How to Copy Music from iTunes to Flash Drive?

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-05-28 / Update for  iTunes Tips

How do I transfer music from iTunes to a flash drive? Is there any way I can do the transfer easily?” I want some songs from my iTunes on my own USB stick. Is it possible?”

Want to transfer music from iTunes to USB for enjoying your favorite music anywhere on the go? Almost all iTunes users have an extensive music library. You might also have a great collection from which you want to export or transfer songs into your own portable USB drive without disturbing your existing music library. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to get your iTunes music on your USB flash drive. Check it now!

Method 1: Using “Copy and Paste” to Move Music from iTunes to USB

To follow this method,

  • First, create a “New Folder” on your desktop.
  • Then go to iTunes, then open iTunes music and find the iTunes music folder. Make sure your library is organized.
  • Now, select the songs you want to transfer by pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard simultaneously selecting the songs one by one. After selecting, go to "Edit” and then to “Copy". If you want to add just one song then just select that song and click “Copy”. Make sure that you don’t use the “Cut” function or else the songs will get deleted from the iTunes library.

    how to transfer music from itunes to usb flash drive on a mac
  • After this, go the “New Folder” you created on your desktop initially. Right-click and click “Paste".

    how to transfer music from itunes to usb

The songs will now get copied into that folder.

Now insert the USB drive into your computer and “Copy” or “Cut” the folder and “Paste” it into your USB flash drive and that’s it! Your selected songs will be on your USB drive and without changing your iTunes library.

Repeat the steps if you want to add one or more songs to your USB drive.

Method 2: Using “Drag and Drop” to Transfer Songs from iTunes to Flash Drive

To follow this method,

  • First, insert your USB flash drive. Open it like a folder on your desktop.
  • Then select one song and click it. If you want to select one or more, then hold the Ctrl button and select. If you want the whole list, simply hold Ctrl-A, this will select the whole playlist.
  • After this, just drag and drop the selection to the USB drive folder and voila! Your job is done.

    can i transfer music from itunes to a usb stick

Make sure, your run your iTunes in a smaller window, so that it is easier to drag and drop to the other folder. This method doesn’t change anything in your music library as well.

There you go, now you know the two easiest ways to export songs from iTunes to USB. Try these methods and enjoy music on the go!

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  Updated on 2020-05-28 / Update for  iTunes Tips

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