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How to Easily Factory Reset A Locked iPad Without Password 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-03-12 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

Factory resetting removes all the data and settings from your device. It is the best thing to do when selling your device or wanting to reset it. But, if you ever forget your password or the iPad fails to recognize your Touch ID or Face ID due to an error, you may get stuck with an iPad unavailable error. Moreover, you cannot access any settings or data without bypassing the screen lock. So, how to factory reset locked iPad without password?

Method 1: How To Factory Reset A Locked iPad Without Password In Few Clicks?

Tenorshare 4ukey is a safe and legal way to factory reset a locked iPad, even if you have forgotten the passcode. It can also be used to remove the Apple ID from an iPad, bypass the MDM lock, screen lock etc. Besides, it's compatible with all models of iPad, including the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air. With its easy and friendly interface, all users can factory reset locked ipad in just few clicks by themselves.

So, let's see how to factory reset iPad without password when locked with Tenorshare 4uKey:

  • Download, install and launch Tenorshare 4uKey on a computer.
  • Click Start and connect your iPad to the computer via USB cable.
  • mct-bypass-tool
  • Wait for the program to detect your device and then download the firmware package.
  • mct-bypass-tool
  • Once the firmware is downloaded, wait for the Tenorshare to initiate and complete password resetting.
  • mct-bypass-tool

Method 2: How To Factory Reset Locked iPad With iTunes?

If you have a computer handy, iTunes (or Finder on macOS Catalina and later) can be another way to factory reset your locked iPad. This method completely erases your device and installs the latest software, effectively wiping out any forgotten passcode or glitches that might be preventing access.


  • A computer with the latest version of iTunes installed (or Finder for macOS Catalina and later)
  • A USB cable to connect your iPad to the computer
  • Reliable internet connection (iTunes will download the latest software for your iPad)

Check the following steps to factory reset iPad without password with iTunes:

  • Connect your iPad to a Mac or PC and launch iTunes.
  • Go to the Summary tab, click Restore iPad, then Restore on the popup window.
  • how to factory reset a locked ipad with itunes

Method 3: How To Factory Reset Locked iPad With Find My Feature?

If you don’t have a accessible pc and unable to use iTunes/Finder. You can use the Find My feature instead. Find My is a free service that is built into all Apple devices, and it can be used to locate a lost or stolen device, and factory rest locked iPad in a easy way.


  • Ensure "Find My" is enabled on your iPad before it gets locked.
  • Another accessible device.

Check the following steps to factory reset locked iPad with Find My Feature:

  • Launch the browser and go to icloud.com
  • Log in with your Apple ID and ensure to use the same ID as in the iPad.
  • Select the locked iPad from the All Devices drop-down list at the top centre.
  • mct-bypass-tool
  • Click Erase iPad and then Erase to factory reset your iPad.
  • mct-bypass-tool

Now, the iCloud will walk you through the factory resetting steps, and you will land on the Welcome screen on your iPad.

Method 4: How To Factory Reset Locked iPad in Recovery Mode?

If your iPad is locked and you can't access Find My, or your iPad lacks an internet connection, fear not! Recovery Mode offers a reliable method for a factory reset ipad when locked.


  • You'll need a computer with a working USB port and the latest version of iTunes/Finder
  • USB Cable: Locate a compatible USB cable to connect your iPad to the computer.

Check the following steps of factory reset iPad with recovery mode:

  • Connect your iPad to a PC and launch iTunes.
  • Enter into recovery mode by simultaneously holding the Power and Volume Up and Down buttons unless the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • mct-bypass-tool
  • When the popup appears, choose Restore out of three options.

Recovery Mode resets bypass the need for an internet connection on the iPad itself. Wait for the restore to complete, and let your device restart.

Method 5: How To Factory Reset iPad When Locked Out Without iTunes Via Siri?

For iPads running iOS versions between iOS 8 and iOS 10.1, it might be possible to exploit a security vulnerability in older iOS versions to access a locked iPad through Siri. However, this method is not recommended as the vulnerability has been patched in later iOS or iPadOS versions.

Check the following steps of factory reset iPad with Siri:

  • Activate Siri and ask it to install any app.
  • Let Siri launch the App Store and install the requested app. Now, tap Preview. The app will open without asking you for the passcode.
  • Now, navigate to Settings and factory reset your iPad from there.

FAQs about Factory Reset iPad When Locked

1.Does resetting or restoring an iPad delete my Apple ID?

Yes, factory resetting an iPad will remove all your data, including your account information.

2.Will a restart or factory reset help battery life?

Restarting or factory resetting the iPad does not significantly affect battery life unless there is a significant bug.

3.Should I factory reset my iPad if it was stolen?

Factory resetting the iPad after it is stolen sounds like a good idea. However, you will no longer be able to locate your iPad as factory resetting disables the Find My service.

4.How do I factory reset my iPad with just the buttons?

For iPads with Home button:

1.Press and hold the Home + Power buttons simultaneously unless the power off slider appears.

2.Hold the buttons unless the screen goes black, and release them when the Apple logo appears.

For iPads without Home button:

1.Press the Volume Down followed by Volume Up button.

2.Press and hold Power button unless the device shuts down and the Apple logo appears.


Factory resetting the iPad removes all the data and settings on the device. Although it is easy, you may fail to factory reset the iPad in certain conditions, such as forgetting the passcode.

Now you must have clear concept about how to factory reset a locked ipad. Try Tenorshare 4ukey as it is the most easy way to factory reset ipad without password/Apple ID when locked.

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