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Complete Guide on How to Fix Message Blocking is Active Samsung

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2020-03-17 / Update for  Samsung

Having an undelivered message on your phone is a bad experience. Depending on the urgency of such message, you can be restless and frustrated for encountering such an issue on your Samsung phone. It’s more frustrating to have such an experience when you need to reach out to someone because you’re in a meeting. This text is made to help you overcome this Samsung message blocking is active issue. Kindly read further to learn how to resolve it.

Part 1:What Does it Mean When You Get a Message Blocking is Active Samsung

This message indicates that text messaging has been disallowed on your Samsung phone. However, the situation depends on the demographics of the recipient of your message. In a situation where you’re sending a message to a minor, chances are that there is parental control on the person phone. Hence, the reason for the message block.

Perhaps this question - what does message blocking active mean android is coming from an adult, know that the reasons behind such an issue vary a lot. First of all, this could be active by your SIM service provider to avoid an unauthorized message sending on your behalf. That’s done for your good. Secondly, the issue evolved because your phone number is not active. So, when you get such a message, it could be an alert that your phone number is not active. Another reason for the issue could be that text messaging services are not enabled on your account. In another way round, if the recipient phone number is not correct, you will get such a message.

Part 2: How to Fix Message Blocking is Active Samsung?

So, how do you fast and efficiently to tackle with such message blocking issue after we have figured out some reasons behind that? Here are 4 cost-effective ways to help you get out of such situation now.

Method 1: Enable the Permission for Premium SMS

As stated earlier, the issue could be the fact that some settings are not activated on your device. In order to resolve such an issue, you will need to follow the steps below :

  • Step 1 : Go to your home screen on Samsung. Access your phone apps screen by swiping either up or down from the middle of the display.
  • Step 2 : Then Navigate to Settings > Apps.
  • Step 3 : Click the Menu icon (the three dots at the upper right of your phone).
  • Step 4 : Tap Use the premium text message services.
  • Step 5 : Tap the app and further choose an option. – Ask, Never allow, Always allow.

    enable sms permission
    Fig 1.enable sms permission

Method 2: Do Hard Reset to Fix Samsung Message Blocking is Active

If the first method didn’t solve the issue, you may need to consider a factory reset Samsung. Such a solution can indeed be helpful in this situation. Kindly follow the steps below to get started.

  • Go to your device settings column and choose factory data reset.

    factory reset samsung
    Fig 2.enable sms permission
  • Tap the Factory data reset again to confirm the information that pops up.
  • Swipe to Reset and hit on it.
  • Next, enter your phone security details.
  • Tap Delete all.

Method 3: Replug in New SIM Card to Solve Message Blocking is Active Samsung

If Samsung message blocking is active still persists, you may consider replugging SIM into your device. First of all, remove your phone back cover.Then remove the battery of your phone to access the SIM slot. Thereafter, get out the SIM card from the SIM slot and re-insert it again. Once that’s done, kindly insert the battery into your phone again . And finally, cover the phone.

Maybe your phone has a sealed battery, know that the methods to replug SIM card differs a lot. You will need to insert the ejection pin into the SIM tray hole. That will help loosen the tray. Furthermore, pull the SIM tray from the slot. Then remove the SIM card from it and insert it back and finally put the SIM tray back into the tray slot.

Method 4: Last Resort to Fix Samsung Message Blocking is Active with ReiBoot for Android

Are you getting tired already ? Truly, that issue can be tiring. It can cost you the whole day to resolve it. But you have no choice but to persevere. The issue may not be minor as you thought. Chances are that it’s a system glitch and in such scenario, you will need to consider using a software – Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.

This software is really powerful for resolving most of Android system issues. It has helped thousands of . people fix stucked Samsung logo , black screen and even the issue you’re experiencing currently: Samsung message blocking is active. Tenorshare Reiboot for Android is indeed a one-stop solution for more than 50 Android-related issues. You can never get disappointed when using this tool.

Here are some simple steps to follow to fix message blocking is active Samsung problem.

  • Download Reiboot for Android: This is the first stage to accomplish your goal with this tool. You can search for the software on Google using the keyword “Reiboot for Android ” or get it here.
  • After you successfully install and lunch the software, connect your phone to computer. Once you do that, a message ‘Samsung is connected, please select a feature’ will display on the software interface. Click repair Android system.

    main interface
    Fig android system interface
  • Another screen will pop up to inform you to select correct information and ensure firmware can be downloaded.

    downloading firmware package
    Fig firmware package
  • After the download is completed, you can now hit on the repair now button to fix your phone issue. It takes a while to finish the whole repair process.

    Fig 5.repairing process
    repairing complete
    Fig 6.completed repair

Ok, everything gets done and your Samsung has been successfully restarted. Check whether message blocking shows up again.

Another Useful Tip: How Do you Unblock Message Blocking Samsung

It’s likely that you have stopped a certain number from texting you through the settings of your phone. That can cause the issue you’re experiencing currently. If you need to resolve it, kindly follow the steps below :

  • Go to home screen and tap message icon, then choose three dots from the up right corner.
  • Next, select More Options > Settings > Block numbers and messages. Afterwards, click block messages.
  • Find the number that you want to unblock and tap the “-”icon.

    unblock message samsung
    Fig 7.unblock message samsung


Message blocking active means a lot of things. It emanates from various sources. Sometime, it could be as a result of faulty settings on your phone. Other times, it could be because of a system glitch. Using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android can be great here. It can save you the stress of battling with the issue message blocking is active Samsung active all day.