Easiest Way to Recover Data Lost By Diskpart Clean Command

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-06-21 / Update for  Data Recovery

If you have ever played around partitions and disks on your PC, then you will be well aware of the Diskpart clean command. Even if you are a newbie to this, you will easily understand what the command is about. The Diskpart clean command allows you to remove all the partitions and volumes from a disk.

This means, say, if you have a disk with four partitions on it and you want to remove all of them keeping only a single disk, then you can use this command on your PC and all the partitions will be removed from your computer. At last, the only thing you will have is your disk.

If you have accidentally run the command on your PC and it removed all your partitions, you will definitely be worried as all of your data is gone. There are no partitions that you can access to get to your data.

Fortunately, you still have an chance to restore data lost by DISKPART clean or format command with profession data recovery software. Here we recommend 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery, a useful tool to recover data lost by Diskpart Clean Command on Windows 10/8/7.

How to Recover Data After Running the Diskpart clean Command

Now follow steps below to recover data from a Diskpart clean command with 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery. To get started, free download this software on the PC you lost data.

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  • Step 1: Install this software on a partition that is different from the one where your lost data located. Launch it.
  • Step 2:On the screen that follows, you will see the Scan button. Clicking on it will begin the data recovery scan that will search for your lost files and help you recover them.
  • select file types
  • When the app's done scanning, you will see the scan results on your screen. Here, you can preview the lost files before you recover them. Select all of the files that you would like to recover and click on Recover to start recovering them to your PC.
  • save excel file

Your data is now back to your PC and you should have access to it as you had before. If you are looking for a way to undo Diskpart clean on Windows 10/8/7 to get lost data back, 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery should be a great tool for you.

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  Updated on 2021-06-21 / Update for  Data Recovery

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