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4 Things Need to Know about iCloud Unlock Torrent

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-04-28 / Update for  iCloud Tips

Sometimes buying a second-hand device can become a trouble for you because of the iCloud Activation lock. This lock is added to the device so that your data can be protected from thieves. But the main question is how to remove this lock, and is it safe to use iCloud unlock torrent for it?

In this article, we will guide you about the iCloud unlock torrent and whether it’s safe or not. Therefore, make sure not to skip any details if you know everything about iCloud unlock.

Part 1: What is iCloud Unlock Torrent?

iCloud unlock torrent is the famous way to unlock iCloud from your iPhone device. Besides, nowadays, this process is becoming much more popular, and many users are confused about whether to use this method or not. Besides, if your iPhone is locked and you can’t enjoy its features, this method will help you get access to limited features. But the question is how you can use iCloud unlock torrent, and are there any special apps for it? Continue reading to find all the details.

Part 2: How Can I Get iCloud Unlock Torrent?

Here are five different iCloud unlock torrent software, which claim to unlock your iPhone devices. Hence, if you are searching for the apps, you can try these ones. But keep in mind that there are some disadvantages of using them and we will explain everything in this section.

1.iCloud Remover 1.0.2 Torrent

The first tool we have on our list is iCloud Remover 1.02 Torrent. We are sure many of you have already heard about it. This software allows you to bypass the iCloud activation lock without Apple ID and Password. It has a simple and comprehensive interface, so anyone can use it without facing any issues. According to this app's creator, it has a good success rate and works for almost all iPhone devices. But it also has some disadvantages, which are mentioned below.


  • The features are limited.
  • Don’t guarantee a permanent solution.
  • You can’t enjoy all the functions of your iPhone.

2.Doulci 2020 Torrent

If you want to unlock your iCloud lock without Apple ID and password, here is another program that claims to remove the iCloud lock. But the weird thing is that this software doesn’t have any official website. That means users don't know where to get it. However, it is free to use, and according to the creators, it is used to remove the iCloud lock in no time.


  • Many people don’t know much about it.
  • It was shut down in 2014.
  • The word Doulci is used by many hackers, which makes it vulnerable.
  • Doesn’t provide permanent results.
  • It can’t work with older versions.

3.3Utools Torrent

3Utools Torrent is an All-in-One application for iOS users. This program helps to manage all the iOS things, such as files, ringtone, videos, and much more. According to the official site, users can use this program to jailbreak iPhone devices as well. Plus, you can backup your data and use different modes, including how to put iPhone 12/11/X/8 into recovery mode and DFU mode.


  • The setup is a bit complicated.
  • The Knowledge of Flashing firmware is required to use it.
  • It is not compatible with all the iPhone models.

4.iCloud Unlock Deluxe Torrent

This program claims to remove the iCloud Activation lock. Besides, according to the official site, users can easily regain iPhone's full features. However, it has not been proved whether it can help jailbreak or bypass the iCloud lock permanently. In addition, you can use the IMEI number to remove the iCloud activation lock. However, there is no authentic way to get this software because you will have to face different issues on the official website. For example, they will ask you to subscribe to their YouTube channel and, in return, will demand your email address. In addition, you will be asked to download their app, which is also useless.


  • It's not a good solution to bypass the iCloud lock.
  • You can’t find the setup.
  • After using it, there are chances that your important data will be compromised.
  • This application is not safe.

5.Exodus Super Unlock Torrent

The fifth tool that we've on our list is the Exodus iCloud unlock program. This application is used to jailbreak iPhone and helps to bypass the iCloud Activation lock. But there is no proof that this application is authentic and really works for iPhone users.


  • It is difficult to get the original program.
  • This app doesn’t work at all, which means it's a scam.

Part 3: Does iCloud Unlock Torrent Really Work?

Does iCloud bypass tool torrent work? We won’t recommend you to try these applications because they are scams and can also compromise your privacy. So, make sure to use a reliable app for unlocking iCloud Activation.

Part 4: What is the Official Way to Unlock iCloud?

If you really want to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone without worrying about your data. We recommend using Tenorshare 4MeKey because it’s a user-friendly application and helps to remove the lock within a few minutes. You can follow three basic steps to complete the process.

1.What is Tenorshare 4MeKey?

This application is used to remove the iCloud activation lock from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Besides, the products from Tenorshare help to fix almost 150+ iOS issues. Moreover, 4MeKey is also compatible with iOS 12-14. You can also change your Apple ID once the activation lock is removed. Along with that, it works 100%, and users are totally satisfied with it. You can check the reviews on the main page of the official website.

2.Is There Any 4MeKey Crack with Keygen Torrent?

Many people ask if there is any 4MeKey iCloud bypass torrent available in the market. But the answer is No. We recommend not downloading the 4MeKey crack from unknown platforms. You can only get the application from the official website.

3. How to Use 4Mekey to Bypass iCloud Lock?

  • Fistly, download Tenorshare 4MeKey from Official website or here.
  • Afer you have launched and please hit the "Remove iCloud Activation".

    icloud unlock torrent
  • Now you will see the detailed info about iCloud Activation Lock bypass before you accept the risk warning.

    icloud remover torrent
  • Then, connect your device to computer. It's recommended to use the original lightning-to-USB cable

    exodus super unlock torrent
  • In the next step, you'll be alerted to jailbreak your device. Just follow the on-screen struction to get that done.

    how to get imei number on iphone 11 if locked
  • After you finished jailbreaking your device without any question. Confirm your device info.

    how to remove icloud activation lock
  • The Activation Lock will be removed no less than 2 minutes. Now you can check if the iCloud Lock has been completely bypassed. Don't restart or factory reset, otherwise, Activation Lock will appear again.

    how to bypass icloud activation lock


If you want to remove the iCloud lock using the crack versions won't be a good idea. It's a waste of time and won't help you at all. Instead, you can use 4MeKey that is really helpful for iOS users.