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[Fresh News]iOS 16 Lockdown Mode: All You Need and Want to Know

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-09-30 / Update for  iOS 16

Lockdown Mode is a newer version for iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 iPhones and iPads. This function is a response to the Pegasus spyware, which allowed attackers to access your data on Apple devices, culminating in an Apple lawsuit.

Cyber attacks using spyware and other highly developed technologies are extremely rare. However, Apple thought it was critical to creating a safeguard to protect your data against a focused threat. This article is for you if you're concerned about how Apple Lockdown Mode works or whether you'll ever require it in the future.

ios 16 lockdown mode

Part 1: What Is Lockdown Mode in iOS 16

iOS 16 Lockdown Mode is an optional iOS 16 feature designed to protect against the most effective assaults. You cannot use these apps, surf the web, or use your phone with this option, which is unnecessarily and socially harmful for the average user, but a sensible safeguard for more influential customers. Lockdown Mode enhances iPhone security by blocking malware and spyware and protecting your confidential info. The disadvantage is that when you use iOS 16 Lockdown Mode, some functions on your iPhone are no longer available.

iOS 16 Lockdown Mode effectively boosts security protections on iOS by restricting some protections that could be attacked:

  • Other than photos, most mail attachments are banned, and functions like link previews are disabled.
  • Without your exclusion, web technologies like just-in-time JavaScript generation are disabled under Lockdown Mode.
  • If you have never phoned the individual before, inbound invites and service requests, such as FaceTime calls, are denied.
  • Any new offers for Shared Albums are prohibited, and all Shared Albums in Photos have been deleted.
  • No connected attachments are allowed between your iPhone and a computer or device.
  • Installing customization profiles is impossible, including those for Apple's public betas.
  • Mobile device management is not possible for your device.

Part 2: How to Enable or Turn off Lockdown Mode on iPhone Promptly

It's simple to activate iOS 16 Lockdown Mode on your device. Use the Settings app on your iPhone to perform this task.

  • Click Privacy & Security under Settings.

    privacy and security of iOS 16
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Lockdown Mode.On this page, click Turn On Lockdown Mode.

    ios 16 lockdown mode
  • Follow the link and select Turn On Lockdown Mode on the resulting overflow screen.

    turn on lockdown mode
  • You'll receive a prompt informing you of potential feature disablement. Tap Turn On & Restart to continue.

    turn on adn restart lockdown mode
  • Your iPhone will now reboot, and iOS 16 Lockdown Mode will be activated when it starts up.

Need to disable iOS 16 Lockdown Mode

Click Turn Off Lockdown Mode under Settings > Privacy & Security > Lockdown Mode, followed by Turn Off & Restart. Lockdown Mode will be removed when your iPhone restarts, allowing you to use it normally once more.

Part 3: Best Troubleshooter for iOS Problems and Bugs

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This is how to apply it to repair the iOS operating system:

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    launch reiboot
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    fix now
  • Download the firmware package. By choosing the install option, you may do it quickly.

    download firmware
  • It will take a short time for the firmware pack to solve iOS problems after it has been installed. Verify your device to determine if iOS 16 is operating properly after the patch is finished.

    repair successfully

Bonus Tips: Should You Use iOS 16 Lockdown Mode

Apple claims a very small percentage of users will require iOS 16 Lockdown Mode. Lockdown Mode should only be used when you are the victim of a very powerful cybercrime. These attacks aren't meant for the regular person; most of them are state-sponsored.

You can turn on iOS 16 Lockdown Mode to prevent a sophisticated attack assault if you believe you are at risk of one. The majority of people won't ever have to utilize Lockdown Mode because it severely restricts your iPhone. You shouldn't enable Lockdown Mode until necessary because it disables several iPhone functionalities, affecting your work, play, and interaction.

Even if you don't really need Lockdown Mode, there are other options and modifications you can make to your iPhone that will make it more secure.


If you think you could be the focus of a very effective cyberattack, such as one created by a private corporation creating state-sponsored mercenary spyware, you should only turn on Lockdown Mode, severe, optional security for iPhone. iPhone won't operate normally while it is in Lockdown Mode. There will be stringent restrictions on the apps, webpages, and services for safety purposes, and some activities cannot be accessed. If you have any problem unfixed, you can trust Tenorshare ReiBoot.