How to Fix iMessage for Mac Stops Syncing after Update

iMessage is actually a great way to communicate with your friends who have Apple devices as unlike other instant messaging apps, iMessage lets you send and receive messages on all of your Apple devices that are associated with your Apple ID.

What that means is you can send someone a message from your iPhone and then continue the chat on your Mac. That way, you don’t have to be around the device that you originally used to start the conversation as you can pickup conversation from any of your Apple device.

After an update on the Mac, some users have complained that their messages no longer sync with the Messages app on the Mac. If you can send and receive messages on your iPhone and iPad but you cannot do the same on your Mac, then there is indeed an issue that you need to work on to fix it.

In the following guide, you’re going to learn how you can fix the syncing stopped issue with the Messages app on your Mac.

Select Where You Can Be Reached

iMessage lets you select what phone number and email addresses you can be reached at. This setting is defined in the messages settings option on both your iOS and Mac device. You need to make sure that the same phone number or email address is enabled on both your iOS and Mac

On your iOS device, head to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure the email address or the phone number you should be reached at is listed in there and has a checkmark next to it. If it doesn’t, tap it to enable it.

reachable email and phone number on ios

On your Mac, open the Messages app and click on Messages followed by Preferences. Then, click on the Accounts tab and make sure the email address or the phone number you checkmarked on your iPhone is also checkmarked here. This is to ensure both of your devices are using the same account to send and receive iMessages.

reachable emails on mac

Once you’ve done this, restart both of your devices and you should then be able to sync iMessages on your Mac without any issues.

Turn Off and then Turn iMessage Back On

This is the quickest way to fix the issue and it works in most cases. Simply open the Messages app on your devices and turn off iMessage and then turn it back on after a few seconds.

Go to Settings on your iOS device and tap on Messages. Then, turn the toggle for Messages to the off position. After a few seconds, turn the toggle to the on position and iMessages will be enabled on your device.

disable imessage on ios

Do the same on your Mac by opening the Messages app and clicking on Messages followed by Preferences. Then, uncheck Enable this account and then checkmark it again after a few seconds.

disable imessage on mac

This should help you resolve the messages issue on your Mac.

When an issue occurs with any kind of syncing things, it becomes a big one as iOS devices usually have no other ways to sync and transfer data. Fortunately, this statement doesn’t hold true in today’s time as there are now a number of apps that can help you transfer data from your iOS device to your computer and one of them is iCareFone.

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file manager in icarefone

  Updated on 2020-01-13 / Update for  OS X

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