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What to do if You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode 2023

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-07-06 / Update for  iPhone Tips

It is pretty uncommon that at times you tend to forget passcodes of social media accounts, emails and sometimes iPhone passcodes too. When you forget such vital information, you will get locked away from your account or iPhone. So, what to do if you forgot your iPhone passcode and how to regain access to it easily? Well, there are various ways to handle the situation and we are happy to help you in this aspect.

Here is a video tutorial on fixing Forgot iPhone Passcode, you can watch the video or read the following details.

Part 1: Why Need to Set up iPhone Passcode

Before you learn what to do if you forget your iPhone password, it is neccessary to know the need for setting up a passcode and what it protects. Since your world has come in your palms through mobile gadgets, iPhone has replaced your laptop, communication channels, and banking activities in person. You are doing everything from buying groceries to booking air tickets right from your fingertips. So, the need of a passcode on iPhone is basically to:

  • Keep your social media accounts safe, as nobody can access them on your iPhone without a passcode.
  • Keep your banking details protected and prevent any fraudulent activities that might tend you lose money.
  • Maintain data security by protecting your photos and vital documents and emails.
  • Prevent unauthorized people access your device and hack your accounts (email, social media, banking etc.)

Then what to do when you forgot your iPhone password? Let's find out the solutions of unlocking your iPhone passcode below.

Part 2: How to Erase iPhone Forgot Password Directly

There is no way to enter your iPhone if you cannot remember the passcode, unless you erase the data including the screen lock. After entering the wrong passcodes several times, you will see the iPhone Unavaialble or Security Lockout screen, with Erase option. If not, later entering wrong passwords again in a few minutes. And to erase iPhone directly, you can do it with iOS 15.2 and later.

  • Tap on the Erase option at the bottom, and then choose it again to confirm.
  • Enter the password of your Apple ID that must have been logged on your locked iPhone.

    unlock iphone unavailable screen
  • After that, the erasing process will start and remove the forgot passcode.

Part 3: 4 Ways to Unlock iPhone Forgot Passcode

Not all iPhone users have been updated their devices to iOS 15.2 and later, or some devices cannot see the Erase iPhone option. So is there any other ways to unlock iPhone forgot passcode? We would be glad to suggest you with 4 more solutions here.

1. Unlock iPhone Forgot Passcode with 4uKey

Opt for Tenorshare 4uKey and you are sorted for once and all. This software is efficient to work as an iTunes alternative and brings your iPhone back when it comes to iPhone password reset. Whether you have forgotten the passcode, your iPhone screen has gone unresponsive or accepted no form of passcode recognition, it can seamlessly get rid of Face ID, 4 to 6 digit passcode as well as Touch ID.

  • First of all, download and launch the software. Then click Start to directly begin.

    forgot iphone passcode unlock with 4ukey
  • Then connect your iPhone to the computer. Press the 'Next' button afterwards.

    forgot iphone passcode unlock with 4ukey
  • Move to the next screen and hit 'Download'. It will download the latest iOS firmware package for your iPhone.

    download firmware
  • Once the iOS firmware has been downloaded, click on the 'Start Remove' button. It will take a while to complete the entire process to take effect.

    start unlocking
  • Now, the iPhone passcode gets removed and you can access the iPhone without any passcode.

    4ukey unlocked iphone

2. Unlock iPhone Forgot Passcode via iTunes Restore

How to reset your iPhone when you forgot your password? Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, and restore iPhone. If you have used iTunes to sync your iPhone data, then iTunes might detect your iPhone. Go to Summary (Windows)/ General (Mac), and click on Restore iPhone.

how to get into iphone without passcode with itunes

If all goes well, the restore process will be over in a few minutes, and you'll be able to use your phone again.

3. Unlock iPhone Forgot Passcode via iTunes Recovery Mode

If the above method pops up a windows that requires you to enter the password to unlock your phone, or iTunes does not find your iPhone, you can put the phone into recovery mode first. Then you will see the following Restore option.

how to get into iphone without passcode with itunes

Click on Restore, and then wait for it to remove forgot iPhone passcode in a few minutes.

4. Unlock iPhone Forgot Passcode by iCloud

Can I unlock iPhone forgot passcode without restore? Yes, if you do not want to use iTunes, then go for iCloud, and use the Find iPhone feature to erase your device. This way need Apple ID and Find My iPhone on on your iPhone with network.

  • On another device, log into icloud.com with your Apple ID and password. Then click on Find iPhone to continue.

    how to reset a locked iphone with icloud
  • In the All Devices list, select your locked iPhone. Then click on Erase iPhone option.

    how to reset a locked iphone with icloud
  • Confirm the option and enter your Apple ID password to complete.

If you have another iOS device that is signed with the same Apple ID, you can also open Find My app to erase device.

Part 4: What to Do After Removing iPhone Forgot Passcode

With all the above ways, we can bypass iPhone forgot passcode. But they can not keep your iPhone data, and your device will get erased and restart after the process.

  • Set up your iPhone as a new one.
  • Set a new passcode that you remember or Face ID/Touch ID.
  • Restore or transfer the data from backup in iTunes, iCloud and etc.
  • Download and sign in to the apps that you normally use.
  • Make regular backups for youe iPhone data.


Now that you know what to do when you forgot iPhone password, what are you waiting for? Tenorshare 4uKey is the ultimate tool for solving iOS password issues and works equally on both Windows and Mac. And after you unlock the forgotten passcode, set it up and recover the data from your backups.

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