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[Solved] How to Recover Spotify Playlist with 5 Efficient Ways

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-11-12 / Update for  Data Recovery

Have you ever want to recover Spotify playlist (Spotify recover playlist)? These Spotify playlist, including genres, regions, and time periods, are built with a lot of effort and complex steps. Feel regret and helplessness? After that, you will no longer have trouble because this article will show you how to Spotify recover playlist.

Part 1: Why Spotify Playlist Get Lost or Disappeared?

At first, I gonna explain the causes why your Spotify playlist was lost weirdly in detail. Five main reasons as follows. Please take a closer look to see if any of these situations are happening to you.

  • On Spotify, if you can't go online within 30 days, your offline content will be removed from your device.
  • If you have logged in one Spotify account on more than 6 devices, you may get the issue Spotify playlist disappeared.
  • Original songs and playlist of Spotify may be deleted by their creators or artists.
  • If you uninstall Spotify music app without backup or you suddenly reset the factory settings, it is likely possible loss your data.
  • If your Spotify or your devices attack by malware, your playlist will lose somehow.
  • The disappearance of playlists may have something to do with the application cache. Your mobile phone has at least recommended 1GB of free space for Spotify to operate.

Part 2: 4 Most Efficient Ways to Recover Spotify Playlist

As the saying goes” all roads lead to Rome”, but most people will choose the easiest way. Next, I gonna share four easy methods with you to recover Spotify playlist efficiently.

Method 1: Log into Your Spotify Account on Another Device

When you encounter a playlist you just downloaded that hasn't been synced to your account, you can log in to your account from another device. It's as simple as logging out of your account on your current device, logging in to your account on another device, and checking to see if the playlist exists. Spotify may have faults such as freezing. When all other methods fail, turning off and reopening the device will also work.

recover playlist spotify

Method 2: Recover Spotify Playlist on PC

You can follow the official steps for recovery. Of course, this is only true for playlists that you delete within 90 days. This method Then I'll show you the official operation with pictures. There's no limit to what type of Spotify you're using. You can follow the steps below in the APP or Spotify on the web.

  • Log into your account page.

    recover spotify playlist
  • Click recover playlists option in the menu.

    spotify playlist disappeared
  • Click the playlist you want to recover.

     spotify playlist recovery

Method 3: Recover Spotify Playlist on Phone

Many Spotify users download the Spotify app on their mobile devices and want to recover deleted spotify playlist. Unlike recovering Spotify playlist on PC, if you accidentally delete a playlist from your phone, you must follow these steps to recover the playlist from Spotify.

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile phone and login to your account.

    spotify playlist disappeared
  • Go to your account page and then choose recover playlists option.

    spotify recover playlist
  • Then choose the playlist that you want.

Method 4: Recover Lost Spotify Playlist From An Old Account

You can restore your Spotify playlists with the help of the Spotify team. You can simply suggest your comment in Spotify community or just tweet the officials. They usually will reply to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you want to recover the lost Spotify playlists from an old account, you also can connect Spotify team via Twitter ( @SpotifyCares) or fill in and submit an online contact form from the help section. Next, I will show you how to fill in and submit an online contact form to restore lost Spotify playlist from an old account.

  • Go to Spotify's website (, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click About option.

    spotify deleted playlist
  • Click Contact us option after presenting about us page.

    recover deleted spotify playlist
  • Then enter the help page and choose Account.

    restore spotify playlist
  • Click Other option after entering topic page to get quick solutions.

    spotify playlist disappeared
  • And the still choose I still need help this option to get help from support bot.

    spotify recover playlist
  • First, fill in your Email address and then click Start chat option. Next, the Spotify team will contact with you. And you need to tell the details about old account and they will help you recover Spotify playlist from old account.

    spotify saved songs disappeared

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Songs from Spotify Playlist with UltData

To recover your deleted songs from a playlist immediately in your PC, press Ctrl+Z (for Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+Z (for windows). If your Spotify saved songs disappeared on iPhone or Android, Tenorshare UltData will help you do that. Whether you accidentally delete important data or lose data due to accidental deletion, update, factory reset, etc.

Tenorshare UltData for iPhone makes data recovery possible with the most cutting-edge data recovery technology. Below we take recover deleted songs on iPhone for example.

  • Please launch UltData on your computer, choose "Recover Data from iOS Devices" option.

    recover spotify playlist
  • Make sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod is switched on and connect it to your computer or Mac with USB cable. The program will detect your iOS device automatically if it is connected and trusted.

    spotify restore playlist
  • When the software detects your device, it will show you the page as follows. Please tick what you would like to scan and recover, or just select all, then tap on "Scan" to proceed.

    recover deleted spotify playlist
  • Now all scanned files are listed on the program according to category. You can choose "Show All" or "Show only Deleted" to recover. To save time, you can select the deleted or lost data you need to recover.

    recover playlist spotify
  • Check the files you need and click "Recover" and then you can view your recovered files on the computer or device.

    recover deleted spotify playlist

If you want to recover deleted songs on Android, please try Tenorshare UltData for Android.

Wrapping up

You'll never regret accidentally deleting Spotify playlist again. After this article sharing the methods of Spotify playlist recovery, you must have a try. Tenorshare UltData can easily and safely restore audio. There are three ways for you to choose. Just download it and try!