
  • After this, you need to enable USB debugging on your Samsung device.

    how to recover deleted photos from samsung - 2
  • Once USB debugging is enabled, your device will show you a notification asking for device authorization. Press “Ok” and continue. Select the Photos option or you can select All. After you click Start, this software will start scanning the deleted photos on your Samsung device.

    how to recover deleted photos from samsung - 3
  • Once the scanning is completed, all the lost photos that can be recovered will display on the screen so you preview them before starting the recovery process. Choose your desired photos to recover and click the “Recover” option.

    how to recover deleted photos from samsung - 4
  • Allow several minutes for the software to retrieve your deleted photos.

    how to recover deleted photos from samsung - 5

The Bottom Line

Many people prefer taking notes of important happenings in life and in that case Samsung notes is a really helpful feature. However, losing all that data can make your happy day a worst one in just seconds. No worries, having a backup is a savage in such situations. You can use the methods discussed above how to recover Samsung notes. In addition, if you lost your photos without a backup then we see Tenorshare Ultdata for Android as the only legit and reliable way to get them back in your life.