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Stuck on Activation Lock Mac? Best Way Is Here

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-11-04 / Update for  Mac OS

Hey, People! I have recently bought a new Mac from the market, and it has Mac Activation Lock on. The seller ensured that the laptop was okay, but since I turned it on and started using it, I cannot use any feature due to this stupid lock. I tried contacting the seller about my issue, but he seems ignorant about the issue. He is not taking the laptop back. Please, help me.”

Well, it seems that the previous owner of the Mac has not deactivated your Activation Lock Mac. This error can occur sometimes, but you can look at some aspects to bypass the issue.

Part 1: What Does Mac Activation Lock Mean?

The Activation Lock Macos is designed to prevent any unauthorized person from using the machine. An Activation lock helps keep your laptop safe when it is lost or stolen.

It also assists in recovering your lost Mac. An Activation Lock requires the original Apple ID, its password, and your Mac’s passcode to turn off or on. 

An Activation Lock can remain on even if you remove all contents from the Mac and sell it to others. You have to log into iCloud and manually remove the Mac Activation lock.

The “Find My” application also helps to find any lost Mac. There is an easy process to remove Activation Lock from your Mac so that the new buyer doesn’t face any difficulty.

Part 2: Macbook Activation Lock Bypass? Please Retrieve Your Password Firstly

There is an easy solution to bypass the Macbook iCloud lock. That solution is to remember the password of the Apple ID that you forgot. Sometimes we often forget the Apple ID, and it results in Activation Lock. But there are multiple ways to retrieve the password, see the details below.

  • Alternate Email.
  • Security Question.
  • Recovery key.
  • Trusted phone number.
  • Apple Support app.

Part 3: You Can Remove Mac Activation Lock from Another Device

Looking for Mac activation lock bypass? You can perform the Macbook iCloud removal from another device as well. You only need to log into your iCloud account that has locked the Macbook. The procedure is simple.

  • Go to from the other device and log in with your Apple ID. Then go towards the “Find My” option.

    macbook icloud removal
  • Check all the devices on the top of the screen. When you see the Mac that has been Activation Locked, tap on it and remove the device from your iCloud.
  • You can tap on “Erase [Device]” and Select Next till the device has been erased. Then click on Remove from Account. You need to restart your Mac after removing the Activation Lock for a fresh startup.

Part 4: The Last Resort is to Ask The Previous Owner for Help


If none of the above methods works on bypassing mac m1 activation lock, then the last resort is to find the original owner.

As already told, the original owner of the Macbook and their Apple ID would become the master ID for the Mac. If they have activated the Mac activation lock, no matter what happens, you cannot enter your Apple ID to the Macbook.

If you know the owner personally, ask them to go to their iCloud and remove this Macbook from their list of devices. If you do not know, then ask the seller to contact that person. If luck is on your side, then maybe you can find the person.

FAQs about Activation Lock on Mac

Q1. Why won't my Mac let me sign into my Apple ID?

Are you wondering why won't my Mac let me sign into my Apple ID? Mac Activation Lock has been activated on your Mac which would prevent any other Apple ID from logging into the device.

Q2. Can a locked Mac be erased?

If you know the password of the original Apple ID or the owners, then contact them to remove the lock. Otherwise, you have to use a removal tool to solve the issue.

Q3. How do I get rid of someone else's Apple ID on my Mac?

You can use the Tenorshare 4MeKey tool to get rid of someone else’s Apple ID on your Mac.

Q4. Can you break the activation lock?

There is no official way to break the activation lock. Either ask the person who has activated the lock or use a break tool for the activation lock.

Extra Tip: How to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone?

If an activation lock has been activated on your iPhone, then it can be quite a mess. There is a quick solution to remove the Apple Activation Lock on the iPhone easily. The Tenorshare 4MeKey tool will help you. Here’s what to do:

  • Download, install and launch 4MeKey on your PC or Mac. Attach the locked iPhone with it and trust the device. Select the “Remove iCloud Activation Lock.”

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 1
  • Tenorshare 4MeKey will start to Jailbreak your iPhone. Only attach one iPhone at a time. Click ‘Next’ after reading Jailbreak terms and start the JailBreak procedure. If you have a Windows PC, you first have to download the Jailbreak tool, burn it into a USB, and then start the Jailbreak. Mac will download the tool only and then Jailbreak.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 2
  • It will take several minutes for 4MeKey to Jailbreak your PC. Let it Jailbreak once, and then confirm your device information on the software. Note that you wouldn’t be able to use the iPhone for some time. Click on “Start Remove,” and the activation lock will be gone within a few minutes.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 3
  • Click on “Start Remove,” and the activation lock will be gone within a few minutes.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 4
  • Your iPhone will act as a new device. Enter your Apple ID and use it like it’s just arrived from the factory.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 5


Mac Activation Lock is not a big problem if you have the correct solution to bypass the lock. You can use the following tactics but if you want an authentic tool for this purpose, use Tenorshare 4MeKey. It is an effective application and comprises various functions.