Unlock Your Forgot iPad Password with Video Guides

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-11-24 / Update for  iPad

What to do if i forgot my iPad Mini Passcode? We use passwords for almost all the gadgets to protect our personal data from being accessed by anybody else other than ourselves. Since you have so many passwords to remember you tend to forget one or two. It is very common yet unwanted situation when you are not able to access any information or data stored in your iPad since you don't remember the password. Instead of panicking and feeling helpless wherein you forgot iPad password you can check out these four easy ways through which you can be successful in unlocking or factory reset your iPad.

Part 1. Reset iPad with Software When You Forgot iPad Password

The easiest method of unlocking your iPad is by using this highly recommended tool called 4uKey. This is a very efficient tool and let you unlock your iPad without the requirement of passcode and without the help of iTunes. Follow the steps below to know how you can solve forgot iPad passcode with 4uKey.

  • Download, install and launch the 4uKey tool on your laptop or PC and connect your locked iPad to it with the help of a USB lightning cable.
  • Click on "Start" and then on the next window click on "Download" to download the latest firmware package.
    download firmware
  • Once the download is completed, click on "Start Repair" and your iPad repair progress will be shown on the screen.
     repair ipad

You will be prompted once the repair is completed and your iPad will be successfully unlocked,just easy steps.

Video Guide for How to Unlock iOS Device use 4uKey

Part 2. Use Find My iPad to Remove iPad Passcode

What to do if you forgot your ipad password but unlock your iPad without iTunes? Is it possible? The answer is a "Yes!". You can even unlock your iPad with the help of iCloud but you can do this only if you have turned on "Find My iPad" feature. This is an iCloud exclusive feature. Here's how you can unlock your iPad by using iCloud if you are in situation like "I forgot my iPad password".

  • Open your computer and launch any browser and then navigate to iPad iCloud webpage to login.
  • sign in
  • After logging in, select your locked iPad from "All Devices", then click on "Erase iPad".
    erase ipad
  • Your iPad will be unlocked with the help of Find My iPad on iCloud.

Part 3. Unlock iPad with iTunes When You Forgot iPad Password

Using iTunes to unlock a locked iPad is the most common way of unlocking an iPad if you can't remember new password for iPad. For this method to work your iPad should have been previously synced with iTunes, if not then this method will be of no use! If you have synced your iPad earlier with iTunes (and the earlier ipad backup with no passcode), then follow the below steps to unlock a locked iPad:

  • Open your PC or any other laptop and connect your locked iPad to it.
  • Click on the "Device" icon and then click on "Summary" which is on the right and then click on "Restore iPad".
    restore ipad

Your iPad will be restored to the original factory settings and all the data in your iPad including the unlocking passcode will be erased. You can restore your iPad with a previously created backup to get all your data back.

Part 4. Unlock iPad Without Passcode In Recovery Mode

If in case you have never synced your iPad with iTunes earlier then you can use this method of unlocking your iPad. Recovery Mode can be used to get out of this situation. It is a bit complicated but viable nonetheless. Follow the steps below to put your iPad in Recovery Mode and then solving the problem of "I forgot my iPad passcode".

  • Press the "Home" button and while holding this button press and hold "Power" button till you see "Connect to iTunes" on the iPad screen.

  • Connect your iPad to PC or laptop and then iTunes will show a prompt message saying "iTunes has detected iPad in Recovery Mode", click on "OK" and then on "Restore".
     ipad in recovery mode

This is a simple way of restoring your iPad and unlocking it if in case you have never synced your iPad with iTunes earlier.


Forgetting your iPad passcode is a very annoying scenario. These above methods will help you overcome the problem if you have forgot iPad Mini passcode and will let you access your information and restore data in your iPad again. Sometimes iTunes tends to malfunction, in such cases, you can use the alternative methods mentioned above to unlock your iPad. The most recommended way of unlocking your iPad is by using 4uKey which can be used to unlock your iPad in easy simple ways without the need of iTunes or passcode. Go for it!