Top 5 Ways to Fix Samsung Stuck on Logo

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"Samsung Galaxy S8 stuck on boot (logo). I turned it on after charging 100%, then nothing stuck on "Samsung" and it remains on. I've read a few tips here and there about reboots (volume down + power buttons) but no luck; it reboots and gets stuck again."

We have received many emails each day asking about how to fix Samsung Galaxy stuck at Samsung logo screen. Some users got that error after software upgrade, third party apps installation, others encountered it after charging or battery ran out. No matter what reason, the article below shows you some solution for Samsung stuck on logo.

Part 1. Repair Android System to Fix Samsung Stuck on Logo - 100% Working

A phone may get stuck on Samsung logo due to software bugs/manipulation, virus attack, defective memory card, or after a failed update/flashing. No matter for what reasons, you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android to repair Androis system to fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3/Note 10/Note9/Note 8/Note 5 stuck on Samsung logo easily and quickly.

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Step 1Download and install ReiBoot for Android on your computer. Connect your Samsung device to your computer via USB cable. Launch ReiBoot for Android and click on 'Repair Android System'.

galaxy s5 stuck on samsung logo

Step 2Step 3: On the new screen, you have to click on 'Repair Now' button and then enter device information such as brand, series, model, country and carrier. Once you fill the fields, click on the 'Next' button.

samsung s7 stuck on logo

Step 3ReiBoot for Android will now download the appropriate firmware package. Once the downloading is done, on the screen, you have to click on 'Repair Now' button. A pop-up message will appear where you have to click on 'Continue' button.

how do i fix a stuck logo on my samsung tablet

Step 4Following the on-screen instructions and perform the action required accordingly. Wait for the repair process to complete. Once done, you will receive the message 'The repair process is completed'.

samsung galaxy note 10.1 stuck on logo

Part 2. Other Common Tips to Fix Phone Stuck on Samsung Logo

There are also some other ways to fix Samsung stuck on Samsung screen, but they are not guaranteed to work and some of them may cause data loss on your device.

Tip 1. Soft Reset

Pressing and holding the power key for 10 seconds. You will soon find your phone restarting and if it reaches the home screen, then the reset solved the problem.

galaxy s6 stuck on samsung logo

Tip 2. Factory Data Hard Reset

If you can't identify how the stuck screen actually happened and your mobile phone can't reboot further in normal mode, this method will work. However, you will lose all of your stored data during this process. Since you can't access your phone's factory reset settings in normal mode, please follow the guide below.

  • 1.Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.Release the buttons once the Samsung logo appears.
  • 2.You will now enter into the system recovery option.
  • 3.To move up and down, use the Volume buttons.
  • 4.Select factory reset/wipe data.
  • 5.Select Yes to delete user data.
  • 6.Next, select Reboot system now.
  • 7.Wait for some time until your phone reboots in normal mode.
why is my phone stuck on samsung logo

Tip 3. Use Kies 3 Firmware Initialization

If you failed to update your phone and end up from booting problem, please use Kies 3 firmware initiation solution. This method is also recommended by Samsung official. To proceed, please download and install Kies 3 in your computer. This solution also wipes out all your stored data and won't be recoverable once you take this action.

Once Kies 3 installed in your computer, run it.

  • 1.Click Tools > Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.
  • 2.Enter your device Model name and click OK.
  • 3.Enter the device S / N number and click OK.
  • 4.Then follow each of the given instruction on Kies 3.
Note:You can find the phone's number and S/N number on the label underneath your phone's battery.

Tip 4. Restore original firmware

If you have tried the above three methods and still get stuck screen, your phone probably suffered soft-bricks. This problem can't be easily fixed by simple reset cause the firmware might be corrupted. Before going further, please make sure your Samsung phone is charged to at least 60% and be sure to backup your device in advance.

  • 1.Get root access. (OPTIONAL)
  • 2.Next Download Custom Firmware
  • 3.Download Odin.
  • 4.Extract the Firmware Zip File
  • 5.Open Odin.exe
  • 6.Take your phone into Download mode. Disconnect your phone from the computer, Press and hold Volume Down + Power + Home
  • 7.Press volume up button then continue
  • 8.Connect your SamSung to the computer, on Odin you will see and addedmessage appear.
how to fix s7 edge stuck on samsung logo

9.Click on the (AP OR PDA for the later version) button and click browse for the Firmware file you just downloaded.

how to fix an android phone if it is stuck or frozen on the samsung logo

10.Finally, your phone will be flashed, with a Status Pass at the top left. If you see fail.Then, disconnect your phone, pull out the battery and repeat this step again.

Note:Please make sure Re-Partition box is not checked


That's all about how to fix Samsung stuck on logo screen. ReiBoot for Android is the best Android system repair tool available and it is highly recommended to fix various Android/Samsung phone stuck such as stuck on Fastboot mode, headphone mode and boot screen, etc.

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  Updated on 2020-05-27 / Update for  Android Data

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