4 Free Ways to Clear Cache and Cookies on iPad

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Clearing cache on iPad can be as easy as a cup of tea. Usually, cache helps to load the frequently access data on your browser, reduces latency and even improves input as well as output but many of the time it makes your iPad (devices) slow. Sometimes it also makes your iPad lagging due to which you might feel uneasy to use. There are several ways to overcome this problem. Clearing Safari cache, Apps cache, System cache or by using some amazing third party app. Here, you will learn the whole process on how to clear cache on iPad. Have a look on all the methods to know more.

Way 1: Clear Safari Cache

Clearing safari cache is the first way to clean your browser cache which will help to delete unnecessary storage from your browser and also makes your iPad browsing performance better than before. Clearing safari cache doesn’t wipe data and information of your device, it only clear the browser cache so you don’t need to worry about your important data saved on your iPad being deleted.

Steps on how to clear Safari cache iPad and how to delete history on iPad:

1. First open Settings on your iPad from your Home screen.

2. Next scroll down and tap on Safari.

3. To clear Safari history and cookies: Tap on “Clear History and Website Data”.

clear safari history website data ipad

4. To clear Safari cookies but keep the history: Tap on Advance >> Website Data >> Remove All Website Data.

Way 2: Clear Apps Cache

Whenever you use any app, it starts storing cache. If you have number of apps installed on your iPad then just imagine how much cache has been stored on these apps due to which sometime you start getting slow response. So, it is better you clear cache of every app that release some space. It will definitely make your response time better than before.

Steps on how to clear Apps cache on iPad:

1. First go to Settings of your iPad and then tap on General.

2. Next tap on iPad Storage that you can find at the bottom of the screen.

3. All your apps will be arranged according to the amount of space they have occupied.

5. Finally tap on Delete App and then confirm it.

clear app cache of ipad

6. Once you have deleted the app, go to App Store and re-download the app which will be clean install without any cache.

Way 3: Clear System Cache

System also stores cache whenever you start using your iPad. The more you use iPad the more it stores the cache. Just in few days you will have some good amount of cache stored on your system due to which you will start felling the difference on using your iPad. You better clear system cache to make it perform like before.

Steps on how to clear System cache on iPad:

You can use two ways to clear system cache, either you can reset RAM of your iPad or force restart your iPad. So, first see how to reset RAM on iPad.

1. Your iPad should be unlocked then press power button until the “Slide to Power Off” screen appears on the screen.

slide to power off ipad

2. Now release the power button and press the Home button for few seconds (About five seconds).

3. You iPad screen will flash blank and returns to Home screen which means you have reset RAM of your iPad.

Now let’s see how to force restart iPad:

1. First press and hold power button that you find on top of your iPad.

2. While you continue to press & hold power button, press and hold the Home button also.

force restart ipad

3. Keep holding both buttons until the screen turns off and again turns on with the Apple logo.

4. You have successfully force start your iPad.

Way 4: Easiest Way to Clear Cache and Cookies on iPad

The easiest way to clear cache and cookies on iPad is by using iCareFone Cleaner. It is an amazing tool that helps you to free iPad storage. It even solve the problem like battery draining fast and slow to respond. There are many advantages of using iCareFone Cleaner. It compress photos with zero quality loss, deletes hidden app data and cache which includes corrupted downloads, temporary files, errors logs, safari cache and cookies, junk files etc.

Note: Download and Install Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner on your computer.

windows download btn mac download btn

Steps on how to clear cache and cookies on iPad in easy way:

1. Launch iCareFone Cleaner on your computer and connect your iPad using a working USB cable. It will detect you iPad and all the information of your iPad including name, type version, storage etc. will be show on the screen.

2. Click on start button to perform the scanning process.

main interface of icarefone cleaner

3. As the scan is completed, you will be able to see the amount of space that you can free on your iPad according to the category.

amount of space that  can be freed

4. Just click on clean button to clear that particular category and free the unwanted space.

Now you have learned how to clear history on iPad using Free iCareFone Cleaner. You will have some good amount of space available on your iPad.

windows download btn mac download btn

These are the 4 ways on how to clear cookies on iPad or how to delete cookies on iPad. You can either clear safari cache or apps cache or system cache to clear cache on your iPad but the most useful way is using iCareFone Cleaner. This tool helps you clear all the cache of your iPad just in few clicks. It is a free cleaning app that makes your device not only cache free but also solve the quick battery drain problem and lagging problem. It quickly delete useless files like temp file, corrupt download etc.

Let us know about your experience after using iCareFone Cleaner in comment section below.


  Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Cleanup iPhone

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