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How to Transfer Google Contacts to iPhone X/8/7/6

Google Contacts is considered one of the most powerful and useful free service provided by Google. You can easily transfer your information to Google Contacts. This information may include names, email address, phone numbers and various other details and you can upload those anytime and anywhere. But the important question asked by many users is that "Is it possible to import Google Contacts to iPhone? " Yes! It is very much possible and you can perform the task very easily if you follow the article.

Way 1: Import Google Contacts to iPhone Directly

If you ask how to import contacts from Gmail, there are a few different ways you can directly transfer your contacts from Gmail to your iPhone. The two methods are mentioned below:

On iOS 12/11/10.3:

1.    Open your iPhone and go to Settings.

2.    Then navigate to Accounts & Passwords.

3.    Finally, select the option Add Account.

4.    Then log-in to your Google account.

contacts google account

5.    After that, you can activate and get access to your Google Contacts and perform the task with just 1-click.

turn on google contacts iphone

On iOS 9/8:

Some users are still running their iPhones on old iOS 8 or 9, this is not a problem and they can easily sync Google Contacts with iPhone.

1.    Open your iPhone and go to Settings.

2.    Then select Add Account through your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

3.    Now, enter your Google Account.

sync google contacts

4.    Enable Contacts tab under Gmail and it will automatically sync.

Way 2: Import Contacts from Gmail to iPhone with iCareFone

If you are looking for how to import contacts from Google, you can easily do that by using Tenorshare iCareFone. It is a very efficient third-party app that will make your work easier and by far this is the most effective method that you can go for to get this job done successfully.

1.    First, go to Google Contacts.

2.    Now, click on the More Menu, located on the top of Contacts.

3.    Click on the Export option and tap “ All Contacts ”. You can also choose selective contacts as well.

 export google contacts

4.    Carefully select Google CSV from the options and tap Export. Provide a path to save the CSV file.

export google csv

You need to upload this CSV file onto your iPhone using iCareFone now.

1.    Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone software on your computer.

2.    Now, connect your iPhone to your computer.

3.    Visit Manage on the top menu and choose Contacts.

 choose contacts  icarefone

4.    Click on the Import option and elect the CSV file you have created containing all the contacts

import contacts

And you are done! The Google CSV file will be imported to your iPhone in no time and you will get all your contacts from your Gmail straight to your iPhone.

Way 3: Transfer Google Contacts to iPhone with iCloud

You can also import your Google Contacts with the help of iCloud. If you use iCloud you can transfer all your contacts as a whole. Also, if you use iCloud, not only you can import contacts from Gmail to iPhone but you can also sync Google Contacts to Mac as well.

So, if you want to transfer Google Contacts to iPhone, follow the steps below:

1.      Go to Google Contacts. It is recommended that you open the old version.

2.      Tap More.

3.      Click on the Export option.

4.      Choose the vCard and tap Export.

export google contacts  as vcard

This will export the vCard file.

8.      Now, go to

9.      Tap Contacts and select the cog from bottom-left.

10.    Finally, click Import and select the only vCard file you have created and click Import.

import vcard

11.    On your iPhone, go to Settings, then to Your name > iCloud and turn on Contacts.

12.  Select Merge.

sync contacts to iphone icloud

So, this is how you can easily transfer your Google Contacts to your iPhone with the help of these simple steps. Also, remember that you cannot import files to iCloud in CSV format as iCloud does not support that format but as you can see there is a way around it.

Google Contacts is a very useful cloud service. So the moment users change their devices from Android to iPhone they ask how to get Google contacts on iPhone. Well, as you can see above in the article it is very much possible and the methods are very efficient and easy. But still, if you do not like the direct method or the iCloud option, you can go for the Tenorshare iCareFone program. It is the easiest here as it supports all formats from CSV, vCard etc. We highly recommend this software as it not only capable of transferring any type of data but also can backup and restore data from iOS devices and can also repair iOS systems effectively. It is feature packed and versatile as well. Go for it!

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