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Full Guide About IPSW without iCloud Activation

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-08-21 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

It is possible to bypass iCloud activation without any hassle and without spending any money. One of the most popular ways would be to use custom IPSW to bypass iCloud iPhone 7. But this method is not actually easy or even safe.

But if you are willing to do it, then you will require a detailed guide that is available in the article below.

Part 1: Is There IPSW without iCloud Activation Download

Yes, IPSW without iCloud Activation Download is possible. Apple is known for its security, but there are a few gaps in it that make the users capable of such a thing. Regardless, the success rate, this method is very complicated and dangerous too. So, this needs to be done carefully.

Part 2: How to Create Custom IPSW to Bypass iCloud (Difficult and Limited)

You will be able to make custom IPSW bypass iCloud download. This is not an easy method. The procedure is overly complicated, and the success rate is very limited. Still, we are providing detailed steps for the user who is willing to use it.

The procedure of creating custom IPSW is different on Mac and Windows. So, we have provided the steps accordingly.

For Windows Users

  • Get the required IPSW on your computer and change the extension to .zip.
  • Then, extract the file inside. Inside the folder, you will find files with .dmg extension that needs to be decrypted.
  • The decryption requires a key that will be available in the following website; The iPhone WiKi
  • Now, to decrypt, isolate the largest .dmg file. Paste the file on the desktop.
  • Now, to decrypt the file, you will have to use a software. Such a program will be available on the internet, and you have to use the ‘Root Filesystem’ key you found on ‘theiphonewiki’ website.
  • After the decryption, the file will be saved on the desktop. So, open the decrypted file and enter the ‘Applications’ folder.
  • Locate ‘setup.app’ and delete it.
  • Now, save the decrypted file.
  • Use the same key and to encrypt the file.
  • Now, rename it. Give it the same name as the original .dmg file. Then, replace it with the original.

Well, you have successfully built a custom IPSW on Windows. You just have to compress it and turn it into a file with an IPSW extension.

For Mac Users

Well, this is not the easiest thing to do. And this method will only work with a 32-bit device, not with the 64-bit devices. The steps are very long and complicated; so, read them carefully and create custom IPSW to bypass iCloud iPhone 6.

  • Download the required IPSW from the flowing website;iPSW
  • Now, you have to extract the IPSW file. Originally the downloaded IPSW files are actually zip files. So, change ‘.ipsw’ to ‘.zip’. Then, extract the file, it will take a minute or so.
  • Now, enter the extracted folder, and there will be 3 ‘.dmg’ files. Find the biggest one.
  • Take that ‘.dmg’ file out of the folder. Put it at a safe, clean space like on the desktop.
  • Now, the ‘.dmg’ files can’t be opened causally, as they are encrypted, and you will require a password. So, you will need firmware keys.
  • Go to The iPhone WiKi. Scroll down, and you will find all the firmware keys publicly available. If the firmware key for your firmware is not there, then it hasn’t been found yet.
  • Now, go to iDecrypt on Mac. Unfortunately, this software doesn’t let you decrypt anything higher than iOS 7. Launch the software and select the ‘.dmg’ file.
  • A warning message will appear on the screen, click ‘OK’. Then, select the output folder, then copy and paste the key for ‘RootFilesystem’.
  • Then, click on ‘Decrypt DMG’. After the process is successfully completed, a message will appear on the screen.
  • Now, open the decrypted IPSW and enter the ‘Applications’ folder. Scroll down and delete the file called ‘Setup’.
  • Now, exit the folder and make a right-click on the decrypted file and select ‘Eject’.
  • After the file is saved. Delete the original encrypted file and rename the decrypted file. Give it the name of the original. Then, paste it back to the extracted folder.

You have successfully created custom IPSW on Mac. Now, you just have to compress the file and change it back to IPSW.

Well, creating a custom is not an impossible task, but this method has its own sets of limitations.

  • The success rate is pretty low.
  • The method is long, elaborate, and very complicated.
  • Only limited to 32-bit devices.
  • It doesn’t work with the latest iOS or even iOS devices.

Part 3: How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock with 4MeKey(100% Working and Easy)

Then if the way above not working, you can consider to use Tenorshare 4MeKey to bypass iCloud Activation Lock without password or Apple ID. It's a desktop version software which needs you to connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to computer. This software is compatible with Windows and macOS, iOS 12.3-13.6, a wide range of iPhone 5S-iPhone X. With technical support, you can always rely on it 24 hours online.

