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How to Unlock iPhone Face ID While Sleeping

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-08-25 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

Face ID replaced Touch ID on iPhone. While people think that Face ID might be safer than Touch ID, how to unlock iPhone Face ID while sleeping sounds like a query asked by many users. People are worried someone might just pick up their iPhone while they are sleeping and try to unlock it. Or can I unlock iPhone Face ID while sleeping to check messages? Let’s find the answers below.

Part 1: Can You Unlock iPhone Face ID While Sleeping

Can someone unlock your iPhone while you are sleeping? The answer is no. Neither others nor you can unlock Face ID while sleeping. To unlock Face ID, the TrueDepth camera looks for your eyes and sees if they are open or not. Moreover, you have an additional layer of security with the setting of “require attention to unlock your iPhone”. If you are sleeping, someone would have to keep your eyelids open, which should wake you up.

When you are sleepy and want to check something on your iPhone, instead of unlocking it, you can set related widgets on lock screen, or ask Siri to check things for you.

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Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone without Face ID

If you don’t want to use Face ID to unlock your iPhone or Face ID is not working, here we would like to mention three useful tips too. These methods range from entering the passcode to using a software to bypass the passcode.

1. Unlock iPhone by Entering Correct Passcode

The first one is easy. To use Face ID, you have to set a passcode on your iPhone. When you pick up the iPhone and Face ID possibly won’t recognize you at night, then it will ask you to enter the passcode to unlock your iPhone.

Another trick is to unlock your iPhone with voice command, which you set to mimic how you enter the correct passcode.

2. Unlock iPhone without Face ID or Passcode via 4uKey

The next two methods apply to the situations where there is no Face ID and remembering passcode. You have to bypass the Face ID and lock screen passcode at the expense of losing data. First of all, you can try Tenorshare 4uKey. It’s a powerful unlocking tool that can bypass all sorts of screen locks of your iPhone.

  • On your computer, download and install 4uKey. Run the software and click on Start.

    how to bypass iphone face id and passcode via 4ukey
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using the charging cable. 4ukey should detect it. Click on Next.

     how to bypass iphone face id and passcode via 4ukey
  • The next step is to download the appropriate firmware package. Choose the destination folder, make sure it has enough space and then click on Download.

    how to bypass iphone face id and passcode via 4ukey
  • Once the firmware has downloaded successfully, it’s time to begin the removal of the lock. Click on Start Remove.

    how to bypass iphone face id and passcode via 4ukey
  • Done. The screen lock will be removed and you will set up your iPhone as new, configuring the passcode and Face ID.

     how to bypass iphone face id and passcode via 4ukey

3. Restore iPhone without Face ID with iTunes

You could also restore your iPhone with iTunes to bypass Face ID and remove the forgotten passcode on your iPhone. What you need here is the latest iTunes on your computer or Finder on Mac.

  • Open iTunes/Finder on your computer and connect your iPhone to it.
  • Put your iPhone into recovery mode to let iTunes recognize it.
  • A pop up will say that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Click on Ok and then Restore iPhone.

    restore iphone in recovery mode with itunes

Part 3: 5 Tips to Fix Face ID Not Working on iPhone

Even if you use the Face ID with the correct posture and at the appropriate brightness, you find the Face ID is not working and you don’t know the reason, then you have methods below to fix Face ID.

  • Reset Face ID: Simply try resetting the Face ID in Settings > Face ID& Passcode > Reset Face ID. Then restart your iPhone and turn Face ID on again.

  • Restart iPhone: Restarting your device fixes the problems you are facing at many times, including the Face ID issue.

  • Reset All Settings: If the settings of your iPhone have been messed up, this could cause Face ID to malfunction. Then go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset All Settings.

  • Update iOS Software: You could also try updating any pending iOS software to see if the bug or glitch in Face ID had been fixed.

  • Fix Face ID issue with ReiBoot: At last, fix Face ID problems using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It’s a strong iOS system repairing software that can fix various iOS bugs.

Part 4: FAQs on Unlocking iPhone Face ID

1. How to Set Face ID to Unlock iPhone?

You can easily set up Face ID on your iPhone so that you can use it to unlock your iPhone. Open Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up Face ID and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Can You Unlock iPhone with A Picture?

No, you cannot unlock the iPhone with a picture because the TrueDepth camera can differentiate between a 3D face and a 2D picture and realize it’s not you.

3. Is it Possible to Unlock iPhone While Wearing Mask?

Yes, you can unlock iPhone while wearing a mask. You have to enable this in Settings. This feature became particularly useful during the pandemic.


Wondering how to unlock iPhone face id while sleeping? Wonder no more as it is impossible to unlock the iPhone with Face ID if you are sleeping. You can opt to use passcode to unlock the iPhone instead. Using Tenorshare 4uKey for this purpose when Face ID can’t be used to unlock the iPhone and you also forget the passcode.