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USB Debugging Greyed Out

How to Fix USB Debugging Greyed Out On Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6

April 18, 2018 03:36 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Android Data Recovery
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"Can't enable USB Debugging, as soon as I connect the phone to my laptop the Developer Options greys out, any ideas why this happens?"

When USB debugging is disabled under developer options, it cuts back many great features from Samsung Galaxy phone users. If you want to perform a custom recovery, install a new ROM, or Root a device, with the debugging option greyed out you can't do it. Although it is meant for app developers who want to connect a computer with Android SDK to Samsung Galaxy or any other phones, it gives users the flexibility to change how their device functions. So it is an important feature to have it enabled. Read on to find a solution to fix USB debugging greyed out on Samsung Galaxy S8/7/6/5 phone.

usb debugging option greyed out

Part 1: Different Solutions to USB Debugging Greyed Out Problem

1. Enable USB Debugging option before inserting the USB cable

If you have plugged in your Samsung Galaxy phone and you are facing usb debugging not accessible problem, disconnect the phone and plug it back in.

usb disconnect

2. Select "PTM/MTP" as the USB connection mode

After you connect the phone to PC through a USB cable, choose default mode as an Internet connection. For this go to 'Settings', touch 'Connectivity', then 'Default Mode' and choose'PTP/MTP'.


3. Give permits if you are using KNOX Premium

KNOX Premium by default disable USB debugging option. You can change this by changing Permit USB debugging to Yes.

Navigate to Admin Portal of KNOX Premium, select Policies ->Mobile-> Samsung KNOX Device Settings ->Restrictions Settings -> Permit USB debugging -> Yes. Now, enable USB debugging by going to Developer options.

knox settings

4. Uninstall My KNOX

MY KNOX disables USB debugging and unfortunately unlike KNOX Premium it does not have Permit USB debugging option. So you have to uninstall it. To uninstall, root your device and chose Knox settings app, then select More information and select uninstall Knox. Now switch on USB debugging mode.


Part 2: Android Data Recovery To Recover Deleted Or Lost Data On Android Smartphone.

After you fix the problem of cant enable usb debugging broken screen, you can recover deleted or lost files on your Samsung Galaxy or any other android phone with Android Data Recovery software.

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We hope that usb debugging greyed out on S8/s7/s6 option on your phone is now enabled after trying the fixes we have shared in this post. If you had accidentally deleted important files, you should be able to recover them after this using Android Data Recovery software. In case you have any queries, message us.

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