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[5 Easy Ways] How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos?

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-09-10 / Update for  Data Recovery

Is there a method to find a deleted YouTube video? I want to find the remix of Hotel Room Service” from Pitbull, but it seems it got deleted.”

If your video has been removed from YouTube, you will probably be interesed in learning how to find deleted YouTube videos. Whether it was your video or someone else’s, if you really wanted to watch it and you can no longer find it, it is time you dig deeper and find out exactly where it is gone. There are actually multiple ways to restore deleted YouTube videos. You can either ask YouTube to restore it for you, check out other similar sites and see if your video is available there, or simply try to recover the video file on your own computer. The following guide covers various ways on how to find deleted videos on YouTube.

Way 1. Ask the Support Team to Restore Deleted YouTube Videos

As your video has been taken down on the YouTube platform, the first thing you will want to do is get in touch with the platform support team and let them know about your situation.

They should be able to assist you with finding your deleted video on your YouTube channel. You can follow the following steps to contact YouTube for help.

  • Head over to your channel’s page on YouTube.
  • Scroll down and you will find a button saying Help at the bottom. Click on it.

    youtube help
    YouTube help
  • A new menu will open on your screen. Click on the option that says Need more help.

    youtube more help
    YouTube more help
  • Click on Get Creator Support and you should see the options to contact YouTube support team.

If your video did not violate any policies and it was mistakenly deleted, the support team will restore it for you.

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Way 2. Find Deleted Video on YouTube Using Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is the Internet’s archive that scans for and saves billions of webpages in its database. If it has ever captured the link for your video, your video should likely be available with it.

You can search the site to see if your deleted video is available there. The following shows how to find old YouTube videos that were deleted using the Wayback Machine.

  • Open a browser on your computer and head over to the Archive website.
  • Once you are there, click on the search box at the top and paste the link of the deleted YouTube video. You will find this link in your email when you uploaded the video.

    wayback machine
    Wayback machine
  • You should see a calendar on your screen. Here, you can choose a date for which you want to view the video page for. Click on any of the available dates.

    select date
    Select date
  • The video should appear on your screen and you can access it now.

Way 3. Find Out Deleted YouTube Videos Use

Offliberty allows you to save websites for later viewing and you can use on how to find out what deleted YouTube videos were.

  • Open a new tab in your browser and head over to the Offliberty website.
  • Paste in the YouTube or site URL where your video was located and press Enter.

  • You should be able to find your video if it was ever captured by the website.

Way 4. Find deleted YouTube Video Original Files from Computer

If the deleted video that you are trying to find was originally located on your computer, you can actually use one of the data recovery tools to recover the lost video file on your machine. This way, you will not have to reach out to anyone as your file can be restored from your own computer.

One of the software you can use to do the task is Tenorshare 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery. It is a comprehensive solution to all of your data recovery needs. Whether you have lost a video file that you want to recover or you have accidentally deleted your word documents, Excel, photos, etc. the software can help you restore them on your computer for you. The following is how to restore deleted YouTube videos using the aforementioned software.

  • Download the software on your computer and install it. Launch the software, select the drive where your video was located, and click on Scan at the bottom.

    pick location
    Select the Location
  • It should take a while for 4DDiG to scan out deleted or lost videos from selected drive. After the scanning, you can choose video files to preview.

    preview data
    Scan and Preview Lost Files
  • Finally, select target files and choose a folder to save your recovered files.

That is how to find out deleted YouTube videos and how you can recover them on your computer.

Way 5. Find Out What Deleted YouTube Videos Were from Other Video Platforms

If the video you are trying to find was somewhat popular, chances are it was uploaded to some other media sites as well. Most videos usually get shared on various other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and so on.

You are highly recommended to check out these other sites and see if your video is available there. It may be that it is just YouTube that has deleted your video but it is available on one or all other media sites out there. If you know how to find title of deleted YouTube videos which is usually in your email, you should be able to use the method.


When your YouTube video gets deleted unexpectedly, it sometimes becomes difficult to regain access to it as there is no direct restore option on the platform. Fortunately, with the workarounds described above, you can hopefully recover your video on your computer.