A Video Guide on How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

  • Dowload and install 4MeKey, then launch it without any question. Choose the ‘Remove iCloud Activation Lock’ on the main interface.

    iPhone iCloud unlocking
  • Then you need to accept the risk agreement before you start to then next procedure. Now start to jailbreak your device. It's different for Windows and macOS.

    open my iCloud download
  • when you complete the jailbreaking process, click on ‘Start Remove’ to initiate the next procedure and confirm your device info. You can see the removing progress bar now.

     open my iCloud tool
  • Now after a while, the iCloud Activation Lock has been already removed successfully.

    iCloud unlock services near me

Part 4: How to bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone with DNS (Not Compatible with New iOS Version)

It is also possible to bypass the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone using a DNS server. But before we get into it, you must know what DNS is and how it works.

When you setup your iOS device after a factory reset, the said device sends a request for activation to the Apple server. Then, Apple checks the validation of that request, checks out the status of the device, and if ‘Find My iPhone’ is enabled on the said device, iCloud activation lock will appear on the screen asking you to provide the required credentials.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it converts the readable names into IP addresses. It would be an excellent way to bypass the iCloud activation on an iPhone, but you will need to learn the steps. Let’s check them out below…

  • On your iPhone, select the country, and the language.
  • After you proceed, you will be directed to the Wi-Fi settings. You will be asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Look for the ‘i’ symbol.

    wifi settings
    Pic 1. WiFi settings
  • After that, you need to disconnect the network. After you have found the ‘i’ symbol, select ‘Forget this Network’.
  • Now, click on ‘i’ and access the DNS server. Select an IP from the list below;

    iCloud Bypass DNS Server IP Addresses

    South America:
    Australia and Oceania:
  • After you have entered DNS IP, tap on ‘Back’ visible at the left side of the screen. Then, enable Wi-Fi and connect to a network and provide the password.
  • Don’t tap on ‘Next Page’ but tap on ‘Back’. You will enter the iCloud Bypass Screen.
  • Now, just scroll down the page, navigate to the menu. From here, you will be able to select apps, music, internet, etc.

As you can see, you will be able to bypass iCloud activation using DNS, but we are not quite sure that it is suitable for the users. There are quite a few limitations of this procedure:

  • There is no guarantee if this method will work.
  • The DNS activated won’t allow you to access different features of your iOS device.
  • This method doesn’t work with the latest iOS version.
  • The iCloud DNS bypass only hacks your iOS device, but it doesn’t actually unlock it.

Part 5: How to Remove iCloud Account from iPhone When Forgot Password (User Recommended)

Although we have discussed the way to create custom IPSW to bypass iCloud successfully, we have also detailed its limitations.

Custom IPSW methods will work, but it is way too complicated for the users. Without significant knowledge on the subject, executing the procedure properly will be difficult. So, we recommend the users to remove the iCloud account altogether from the iPhone, if they have lost the password.

This method is easy, and with the help of professional software like Tenorshare 4uKey, the task will be significantly easier. You just have to make a few clicks and follow the instructions on the screen. Needless to say, 4uKey is exceptional software. Let’s check out its features…

  • You will be able to remove Apple ID on iOS devices easily without the password.
  • iPhone and iPad screen passwords can be bypassed instantly.
  • You will be able to fix iOS devices without iCloud or even iTunes.
  • 4 digit or 6 digit passwords can be removed easily, along with Touch ID and Face ID.
  • The compatibility will not be an issue. 4uKey is compatible with the latest iOS 13 iPad OS and with the latest iPhone 11 range.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the simple operating procedure of 4uKey.

  • First, you have to download and then install Tenorshare 4uKey on a computer. Start the program and select ‘Unlock Apple ID’ from the available options.

    unlock apple id
    Image 1. Unlock Apple ID
  • Now, connect the iOS device to the computer. 4uKey will ask you to unlock the device, then tap ‘Trust’ to continue.

    connect the ios device
    Image 2. Connect the ios device
  • In the following panel, click ‘Start’ to unlock Apple ID and the iCloud account that is associated with your iOS devices.

    apple id removed successfully
    Image 3. Apple ID removed successfully

We recommend the users to use Tenorshare 4uKey. This software is reliable and safe. As you have just witnessed, the Apple ID can be removed without any hassle.


Overall, it is possible to get IPSW without iCloud activation download. We have discussed the ways to create custom IPSW and the way to bypass it using DNS servers. But these methods come with a long list of limitations. So, we recommend the user to go with Tenorshare 4uKey. This is a safe, professional software with an excellent success rate.

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  Updated on 2020-08-21 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

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