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Tested Methods to Fix Visual Voicemail Not Working Android

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2020-11-25 / Update for  Fix Android

You might be in trouble when you buy a new Android phone and cannot use Visual Voicemail. The previous version on Android seems to comprise well with Visual Voicemail, but the latest Android release doesn't show text messages and notification; it crashes often. When you open the application, it throws an error saying, "This app is not supported." Do clearing system caches work, or we've to contact Carrier service itself to fix an issue? We have researched a topic and dug some of the absolute methods to troubleshoot the issue. Follow along the article to know the detailed guide.

Troubleshooting: Why Verizon Visual Voicemail Not Working Android

If you are facing a Verizon Visual Voicemail issue, then it's definitely a software issue. The following are the possible reasons:

  • Since Verizon is the proprietary of the application, you might not have contacted Verizon to activate the service.
  • The Visual Voicemail application has no proper permission set to work in the background
  • Your cellular data might be OFF.
  • You might be out of range in the wilderness where the cellular connection doesn't function well.
  • You could have been using a previous version of the application that doesn't support the updated Android.
  • Corrupt of missing Visual Voicemail application files

Proven Solution to Fix Android Visual Voicemail Not Working

1. Allow Visual Voicemail Background Data Usage

Setting background processes for an application differs from one device to another and one carrier to another. Hence, the following is a descriptive procedure to allow Visual Voicemail background data usage.

  • Lit up your phone and go to "Settings."
  • Now, go to "Applications." OR, "More Settings"> "App Manager."

  • There, you will see a bunch of system applications and those you've downloaded to your Android phone. Scroll and search for the "Visual Voicemail" app and tap on it.
  • After that, tap on "Mobile Data."
  • There, enable on "Allow background data usage."

    allow background data usage

2. Clear Cache and Data of an Application

Clearing caches and data on an application helps to resolve various pre-existing issues. Follow the step-wise guide below.

  • Go to "Settings" from the application drawer.
  • Scroll down the settings and tap on "Apps." 
  • Expand the list of applications or tap on the "Visual Voicemail" app.
  • Now, tap on the "Storage" tab and then tap on "Clear Cache."

  • Also, go back and tap on "Manage Space." Also, tap on "Clear All Data."

3. Reset Network Settings

A network manager takes care of an overall network system on an Android phone. Sometimes the network connectivity for specific applications might be corrupted and can troubleshoot with a general reset. Learn how to reset network settings on the Android phone below.

  • Unlock your phone and go to "Settings."
  • Now, scroll down the settings and tap on "General Management" or "System" settings.

  • Now, tap on the "Reset" tab and then on "Reset Network Settings."

    reset network settings
  • Confirm the reset, then your network settings will be reset to default.

4. Turn Visual Voicemail ON/OFF

Toggling between Visual Voicemail can also assure to fix the software glitches.

  • Launch the "Phone" from the application drawer.
  • On the top-right hand corner, tap on three vertical dots, as shown in the image below.

    settings on phone app
  • From the dropped menu, tap on "Settings."

  • Now, click on the "Voicemail" tab on call settings.

  • Now, toggle the Visual Voicemail ON if it's turned OFF.

    toggle visual voicemail

5. Deactivate Call Forwarding

If you are still facing any issue, then you might have activated call forwarding on your line. Call forwarding the call forwards before it goes to the voicemail. To disable the call forwarding, follow the simple steps below.

  • Open up your "Phone" app and dial *73 and dial the number.
  • Wait for the beeps and wait to disable the call forwarding.

6. Update Visual Voicemail app

There can be bugs within the application that are not allowing you to use the service. If an application is outdated or the Android version, then these minor issues are prone to occur. The dedicated solution we would recommend you is to look for an application on Google play store if it has an update available. An update provides new features and bug fixes and should resolve "This app is not supported" kinds of issues.

If the issue persists, try calling the voicemail service provider for the ultimate fix.

Further solutions: 

  • Use only your phone where you have the carrier to activate Visual Voicemail
  • Enable 4G/LTE service to the application
  • Get yourself a dedicated voicemail data plan that offers voicemail
  • If your device has no dedicated Visual Voicemail application, download the AT&T Visual Voicemail application. 

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There can be notably several issues causing Visual Voicemail not to work on your Android phone. The issues may be prone to the carrier side or the user itself. The following above mentioned are all-inclusive methods to fix voicemail issues. Similarly, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is an alternative tool if you cannot resolve the problems with simple fixes.

  Updated on 2020-11-25 / Update for  Fix Android

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