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Android 14 Features: A Comprehensive Overview of What’s New

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-11-20 / Update for  Android Tips

The world’s most popular and widely used smartphone OS had its latest version rolled-out. Yes, the much-anticipated Android OS version till now - Android 14 – is finally here. At present, Android 14 is only available for upgrade on select few latest models of Google Pixel devices. However, other Android device manufacturers are expected to launch an Android version 14 related update till the end of this year.

Android 14 features

This article provides a comprehensive overview of what’s new in the latest Android 14 update and highlights its most important features.

Part 1: Top 14 Android 14 New Features

As always, the latest Android version 14 promises more stability, better performance & accessibility, enhanced security, and improved privacy features.

Here is a breakdown of all the top 14 Android 14 new features that the latest Android 14 update includes.

1. Ultra HDR Support in Android 14 Update

The all-new latest Android version 14 comes with a true support for shooting and viewing images in ultra HDR quality. Hence, if your Android device supports HDR format, you are about to experience a whole new world of brilliant beauty.

2. Android 14 Update Comes with Monochrome Themes

Android 14 update also brings with it some small new changes to enhance your device’s interface. Among such features, is the introduction of monochromatic themes. Now you get to experience a completely new sleek look and feel on your Android device with monochrome themes.

Android 14 monochromatic theme

3. Better and More Lock Screen Customization in Android 14 Update

Perhaps, lock screen customization is one of the most awaited feature among other Android 14 new features. With lock screen customization now available on Android version 14, say good-bye to the old boring lock screen looks.

Either keep it simple or make it complex by adding various shortcut buttons. Or simply get a bit creative with your lock screen clock now that it’s all possible, explore a ton of various options that lock screen customization now offers.

Lock Screen Customization in Android 14

4. Android 14 New Features Include Generative AI Wallpapers

Why rely on the same few unpleasing wallpaper collection when you can get exactly what you imagine. With the amazing generative AI wallpaper feature in Android version 14, build a unique and personalized wallpaper collection.

Generative AI Wallpapers Android 14

5. Android 14 Features Include Using Your Phone as Your Webcam

Ever wanted your webcam to capture vivid photos and videos just as your Android phone camera does? Well, wish no more.

The amazing Android 14 features also include the benefit of using your phone camera as your webcam.

6. More Control Over Apps Data Sharing Updates is Now Part of Android Version 14

You are the sole owner of your phone and what’s in it. Hence, it’s your right to control over how and what the apps on your phone access and share its data.

Android 14 update gives you more control over apps data sharing policies according to what you think is best.

more control over apps data sharing android 14

7. Android Version 14 Comes with Enhanced PIN Security

Enhanced PIN security is a top-notch feature among the other Android 14 new features.

Now you get to see amazing animations when typing in your PIN code instead of the digits appearing first before turning into dots, option to set a 6-digit PIN instead of 4, and automatically unlock the phone simply upon entering the correct PIN instead of tapping any additional button on the screen.

8. Keep a Track of Your Health & Fitness Data with Android 14 Health Connect

Among other Android 14 new features is the ability to use Google’s Health Connect service to manage, share, and keep track of all your health and fitness data from a single place.

Android 14 Health Connect

9. Google Home Control Updates in Android Version 14

Have more ease-of-mind to what is happening around your home by controlling it entirely with Google home control updates in Android version 14.

10. Improved Magnification is Part of Android 14 Features

Android 14 features the ability to magnify any object on your phone screen for reading small text or getting a more detailed view of something. It also allows non-linear font size scaling with support for bigger font size than in earlier versions.

Improved Magnification Android 14

11. Font Size Quick Settings Tile in Android 14 Update

With font size quick settings tile in your phone’s drop-down menu, you can straightaway increase or decrease font size directly without having to go through your phone’s settings menu.

font size quick settings tile Android 14

12. Android 14 Update Comes with Hearing Aids Improvements

Android 14 new features include great support for those with hearing issues. Have better control over how you want your phone to interact with your hearing aids.

