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[Solved!]How to Get into a Disabled iPhone

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-03-19 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

The passcode in an iOS device is a protection that can be turned on so that only you or persons authorized by you can enter into your device using the passcode. But what if you have forgotten your password and tried a wrong password many times? Or someone else tried a wrong password multiple time? In these cases, iPhone has a feature to disable your phone to prevent any unauthorized access. But if it's actually you locked out of your phone you may be in trouble. Do you want to know how to get into a disabled iPhone? In this article, I will be showing you how to get into your disabled iPhone if you are locked out due to any reason.

Part 1: Why Your iPhone is Disabled?

An iOS device needs a password or touch ID every time to enter and access the device as a protection against unauthorized use. An iPhone can be disabled on its own due to few reasons which are mentioned below:

1. When in the iPhone a wrong passcode is entered 5 times consecutively, the phone will disable on its own for 1 min, and a message will be displayed "iPhone is disabled" on the screen.

iphone is disabled

In the table below we have shown how many incorrect password entries consecutively will result in how much time after which you may be able to enter the password again along with what message will be displayed on your screen. Waiting 1, 5 or 15 minutes may not seem to be a problem but waiting for an hour or connecting to iTunes to enable the iPhone again may be a problematic for most of the users.

Incorrect Password Entries Wait Time Message displayed on screen
5 1 min iPhone is disabled
7 5 min iPhone is disabled
8 15 min iPhone is disabled
9 60 min iPhone is disabled
10 nil iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

2. Your iPhone may also be disabled even if you didn't enter any wrong passwords to unlock it. You may be wondering how does this happen? There are two reasons for an iPhone to apparently lock itself out:

  • a. Accidently when the phone is in your pocket
  • b. Someone trying to enter your iPhone intentionally or unintentionally
  • c. someone can enter multiple wrong passcodes unintentionally e.g. a young kid

Part 2: How to Get Into A Disabled iPhone XR/XS/X Without iTunes/iCloud

If your screen shows a message "iPhone is disabled, try again in X minutes" then it is easy to enable your device again. You have to wait for the required time and then enter the proper passcode. If you can't wait or you don't know the password, put the iPhone in recovery mode and restore it.

Here, I will let you know how to get into a disabled iPhone 6, in the worst case if your screen shows a message "iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes" and you can't connect to iTunes or iCloud. Tenorshare 4uKey is the best tool to unlock your screen and enable your iPhone again. 4uKey is designed to be super simple that works effectively in letting you remove the passcode from your iPhone XR/XS/X. Follow the guidance please.

Step 1 First step is to download and install 4uKey on your computer or Mac, then launch the program, choose the feature "Unlock Lock Screen Passcode".

choose feature Unlock Lock Screen Passcode

Step 2 Connect iPhone to the computer/Mac, then click "Start" from the interface.

start to unlock

Step 3 Click button "Download" to download the latest firmware package of your iPhone. Some minutes passed, the firmware will be downloaded successfully.

download firmware

Step 4 Click button "Start Unlock" to get into the disabled iPhone without iTunes. When the whole process finished, the passcode has been removed successfully. you can set up your iPhone as new, including passcode, Touch ID and Face ID settings. If you have a previous iTunes/iCloud backup, you can retrieve iPhone from backup.

removing passcode remove passcode successfully

Notes: Please back up your data before getting into a disabled iPhone, otherwise your device will be erased.

Part 3: How to Restore Data after Getting Into A Disabled iPhone

The best tool to restore data selectively and safely after getting into a disabled iPhone is UltData - iPhone Data Recovery. UltData - iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful recovery tool that can recover more than 35 file types including your valuable data like photos, videos, contacts, text messages and WhatsApp messages easily. It is compatible with the latest iOS 12.3 and iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

UltData has 3 recovery modes that are capable of retrieving everything you want in few seconds and never lose a single byte ever since:

Mode 1: Data recovery from iTunes backup files

It is highly recommended to timely backup your valuable data when using an iPhone. If you can't retrieve data directly from iOS device, you can try along with follow these steps:

Step 1 Choose to "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode and UltData - iPhone Data Recovery will show all the iTunes backup on this computer itself. Choose the one that you want and click "Start Scan" button.

choose iTunes backup files

Step 2 When the scanning is completed, detailed contents are listed according to the group they belong to. You can click a specific category on the left to see detailed data. The scan results contain both existing and deleted items with different colours. You can choose "Show Only Deleted" to only see the deleted data. Then select items and click "Recover" button to recover.

preview and recover the data from iTunes backup

Mode 2: Data recovery from iCloud backup

UltData - iPhone Data Recovery has designed an easy way to retrieve your data from iCloud backup file if your iPhone is lost, stolen or inaccessible. In case you have iCloud backup, then the best choice is to download iCloud backup for recovery of your data. Before getting started, please make sure the data you want is stored in the iCloud backup and your computer is connected to Internet. Now follow these steps:

Step 1 Select feature "Recover Data From iCloud Backup" and Log in to your iCloud account.

logoin iCloud

Step 2 When you log into the iCloud account, all backups linked with your Apple ID will be listed. You can check the details (name, date, version, and size) of each backup file. Select the backup that has your lost data and click "Next" button.

select iCloud backup

Step 3 When you log into the iCloud account, all backups linked with your Apple ID will be listed. You can check the details (name, date, version, and size) of each backup file. Select the backup that has your lost data and click "Next" button.

select iCloud backup

Step 4 After downloaded files from iCloud, preview detailed data then click "Recover".

preview and recover data from iCloud backup

In the above article, we have mentioned the best ways how to get into your disabled iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey and the restoring your data after getting into disabled iPhone using UltData - iPhone Data Recovery.

If you do not know the actual iPhone passcode and you do not have a recent backup (iTunes or iCloud), the data on the iPhone will be deleted and lost forever. There is no way to unlock an iPhone and recover the all your data in such a situation. Therefore, it is very important to keep regular and frequent backups of your iPhone data.

Hopefully you have learned all about disabled iPhones by now. Please feel free to comment below in case of any query.

  Updated on 2020-03-19 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

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