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[Avoid Scam]What is the Best Website to Unlock iPhone

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-09-29 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

If you’re a type who has ever been seeking answer to the question: what is the best website to unlock iphone, you’ve just come to the right place. This article will provide you with detailed information about the top website that can help you unlock your device effectively. You have to note that there are some website that scams people. It’s better you stick to the website highlighted on this page. That’s because they have been tested and trusted by many people.

Part 1: Can You Unlock an iPhone Online?

Yes, you can unlock an iPhone online. For several years now, many people has been unlocking their iPhones daily. As long as their iPhone model is compatible with the unlocking system, they experience no issues in unlocking their devices. So, if you also want to unlock the iCloud Activation Lock , know that it’s really possible to get the task done online. This answer also applies to someone wondering about the question : Can you really unlock an iPhone?

Part 2: What is the Best Website to Unlock iPhone?

Several websites offer iPhone unlock services. However, you can get confused as to which one is the best one to use. That’s simply because of the existence of several fake platforms. Top 5 trusted website to unlock iphone include:

Top 1. tenorshare.com

Tenorshare is a professional and safe website which focuses on phone solutions. 63,482,249 users worldwide gets to use what it has offered including iPhone screen unlocker - Tenorshare 4uKey, iCloud Activation Lock unlocker-Tenorshare 4MeKey. Also iOS system repair - ReiBoot, and so on.

For example, 4MeKey perfectly helps to unlock a device iCloud lock without the need for a password/Apple ID. It’s very much compatible with iOS(iOS 12-14) devices like iPhone 5S , iPhone X, and lots more. If you need to unlock your iCloud account at any time, and anywhere, don’t hesitate to use Tenorshare 4MeKey. Many users have acknowledged that the tool is great for unlocking iPhone. It’s described to be active in turning off Activation Lock without any need for a password.

You too can enjoy the benefit of this software by following the steps below :

A Video Tutorial: How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

  • Download, install and launch Tenorshare 4Mekey.

    bypass iOS 10 Activation Lock
  • Begin to Jailbreak Your iOS Device. You must ensure that your computer network is in good condition before starting the jailbreak process. Once that’s ascertained, begin the jailbreak process.

    xbypass login
  • After you’re done with the jailbreak process, you will need to start the unlocking process. The step to accomplishing this objective include :

    • Confirm your device information.
    • Click the “Start Remove” button.
    • Wait for few minutes for the process to be completed.
    bypass Activation Lock iOS 11-14

Top 2: appleiphoneunlock.uk

This is another platform that was created by a highly-skilled tech team. The platform is certified for unlocking diverse kinds of iOS devices. The major services the website offers to iOS device users are iPhone and iCloud unlocking. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of money to get their hands on a used iPhone can consider this platform for removing the iCloud lock. It can change your iPhone settings to accomplish the intend goals.

unlock website appleiphoneunlock

Though AppleiPhoneUnlock has gotten a lot of good reviews from users,it’s still not without some flaws. Notable cons of the website are :

  • 1. Poor updating of its tracker
  • 2. It’s extremely slow for unlocking iOS device
  • 3. Limited support system

Top 3: imeiunlocksim.com

Imeiunlocksim is also another reputable platform that offers cellphone unlock services. It get an estimated 496 unique visitors every day. It can unlock any cellphone with just IMEI number. The IMEI is used for identifying the model of your device. Once you input your IMEI into the form field, the software find your mobile brand. After it you will get a list of possiblities of unlocking service you can enjoy.Then, you proceed to the next stage. The platform have been serving a broad consumer base for several years now.

unlock website imeiunlocksim

Despite its reputable IMEI phone unlock services, it’s marred with some shortcomings. Notable ones include :

  • 1. Insecured payment system
  • 2. Poor customer support system
  • 3. Failure to deliver 100% of unlocking service.

Top 4: doctoresim.com

doctoresim.com is a sim unlocking website, which supports to unlock 1000+ phones(Apple/Huawei/LG/Sony) and 100+ network carriers. It has been featured in Digital Trends roidcentral, Trustpilot, etc. Over 20,000 customer reviews have been left.

unlock website imeiunlocksim
  • 1. You need to pay before you could successfully unlock the networ carrrier
  • 2. Cannnot support to remove iCloud Activation Lock
  • 3. An unlocked iPhone(blacklisted) doesn't support to make calls

Top 5: wipelock.com

WipeLock is a good platform for achieving all kinds of unlocking services - lock screen removal, iCloud unlock, SIM Unlock, FRP unlock among others. This website can help you to own a complete control over your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Also, it can allow you to use of any iCloud service and enjoy all Apple ID features.

unlock website wipelock

Some of its cons are :

  • 1. Not compatible with all iOS devices
  • 2. Its original tools are scarce to comeby

Part 3: How to Avoid Scam Websites to Unlock iPhone

You need to resist a platform that claims to offer free unlocking service to users. Most time, they are scam. They are phishing websites. They are more interested in collecting your sensitive data and using it for illegal purposes. Anytime you come across such a platform, avoid proceeding with your unlocking tasks there. The most reliable website you can rely on, such as tenorsher.com, which offer you 100% trusted service.