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How to Enter & Exit iPhone Recovery Mode [iPhone 13 Supported]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-09-25 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Surely you would have come across people talking about "iPhone Recovery Mode", but you did not bother to know about it much thinking that you will find out about it when the time comes. Well, you should at least know the basic of this as it is used in many solutions when your iPhone stops functioning or is not functioning as it should. This article will guide you about Recovery Mode of iPhone so that you can use it whenever required.

What Is Recovery Mode on iPhone and When to Use

Recovery Mode is in fact a failsafe of iBoot which is generally used in cases when you need to revive your iPhone with a new version of operating system. This is generally useful when your iPhone operating system is undergoing a few glitches and is not working properly, or when it is being upgraded through iTunes. This proves to be very handy in cases when you are trying to troubleshoot your device.

what is iphone recovery mode

How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

The ways of entering into Recovery Mode is slightly different for different versions of iPhone models. Below you can find out how to enter recovery mode iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13.

Method 1: Use Free ReiBoot

A freeware called Free iPhone Recovery Mode Software ReiBoot can help put your iPhone into Recovery mode with just 1 click. No need to press buttons, no need to use iTunes, either. So if you don't know how to press corresponding buttons to enter Recovery mode, or accidently have the iPhone buttons broken. This is the best choice to proceed. Just download the software and connect your device. Then click on "Enter/Exit Recovery Mode" and then "One-Click to Enter Recovery Mode", and it's done!

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Method 2: Manually Put iPhone into Recovery Mode

If you don't want to try the free ReiBoot, you can also manually get iPhone into Recovery mode. Detailed instructions are listed below.

How to put iPhone 6 in recovery mode (iPhone 6s or Earlier)

  • Press the two buttons: Home & Side, and don't release them.
  • Release the buttons when you see 'connect to iTunes' screen.

How to put iPhone 7 in recovery mode (iPhone 7 & 7 Plus)

  • Press the two buttons: Volume Down & Side, and don't release them.
  • Only when you see "Connect to iTunes" should you release the buttons.

How to put iPhone 13 in recovery mode (iPhone 8 or Later)

  • Press the two buttons: Volume Down & Side, and don't release them.
  • Press the two buttons quickly one after the other: Volume Up & Volume Down, and don't release them.
  • After this, press the Side button and keep holding it till you see "Connect to iTunes". Once this appears on the screen you can release the button

How to Get iPhone Out Of Recovery Mode

Just like entering into Recovery Mode, Tenorshare ReiBoot can help you exit Recovery mode for free. You don't have to search any other solutions, just simply connect the device and hit "Exit Recovery Mode" option, your iPhone will then reboot without seeing the "connect to iTunes" screem.

 exit recovery mode on iphone

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode, How to Fix

There is a possibility that your iPhone gets stuck in Recovery Mode and won't exit after the software update or jailbreak or restore. One can definitely use iTunes to fix this issue, but all the data on your iPhone is sure to get erased if you use iTunes. A much safer way in which all your data in the phone remains intact is by using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It offers 1-click enter/exit Recovery Mode functionality. You can use this software in the following way.

  • Open your PC/Mac/laptop, download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on it.
  • Connect your iPhone which is stuck in Recovery Mode to the laptop or PC and click Start on ReiBoot main interface.

    open reiboot
  • Even if your iPhone is stuck in Recovery mode, it can be easily detected by this software, click on the highlighted option "Standard Repair" to start repairing.

    restart repairing iphone in  recovery mode
  • Download the firmware online and proceed repairing process once it's ready.

    download firmware to repair  iphone
  • Once the firmware package is downloaded on your computer, you can click 'Start Standard Repair' to start repairing.

    start standard repair - reiboot
  • After the repairing process is done, your iPhone will reboot and successfully get out of Recovert Mode. This is a simple way of getting out of Recovery Mode when stuck without losing any data.

    reiboot repair iphone system successfully


It is very important to know about Apple Recovery Mode as it is very essential when performing certain operations on your iPhone like, troubleshooting, jailbreak or software update. The guide above tells you how you can use recovery mode on different models of iPhone and also how you can exit the Recovery Mode whenever necessary. If stuck while exiting Recovery Mode, the best software to turn to is Tenorshare ReiBoot, which is highly recommended.

Fix iPhone Stuck Issues without Data Loss

  Updated on 2021-09-25 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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