13. Android Version 14 Gives Flash Notifications

Get flash notifications from your device and never miss anything important that requires your urgent attention especially when your phone is on silent mode.

flash notifications Android 14

14. Android 14 New Features Include Large Screen Size Adaptability

One of the core features of Android 14 update is its ability to adapt to different screen sizes across regular smartphones, foldable phones, and tablets.

Part 2: How to Download and Install Android 14?

Currently, Android 14 update is only available for select-few Google Pixel smartphone models namely Pixel 4A 5G and after. For Android OS running smartphones from other manufacturers, an Android version 14 related update is expected to appear later this year.

Updating to Android 14 update on an eligible Google Pixel phone is simple. Primarily, your phone should automatically notify you if an update is available and how to install it.But if there hasn’t been an automatic update notification, simply do the following.

Go to your phone’s Settings menu, then tap on System, then System Update, and lastly tap on Check for Update.

Once the update is available, you can then follow the on-screen instructions to begin downloading and installing it.

Extra Tip: How to Fix Bugs and Issues After Android 14 Update?

Android 14 release date was 4 October 2023 which means that it is new. And even though it definitely have been rigorously tested in all its aspects before being released, it is possible that first users may still experience a few bugs and issues.

Hence, what if your Android 14 update doesn’t go as expected and you aren’t happy. In such a case, we highly recommend using ReiBoot for Android, an amazing tool to repair Android system. Download it now for free and make your Android system normal again in just a few simple clicks.

How to Use ReiBoot for Android to Repair Android System?

ReiBoot for Android is a simple tool to help you repair Android systems after an early Android 14 update. The following steps explain how simple it is to use ReiBoot for Android without having to restart Android without power button.

  • Download and install ReiBoot for Android on your PC and then run it. When the following screen appears, connect your Android phone to your PC. Next, click on the green box with text “Repair Android System”. On the next screen, click “Repair Now”.

    android device is connected repair now
  • The following screen will ask you to select your Android device details and hit “Next”. Make sure all information you select is correct.

    select correct device info
  • Now the ReiBoot for Android will match your device information entered in the last step and download the corresponding firmware package.

    download firmware package
  • Once firmware package download is completed, click “Repair Now” on the screen that appears.

    firmware package have downloaded
  • Before beginning the repair process, ReiBoot for Android will show a pop-up screen as shown below with some important information. Read it carefully before hitting “Continue”.

    start to repair
  • Depending on whether your phone has a home button or not, the following are the steps that you need to perform now.

    enter android recovery mode
  • Once the repair process starts, it will take about 10 minutes to complete during which ensure that the device stays connected.

    enter android recovery mode
  • Upon process completion, your Android device will boot up in the normal manner.

    complete repairing process

FAQs About Android 14

1. What devices are getting Android 14?

Currently, only Google Pixel phone models Pixel 4A 5G and newer are getting Android 14 update. Subsequently, other Android device manufacturers are also expected to release an Android version 14 related update by the end of this year for their recently launched eligible Android devices.

2. What is Android version 14 called?

The Android version 14 has been internally codenamed as “Upside Down Cake”.

3. Should I update to Android 14?

Given the Android 14 new features described above, if you own an eligible Android device, then you should probably go for updating it to Android version 14.

However, know that Android 14 update more stable quarterly versions in December 2023, third in March 2024 and final in June 2024 are yet to come in which case you may want to wait a bit.


The latest Android version 14 update is so far the best Android update Google has released. It comes with some amazing features which most Android users have long awaited.

However, it is important to know that stable versions of Android 14 update are yet to come. Still, if you wish to go for it and encounter any issues or bugs after the Android version 14 upgrade, ReiBoot for Android is eventually the tool you will need.

So, feel comfortable while updating to Android version 14 and also check ReiBoot for Android now in case you aren’t completely satisfied with the latest Android 14 new features.