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How to Reset Unavailable iPhone in 4 Ways 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-07-12 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

If you forget your iPhone passcode, you cannot open it after being locked out. Entering the wrong passcode over and over again may put your iPhone in an unavailable or security lock state. So how to reset unavailable iPhone and access it again? It is a common problem and easy to fix. Here we will explain how to figure it out.

Part 1: Do I Have to Reset iPhone When It Says iPhone Unavailable

A lot of people fret when they hear that they have to reset their iPhone if iPhone unavailable message is displayed. It should be noted that if you don’t want to reset your iPhone, then the only way is to remember the passcode somehow. In all other scenarios, you will lose your data and reset your iPhone.

Part 2: Will I Lose Data After Reset Unavailable iPhone

Yes, you will lose data as a result of resetting your unavailable iPhone. But for people who regularly back up their iPhones via iTunes or iCloud, this isn't very bad news. Previous backups, if any, are able to restore your data when you set up your iPhone again.

Part 3: How to Reset iPhone Unavailable without Computer

One may not always have a computer at hand, so you need to know some ways to answer how to reset an unavailable iPhone without computer. We have 2 working methods. However, each method has its requirements to work successfully.

1 .Erase iPhone on Lock Screen

How to reset iPhone when it says iPhone unavailable? Things can be done directly on the iPhone Unavailable lock screen! But you need to have a few things for it to work.

The first is that iPhone should be running iOS 15.2 or later. The second is that your iPhone needs to be connected to the internet. And third, you need to know the password of the Apple ID logged in. Then the following steps are a breeze.

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  • At the bottom right corner, you will see an Erase iPhone option. Tap on it.
  • Next screen will say Erase All Content & Settings. Tap on Erase iPhone again.
  • You will be asked for the Apple ID password. Enter that and your iPhone will be reset itself.
how to reset unavailable iphone with erase iphone

2. Erase iPhone in Find My iPhone

You can also reset unavailable iPhone by using Find My iPhone on another Apple device or other mobiles with the help of any browser or Find My app. All you need for this method to work is that your iPhone has Find My turned on.

  • On any another mobile phone be it an iPhone, open iCloud.com and login using your Apple ID.
  • Then go to Find iPhone and the devices linked will be shown here. Look for your iPhone and then tap on it.
  • You can see the option of Erase iPhone. Choose that and finish the process for your iPhone to be reset and unlocked.
how to reset unavailable iphone with erase iphone

Part 4: How to Reset iPhone Unavailable with 4uKey

Besides, we will introduce two more methods to reset your unavailable iPhone with computer. The first one is Tenorshare 4uKey. It is known as a professional iOS unlocker, which unlocks screen locks like Face ID, Touch ID, 6- or 4-digit passcode. Now let’s see how to reset iPhone unavailable without passcode via 4uKey.

  • First of all, 4ukey needs to be installed and launched on your computer. Then click on Start.

    how to unlock unavailable iphone with 4ukey
  • Next, connect your unavailable iPhone to the computer. 4uKey will detect it. Click on Next.

    how to unlock unavailable iphone with 4ukey
  • After the connection is established, appropriate firmware package needs to be downloaded.

    how to unlock unavailable iphone with 4ukey
  • After the download, click on Start Remove. Wait a couple of minutes for the process to finish.

    how to unlock unavailable iphone with 4ukey
  • Once greeted by the following screen, your iPhone has been reset and unlocked. You can restore your data from any old backup.

    how to unlock unavailable iphone with 4ukey

Part 5: How to Reset iPhone Unavailable via iTunes

iTunes is the software that every iPhone and Apple user knows about. Instead of talking about its syncing and backing up feature, we will tell you to use iTunes for iPhone unavailable how to reset here.

  • First, connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.
  • Now you have to put your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • iTunes will show a notification that you must restore your iPhone.
  • Click on OK and then click on Restore iPhone. All data removed and iPhone will be reset.
how to reset unavailable iphone with itunes


iPhone Unavailable message is displayed once you enter the wrong passcode 5 and more times. When iPhone is unavailable, you have to reset the iPhone without the correct passcode. Here we explain 4 ways to reset your unavailable iPhone. 4uKey is always for you when you don’t remember any sort of password.