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[4 Possible Ways ]Full Guide: iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-03-18 / Update for  iCloud Tips

Famous or infamous, whatever you say, iCloud Activation is an important part of Apple security. Now, the users who just bought a second-hand or used iPhone are unable to access their mobiles due to this lock.

However, the iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal is possible. You can learn the ways and what tools to use. For more details regarding the procedures, you should check out the article below.

Question: Can You Get iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal

“Can you bypass Activation Lock iPhone 8?” Yes, iPhone 8 Activation Lock bypass is possible. And you can also bypass the lock on iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. But as you know, there are layers of encryption protection the Activation Lock from any security threat. So, it won’t be easy. But we have detailed 4 methods below.

Method 1: (100% Effective) iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal Using Tenorshare 4MeKey

This first method involves a professional tool so that you can bypass Activation lock iPhone 8 easily.

Now, there are recommendations for multiple tools on the internet. But after due research, we found Tenorshare 4MeKey to be a perfect choice. It is an easy installation and has a 100% success rate. This is an excellent option if you want to bypass the Activation Lock. You can check out 4MeKey’s operational procedure below. Here’s how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 8.

  • Install 4MeKey on your computer. After that, run 4MeKey on that computer. Click on ‘Remove iCloud Activation Lock’ on the program interface.

    iPhone 8 Plus activation lock bypass
  • Now, a warning will popup. Read it, and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

    bypass activation lock iPhone 8
  • Now, connect the iPhone to the computer. After the connection has been established, you will be asked to jailbreak the device. Procedures are different on a Mac and a PC.

    xbypass login
  • After jailbreaking the iPhone is complete, click on ‘Start Remove’ to initiate the procedure.

    iPhone X activation lock

This is the easiest and the most effective way to remove the iCloud Activation Lock. There are still other ways; we have detailed them below for you. But if you ask us, this is our recommendation.

Method 2: [Not Really Working]iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal with Previous Owner

In this part, you will be asking the person to bypass the Activation Lock who initially sold you the locked iPhone.

Before you say anything, this is not really a conventional method, and it rarely works. But if you can manage to convince the previous owner to bypass the lock remotely, you won’t have to worry about anything. Still, the success rate is very low. As you have to remember that this person initially sold you the locked devices.

Nonetheless, if you were able to convince the person to lift the lock, you can guide them with the following steps to remotely remove iPhone X Activation Lock. So, here’s how to bypass Activation Lock iPhone 8…

  • Step 1: Tell the person to go to the following link. https://www.icloud.com/find
  • Step 2: Log in with the Apple ID.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘All devices’ and locate their old iPhone.
  • Step 4: After that, click on ‘Remove from Account’.
  • Step 5: If the previous option is not available, you can also tell them to select ‘Erase iPhone’, first and then click on ‘Remove from Account’.
name:remote-icloud-activation-lock-bypass.jpg alt: activation lock bypass

If the person has agreed to work with you, then this method will work. Lastly, you have to restart your iPhone.

Method 3: [Time-Consuming]iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal through Carriers Unlocking

iPhone 8 Activation Lock bypass code can also be removed via carrier unlocking. But this is a very time-consuming method. In this procedure, you also have to use professional 3rd party tools. But these are different. We have 2 recommendations for iPhone X iCloud unlock tools.

The first one of very popular, and it is a service called AppleiPhoneUnlock. The second one is also very popular, and it is named IMEIUnlockSIM. Now, the question is how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 8 Plus?

It is very simple. Choose a tool and then visit its page. Type the required details and complete the payment procedure. AppleiPhoneUnlock is the most expensive service, but it takes less time to unlock the device. Whereas, IMEIUnlockSIM costs less but takes a lot of time to unlock. But both are reliable options.

Method 4: [Low Success Rate]iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal via DNS FAQs about iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal

Last but not least, we have DNS method for iPhone 8 bypass activation lock. First of all, this is a procedure with low success rate. So, it is not really recommended.

But the DNS or Domain Name System is not actually a way to remove activation lock. It just temporarily unlocks some of the features on the device. There is nothing more you can expect from this procedure.

So, if you have understood this method, its success rate, and capability, then check out how to bypass activation lock iPhone 8 Plus below…

  • Step 1: Choose your country and language on the menu.
  • Step 2: Then, on the Wi-Fi settings page, you will be asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network; look for the ‘i’ symbol.
  • Step 3: Disconnect the Wi-Fi. Then, go to the connection settings and tap on ‘Forget This Network’.
  • Step 4: Now, tap on ‘i’ and access the DNS server. Tap on the DNS tab, and you will get the following info.

    • USA:
    • South America:
    • Europe:
    • Asia:
    • Australia and Oceania:
  • Step 5: After entering DNS IP, tap on ‘Back’. Then, turn on Wi-Fi and select a network.
  • Step 6: Now, tap on ‘Next Page’ and then tap on ‘Back’. You will enter the iCloud bypass screen.

Just remember this is a temporary way to unlock a few iPhone features that may lead to activation lock unlock.

FAQs about Activation Lock Bypass

How do you bypass activation lock code on iPhone? Well, we have answered that question already. But here are answers to a few most asked activation lock bypass related questions.

1. How do you bypass activation lock code on iPhone?

Way 1. You will be able to bypass the activation lock on your iPhone via iCloud.com, which is applied to the situation that you can contact with the previous owner.

Way 2. A DNS bypass is not a real working way for this purpose. But it’s still worthy to have a try.

Way 3. Using a professional software is very helpful, like Tenorshare 4MeKey, remove without any password or Apple ID.

2. Can iPhone activation lock be removed?

Yes, it is possible to remove Activation Lock from an iPhone. But it requires precise tools and precise procedures.


iPhone 8 Activation Lock Removal is possible. But it is also true that there are only a handful of ways available for iPhone 8 bypass activation lock. We have detailed a few reliable methods in the above article. We request you to check them out. But our most recommended way is using Tenorshare 4MeKey. It is easy to use and the most effective option on this list.