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The Easiest Way to Recover Deleted, Formatted Data from Hard Drive

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-09-09 / Update for  Data Recovery

Data loss may happen due to a number of factors: deleted files off your computer by mistake; accidentally formatted a partition without backing up. Whatever it is, the end result is that you've lost files, folders, maybe even an entire partition of valuable data.

If so, don't panic, though - there's a good chance that your files are still intact, somewhere on the disc. And if you act quickly and find useful data recovery software (we recommend hard 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery, then you are able to restore deleted or formatted data from hard drive.

Remember, don't Write to the Drive

The first absolute rule you need to do is --- stop using your hard drive where you lost file. The less you work with the drive you want to recover data from, the better. That's because you write to your hard drive, your lost data on it may be overwritten and can be recovered any longer.

How to Recover Deleted, Formatted Data from Hard Drive?

The data recovery market is quite competitive and we love the hard drive data recovery software from Tenorshare we mentioned above. It can recover deleted photos, documents, videos, audios and other files and recover data from formatted, crashed, corrupted partition or hard drive (external hard drive included). One of the most attractive features is that you can recover 500MB of files for free with the free trial version.

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The steps of restoring deleted, formatted data from hard drive using this software are quite simple.

  • Step 1: Run the prpgrame and select your target partition where you lost files. hard drive data recovery
  • Step2. After scanning, all the recoverable files including photos, music, videos, archives and Word/Excel documents are listed by category. Select the files you would like to recover. Before recovery, you are allowed to preview photos and audios to check if they are your need. recovery of deleted folder on windows 10
  • Step3. Finally, check the files and press "Recover"buttoon to save the recovered data. Please do not save to the same partition where you lost them in case of disk overwritten and permanent data loss. spotify music

Information about Data Recovery Service

Some guys will ask data recovery service for help when they realize data loss. It's not a mistake, but it's also the most expensive. One trip to see a professional can run you an upwards of $1000. So, generally speaking, we advise you to use powerful and cost-effective data recovery software firstly. If you need to recover data from physically war-torn and dead drives, you can select this option then.

Do you have any experience of data recovery? We're happy to hear your thoughts on additions in the comments below.

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