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Can't Take Screenshot Android, What to Do?

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-09-18 / Update for  Fix Android

If you are getting an "unable to capture screenshot" Android error, something is probably not right on your phone. Luckily, there are several ways to get around the can't take screenshot Android issue on your device. This guide lists some practical ways to fix it when you can't take screenshot due to security policy.

Part 1. Common Android Screenshot Not Working Issues

Some of the common reasons you cannot take screenshots on your Android phone are as follows.

  • Security Policy

    There might be a policy applied on your phone that prevents you from taking screenshots. In this case, the screenshot feature will not work on your phone.

  • Limited Storage Space

    Your storage space might be full and so the phone does not have any space to store your screenshots. This might be preventing you from taking new screenshots.

  • Google Assistant

    There might be an issue with Google Assistant that is causing you the screenshot problem.

Part 2. How to Fix Can't Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

If you cant take screenshot due to security policy, the methods below should help you fix the issue.

1. Make Sure You Are Not in Incognito Mode of Google Chrome

If you attempt to take a screenshot in Google Chrome’s incognito tab, you should know that Chrome does not allow you to do that.

Chrome has a restriction in taking screenshots in its incognito tabs. You can use Firefox to take screenshots, though.

2. Check the Policy Set on Your Phone

If your Android device comes from a certain organization and that organization has placed restrictions on the device, that may be why you cannot capture screenshots on your phone. In this case, it is best you reach out to them and let them fix the issue.

3. Check the Policy Set in App

Certain apps like Snapchat do not allow you to capture screenshots. Make sure the app that you want to capture screenshots in allows you to do that. Most banking apps do not let you take a screenshot.

4. Use Google Assistant to Take Screenshots

When you cannot take screenshot due to security policy, you can actually use Google Assistant to capture your screen.

  • Say Hey, Google or use the button on your phone to launch Google Assistant.
  • Type or say Take a screenshot.

    unable to capture screenshot android
  • Google Assistant will capture and save the screenshot on your phone.

Part 3. How to Fix Can't Take Screenshot Due to Limited Storage Space

One reason Android screenshot not working is that there is no free space on your phone. You can fix this using the following methods.

1. Check and clear the device's storage

Analyze your phone’s storage and get rid of the items you do not need. This will clear your storage and make room for screenshots.

  • Open Settings and tap Storage.
  • Tap Free up space.

    can't take screenshot android
  • Select the items you do not need and tap Free Up in the bottom.

2. Rename Picture or Screenshot Folder Name

You can try changing your picture or screenshot folder’s name and see if that helps make screenshots work again on your phone.

  • Open your file manager app and find the Picture or Screenshot folder.
  • Rename the Picture folder to Picture2. Rename the Screenshot folder to Screenshot2.
  • Try capturing a screenshot and see if it works.

Part 4. How to Fix Google Assistant Won't Take Screenshots

If you are unable to capture screenshot prevented by security policy Samsung, you can toggle some options in Google Assistant and see if that fixes the problem.

1. Check your Android settings

You should have the screenshot option enabled in your settings to take screenshots with certain apps.

  • On your phone, head into Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps > Assist & voice input.
  • Toggle on the Use screenshot option.

    can't take screenshot due to security policy

2. Check your Assistant settings

There is an option you need to enable in Google Assistant to be able to capture screenshots.

  • Open Google Assistant’s settings menu on your phone.
  • Tap General and then enable the Use screen context option.

    cant take screenshot due to security policy

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Deleted Screenshots on Android Phone

If you end-up deleting screenshots as a result of any of the above methods, you can use a professional Android data recovery program to recover your screenshots. Tenorshare UltData for Android allows you to recover photos as well as many other file types from your Android devices. You just need to tick what you want to recover, and the program will do that for you.

  • Install and then open the program on your computer. Select Recover Lost Data on the main interface.

    can't take screenshot due to security policy facebook
  • Plug-in your phone to your computer via a cable. Toggle on USB debugging on your phone.

    can't screenshot due to security policy
  • Activate the Photos checkbox and click Start in the bottom.

    android screenshot not working
  • Select the screenshots to recover and click Recover in the bottom. A message appears saying the screenshots are recovered.

    unable to capture screenshot prevented by security policy samsung


You are all set. If you ever find yourself not being able to take a screenshot on Android, use the methods above to fix Android screenshot not working on your phone. In case you want to recover deleted screenshots on Android, UltData for Android should be the best choice for you.