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Power Button Stuck on Galaxy S8, What to Do?

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-04-12 / Update for  Samsung

S8 power button stuck/broken. I can hardly push it and don't make a click sound anymore when I try to push it. The power button is stuck down."

After using the device for a few months or years, some users are getting the S8 power button stuck or an unresponsive power button. People who are using the device are still getting this problem’ so, we will show you the ways to fix it in your home. Check out the article below for more details on the procedures.

Part 1. Fix Stuck (Unresponsive) Galaxy S8 Power Button due to Software Issues

When it comes to a stuck power button on any smartphone, everyone thinks of it as a hardware issue. If the button is physically stuck, then it is a hardware issue. But sometimes, the button mechanism works just fine due to software problem the button becomes unresponsive.

Now, you can say it a stuck power button, but it is better if you call it unresponsive. It will be easy to understand. An unresponsive power button on the Galaxy S8 means the issue is software related and we have a few fixes for it. You can check out the details below.

1. Charge Your Phone

If the power button on your Galaxy S8 is not responding, then charge the smartphone. Sometimes, due to a lack of charge, the button stops responding.

So, leave it on the charger overnight and then try using the power button again.

2. Delete Recently Installed Apps

Sometimes, a recently installed application can become the cause of many serious software issues, including an unresponsive power button. So, if you have installed any applications and the power button started acting after that, you need to locate that particular app on your smartphone and remove it immediately.

Uninstalling an app is very simple. Just tap and hold on the specific app. The ‘Uninstall’ option will pop-up and tap on it.

s8 power button stuck

After the app is removed from your mobile, the power button should start working again, if it was caused due to the presence of the said application.

3. Restore Android OS to Fix Unresponsive Galaxy S8

Finally, we have the most advanced method of dealing with the unresponsive power button on a Samsung Galaxy S8. Although the previous methods were very simple fixes, they can deal with the unresponsive power button. Still, if they have failed to fix the issue, you need to repair the Android OS to fix the issue from its core.

There are several professional tools available on the market capable of repairing Android OS, but we recommend using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. As the name suggests, this is a specified tool for Android devices, and it has the best success rate on the market. IT also has the simplest operational procedure; check it out below if you want.

  • Complete the installation of Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android on your computer.
  • Connect the Android mobile to the computer and run ReiBoot for Android. Click on the ‘Repair Android System’ on the program interface.

    repair s8 power button stuck
  • In the following panel, click on the ‘Repair Now’ to initiate the procedure.

    fix s8 power button stuck
  • After that, you have to type the device info. Fill up the boxes properly; only then you will be able to proceed.

    samsung galaxy s8 power button stuck
  • After completing the info section, you need to start downloading the associated firmware.

    fix samsung galaxy s8 power button stuck
  • After downloading the firmware completely, click on ‘Repair Now’ and begin the system repair.

    power button stuck on galaxy s8

We recommend using ReiBoot to fix the Android system to fix the unresponsive power button on a Samsung device.

Part 2. Fix Stuck Power Button on Samsung Galaxy S8 due to Hardware Issues

In the previous part, we discussed how to fix a power button if it became unresponsive due to software problems. In this part, we will be discussing the Galaxy S8 power button stuck due to hardware problems. If there is a hardware issue with your smartphone, there is nothing much you can do besides taking it to the professionals. But before taking that step, you can try out a few things. They may work.

1. Clean Up the Stuck Power Button with Rubbing Alcohol

With daily use, smartphones get dirtier quite easily. There are a lot of residues in our fingers that build up and make the button sticky.

So, you need to loosen it up a bit. Grab a few alcohol rubs and apply it.

2. Blow Debris Away with Canned Air

Even after cleaning up, if you are still having trouble with the S8 power button stuck, you should use canned air on the button.

We think there is still debris stuck in the button. So, grab a canned air bottle and put its nozzle parallel to the stuck power button. Now, give it just a few bursts, and the remaining debris will be cleared.

3. Take Your Phone to a Professional Repair Store

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 power button stuck and none of the fixes are working, then we recommend you to take the device to the nearest Samsung repair Store to get it inspected by the professionals.

Part 3. How to Turn Galaxy S8 ON/OFF with Stuck Power Button

Besides fixing the Samsung Galaxy S8 power button, we have another concern. Turning the device on or off without the power button.

If the power button is stuck or became unresponsive, you may not be able to fix it overnight. It may take some time, but during that, you need your mobile for daily use. In that case, you need to know the way to turn on and off the device without the power button until you get it fixed.

1. Use Scheduled Powering On or Off Feature

You should know that you can use the scheduled power on and off feature of your smartphone from settings. There are a few steps involved, we have listed them below.

  • In the Settings of your Samsung mobile, tap on ‘System’ and then ‘Scheduled power ON/OFF’.
  • After that, set the options of "Power on" and "Power off".

    fix power button stuck on galaxy s8

After that, the device will be turned off and turned on according to the set schedule.

2. Use Power Button to Volume Button App

The second option is to use an app to grant the Volume button the power to wake up your mobile.

galaxy s8 power button stuck

There is an app in the Google Play Store called ‘Power Button to Volume Button’. Download the app and install it. After that, you will be able to use the Volume button to turn on and off the mobile.


Therefore, if the power button on your Samsung Galaxy S8 is stuck or not responding, stop panicking. We have detailed fixes that can revert the issue effectively in the article. But only if you can execute the procedure properly. So, check them out. We also recommend using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android system repair if the button is unresponsive due to software issues.