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iBypasser Review: Can I Trust it?

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-09-05 / Update for  iCloud Tips

Do you intend to get the Activation Lock on your device removed now? If yes is the answer, what would be the tool of your choice? iBypasser? That’s not a bad choice. Before you proceed to using it, take a few minutes to read the review on this page.

Part 1: How Much Do You Know about iBypasser?

iBypasser is a great iOS tool that is commonly used for removing the Activation Lock screen on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It’s great for solving the lockout issue on any Apple devices. With it, you can easily unlock your device and execute your desired activity without hassle. This software has some amazing features which include the following:

1. Phone security recovery : This soft can help you bypass activation lock and access into your iOS device again.

2. Log in with New Apple ID : This tool can allow you to log in App Store with a new Apple ID on your device.

3. Tracker blocker : iBypasser has a feature that won't allow your device to be tracked by the recent Apple ID.

Part 2: Does iMyFone iBypasser Really Work?

iBypasser is still effective to a certain extent. It works very well on iPhone X and even iPad Pro. However,there is no guarantee that it will work on your device. Before you can make conclusion about using this soft, it’s advisable you consider its pros and cons. Both pros and cons of this tool are highlighted below.


  • iBypasser is handy for users who don’t have the iCloud account’s sign-in details.
  • It’s easy to get on the internet.


  • It doesn’t offer users with a permanent unlock functionality. When you make factory reset with the soft, the iCloud Activation Lock will be reactivated.
  • It doesn’t make the incoming and outgoing phone calls work as expected.
  • It’s complex to use.
  • It doesn’t support all iOS device: iOS 12.4.5 & 12.4.6 excluded.

Part 3: Is iBypasser Free to Use?

iBypasser is not free to use. If you’re someone who is still considerate about the question Does iBypasser work? You will need to check the part 2 of this article. Now, regarding the access fee to the soft. You need to know that the tool has a premium type.

If you would love to use the premium version of it, below is the breakdown of its price.

  • $39.95 : This pricing package only allows you to use iBypasser on 1 iOS Device only. It’s a monthly based plan and can be auto-renewed.
  • $49.95 : This is a yearly plan for iBypasser. It also works only on 1 iOS device and can be auto-renewed.
  • $69.95 : It’s a lifetime plan and can be used on multiple devices. If you have several iOS device, this is simply the best plan to consider.

Part 4: Is There Any Effective Alternative?

If you compare the pros and cons of iBypasser,you will realize that the tool has several disadvantages. That could frustrate your Activation Lock Bypass process. If you’re considering an alternative, then it’s good you consider Tenorshare 4MeKey. This has a good advantage over Tenorshare 4MeKey. One of such advantage is its compatibility with all version of iOS devices, ranging from version 12.3 -13.6.

The notable features of this app include :

1. Free of Virus and Ads

Tenorshare 4MeKey is 100% safe. It’s one of the reputable iOS device soft that doesn’t have ads and any form of virus. When you use it, you can be rest assured of enjoying a stress-free unlocking experience.

2. Money-back Guarantee

This is what sets Tenorshare 4MeKey apart from the existing soft. The developer of this tool has a strong refund policy for anyone who isn’t okay with the quality of the tool.

3. Pro Technical Support

There is a 24/7 support service for this app. You can always get your issues resolved without any further delay.

To get started with this app, kindly follow the procedures below.

Video Tutorial: How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

  • You will need to download and install it to your system before you can use it. The entire process can’t go beyond 10 minutes.

    tenorshare 4mekey review
  • Kickstart the jailbreaking proces. Now is the right time to begin the jailbreaking process. You will need a strong network connect to get this process done.

    tenorshare 4mekey
  • Remove iCloud Activation Lock. Good ! You’re near the last point of this task. So, you need to confirm your device information before you proceed to the final stage. The way to do this is simple. Find the name of your device from the list display on the screen.

    tenorshare 4mekey
  • Then, select the name and click “start remove” to complete the entire process.

    tenorshare 4mekey
  • Hold on for some minutes for the activation lock removal to be completed.

    unlock Mtool 2019


iBypasser is a soft that works wonder when it comes to removing Activation Lock. However, it has some limitations that could make the entire process of unlocking your device tiring. So, if you need to beat time and save the hassle involve in unlocking iOS device, it’s best to use Tenorshare 4Mekey. This soft is free of ad and efficient in accomplishing one’s desired goal. You will enjoy the entire process of Activation Lock removal when you use Tenorshare 4Mekey.