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6 Ways to Fix Can't Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-12-28 / Update for  iOS File Transfer

Are you fed up of trying again and again but are not able to import photos from iPhone to PC? Well, then you are not alone. There are number of people who is going though same problem. Many of the people have complained that they can't transfer photos from iPhone 13 to PC but now you don't need to worry. Here, I will be showing you 6 ways to fix you can't transfer photos from iPhone to PC. Just follow the solution carefully as show in the article but don't conclude that solution is not working just by trying any one of them randomly. Different solution has worked for different people.

Part 1: How to Fix Can't Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Computer

There are several solution for the issue of unable to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and I have listed the best 5 solutions which has worked perfectly fine for most to the people. I have listed the solution according to priority given by the people and which solution has worked most of the time.

Solution 1: Check USB Connection

First of all, you should check the USB connection between iPhone and computer. Make sure you are using the original USB cable and USB port is functioning well. Try to connect with another device to see if it's detected. Should this little trick doesn't help, refer to below solutions.

Solution 2: Make Sure iPhone is Unlocked

There is a possibility if your iPhone is locked then you may not be able to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. Always make sure that you iPhone is awake and not locked by passcode. Just unlock the iPhone while transferring the photos and keep tapping on the screen to keep it unlocked or you can even set to never lock the screen.

  • Go to Settings >> Tap on Display & Brightness
  • Tap on Auto-Lock >> Tap on Never

    never auto lock iphone-when cannot import photos from ipone to pc

Solution 3: Reset your iPhone as Trusted Device

Resetting iPhone as trusted device might help you to solve problem of cannot download photos from iPhone to PC. Follow the steps shown below:

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone >> Go to General >> Scroll down the screen and locate Reset

    reset iphone trusted device to fix can't transfer photos from iphone to pc
  • Tap on Reset, you will see many option >> Tap on Reset Location & Privacy
  • Enter the passcode and confirm that you want to reset all location and privacy settings of the iPhone.

Now when you connect your iPhone to PC using USB cable, you will see a dialogue box asking Trust This Computer. Click on Trust and you will be able to import photos from iPhone to PC.

Solution 4: Check Software Update for Both iOS and iTunes

Sometimes it has also found that the outdated iOS or iTunes is causing the problem. So make sure your iOS device as well as iTunes is up to date. To know if your iOS and iTunes has any software update. Follow the steps given below.

Note: Make sure you have more than 50% of battery before updating the software as it takes some times to update the software and it should be connected to Internet (Using Wi-fi or Mobile Data)

Check if there is any update available for iOS

  • Go to Settings >> Go to General >> Tap on Software Update.

    software update ios-one step to fix cannot export photos from iphone to pc
  • If there is any software update available then you can see on the screen and tap on Download and Install option and follow the process.
  • Your iPhone software will be updated soon.

Check if there is any update available for iTunes

  • Launch the iTunes >> Click on:Help option- For Window/ iTunes-For Mac (You can see on the top bar of the screen)
  • You will see many options, click on Check for Updates

    update itunes to solve cannot copy photos from iphone to pc
  • If there is any new version available then you will see on screen >> Click on Download iTunes

    download itunes-next step to fix unable to transfer photos from iphone to pc
  • It will install the iTunes to the latest version

Solution 5: Reset Apple Mobile Device Service

  • Disconnect iPhone and close iTunes if it is connected to PC.
  • Press Windows + R to launch Run command >> Type services.msc and click Ok ( Services console will open)
  • Now Right-click on Apple Mobile Device Service >> Click on Properties

    click apple mobile device service properties-one of step to solve unable to copy photos from iphone to pc
  • >Select Automatic option in Startup type >> Click on Stop option

    reset apple mobile service-last step to solve cannot download photos from iphone to pc
  • Once the service is stopped, click on Start option
  • Restart the computer and now you are good to go

Part 2: Alternative Solution to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC and Mac

Using Tenorshare iCareFone is the best and alternative solution to fix the problem transferring photos from iPhone 13/12/12 Pro to computer. It is easy to use and one can decide to transfer photos in bulk or selectively, in the same time you don't have any iTunes or iCloud limitations like iCloud storage, backed photos are not readable, etc.

First download and install it to your computer and follow below steps.

  • Connect you iPhone with iCareFone using USB Cable.
  • Open the iCareFone software >> you will see screen with your iPhone details and 6 features.

    launch icarefone to start to fix unable to import photos from iphone to windows 10
  • Click on File Manager (You can see on the first left-top features category)
  • Choose Photos option >> You will be able to see the photos of your iPhone

    click manage to proceed to solve when you'r unable to transfer photos from iphone to computer
  • Choose all the photos or your desired photo and click on Export option (You will see this option on the top left menu bar)

    icarefone starts to import photos from pc to iphone
  • Once you click on Import, the photos will be store in your computer.

So, these are the best 6 ways to fix unable to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. I recommend you to try first solution and I am sure that you will be able to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and also you don't have to see any other possible solution. Let us know what you think about these solutions and which solution you tried.