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How to Fix Samsung S7 Edge Screen Flickering Green after Dropping

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-03-29 / Update for  Samsung

Tenorshare I am a user of Samsung S7 Edge. It is a new phone, but my son accidentally dropped it last night. I am using a screen protector and a back cover. But S7 edge screen flickering after drop has appeared. I have tried to restart the device, but it is of no use.”

Don’t worry, Samsung S7 edge screen flickering green after dropping is a very common issue. And the situation could be the same with other devices as well. Frankly, the smartphones these days are equipped with advanced functions, state of the art camera that looks slim and attractive.

Sadly, that also compromises the structural integrity of the said device. So, a drop from a very low height can be very damaging, just like yours. But there are ways to fix the device in your home if the damage is software related. Check out the solutions below.

Part 1: Why Is My S7 Edge Screen Flickering?

‘Why is my S7 Edge screen flickering?’

When it comes to Samsung S8 screen flickering after drop, there could be many reasons for it. Usually, we mostly assume that it is due to the damaged hardware. But in reality, the screen flickering can appear due to software issues as well.

The issues can be different as the damage inflicted on your device upon the drop can’t be predicted. So, here’s a list of situations you may face after dropping the smartphone.

1. Half of the Samsung screen turns white and black with blinks

Well, the Samsung screen gets divided. Half of the screen stays white, and the other half stays black, with blinks. Even operating the device becomes impossible.

2. Samsung screen with randomly flickering black and white line

It is also possible that after the drop, the screen is flickering at random. There will be black and white lines along with it.

3. Samsung screen with randomly flickering black and white line

It is also possible that after the drop, the screen is flickering at random. There will be black and white lines along with it.

4. The Galaxy S8/7/6/5/4 screen flickering when on the low display brightness

It is possible the screen stays the same even after the drop, but if you try to use it with low display brightness, the screen starts to flicker. This is an issue that only appears only in certain conditions. These types of issues are hard to detect.

5. When you touch the screen, Samsung pixels flickering all over the screens

This is another issue that you may have to face after the drop. Initially, the screen may look okay, but when you touch it, the pixels may start to flicker.

These are the most common screen flickering issues you may face with Samsung after dropping it.

Part 2: Quick Fix Samsung S7/8 Screen Flickering after Drop with 6 Ways

So, if your Samsung S7 edge screen flickering after dropping it on the floor, you can use the following solutions to fix the device.

The fixes can be implemented easily, but we have also provided the steps for your convenience.

Way 1: Check All Apps Are Up-to-Date on Samsung S10

As we are inspecting software related issues, we should start by checking if all the apps on your Samsung S10 are up to date. So, if your S7 screen flickering after drop, you should use the following steps.

  • First, launch the Google Play Store on your mobile and tap on ‘My Apps’. You need to check if there is any update available. If there is, then update the apps immediately.
  • You can also navigate to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘About Phone’. Then, check for software updates and make sure that the latest version of Android OS installed on your smartphone.

If the screen flickering was happening due to outdated apps or outdated OS, then the flickering should stop after the updates.

Way 2: Clear Samsung's Data and Cache

If Galaxy S6 screen flickering after drop and you are still unable to fix the issue, then try clearing Data and Cache on Samsung, it may help. The steps are very simple, check them out;

  • On Samsung Home screen tap on ‘Apps’. Then, scroll down and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Then, navigate to ‘Applications’ and tap on ‘Application Manager’
  • Lastly, scroll down tap on ‘Storage’ and tap on ‘Clear Cache’.

If cache clearing didn’t help, then move on to the next solution.

Way 3: Get Samsung S10/9/8/7 into Safe Mode

‘How do I fix the flickering screen on my Galaxy S7 Edge?’

If you are still having an issue with the device, then let’s figure out the issue in Safe Mode. The Android Safe Mode would be very effective in figuring out the issue, here. It is not very difficult to put the device in safe mode; let’s check out the steps.

  • Turn off the device and hold the ‘Power’ button until the Samsung logo is visible.
  • After that, let go of the ‘Power’ button and hold the ‘Volume Down’ button, wait for the mobile to boot up.
  • The Safe Mode option will be visible on the screen, on the bottom left side of the screen.

    enter safe mode samsung
    Pic 1. Enter safe mode samsung

Way 4: Backup Your Data and Hard Reset on Samsung S6/7/8/9/10

If the S8 screen flickering after drop and you are still dealing with the issue, then you need to make a drastic approach, and Hard Reset the device.

The Hard Reset will erase all data from your Samsung smartphone. So, making a backup of the data will be helpful for you. Samsung Kies will be the most effective way to back up the Samsung device. If you want the guide, just use the link below. How to Backup Sync Samsung with Samsung Kies

After you have backed up the device, use the steps below to make the Hard Reset.

  • Now, you have to turn off the Factory ResetProtection on the device by removing all the Google accounts.
  • After that, the device in Recovery Mode. Press ‘Power + Volume Up + Bixby’ buttons at the same time to enter recovery mode.
  • After that, use the volume buttons select ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’. Tap on the power button to execute the option.

    hard reset samsung
    Pic 2. Hard reset samsung

The device will be reset immediately, and after that, the screen flickering should stop.

Way 5: Seek Help from Service Center

If the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge screen flickering after dropping and the previous software fixes aren’t working, then quite possibly the screen itself or the hardware inside way damaged.

If that’s the situation, then you won’t be able to fix the device in your home. Visit the nearest Samsung Service Centre immediately and seek help from them.

Way 6: [Solved] Fix Samsung S7 Screen Flickering after Dropping without Data Loss

Well, none of the methods guarantees a fix for this issue, even if your Samsung device is suffering from a software problem.

But here we are with a professional 3rd party software that comes with the guarantee to success in such situations. The recommended program is called Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. This is a highly recommended program with advanced features. It can fix more than 50 different Android issues. There will be no data loss and compatible with different versions of Android OS.

It has a simple guideline that will help you to fix Samsung S7 Edge screen flickering green after dropping. Check out the steps below;

  • Install ReiBoot for Android on a computer and connect the Samsung mobile to it. Then, run the program, click on the ‘Repair Android System’.

    click to repair android system
    Image 1. Click to repair Android System
  • Then, you will be directed to the device info page. Fill in the boxes and proceed to the next page.

    provide Samsung device info
    Image 2. Provide Samsung device info
  • Then, you will be asked to download the required firmware. Do it and then click on ‘Repair Now’ to fix the device.

    android system repaired successfully
    Image 3. Android system repaired successfully

This is the guaranteed way to fix the screen flickering of Samsung if it was caused by any software problems. ReiBoot for Android is very effective; check it out.


So, the answer to ‘How do I fix my Samsung screen from flickering?’ is very simple. This is a frequently occurring issue that can be fixed with the solutions that were have provided in the article. But if all else fails and Samsung S8 screen flickering after drop, still then you need to use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android to fix the software issue from its root.