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How to Fix iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max Stuck on Apple Logo

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-01-29 / Update for  iPhone Fix

Why is my iphone 11 Pro's screen (with iOS 14)blinking on and off, with the apple icon? After plugging it in for a little bit, the restore screen popped up. I went to the site and did what it said, but the phone did not restore. It continues to blink the apple icon on and off."

Usually, it is a dramatically tragedy for some iPhone 12/11/11 Pro on iOS 14 users. For some phone users,especially rookies, have the slightest knowledge about causes that iPhone fails to work. And it seems a little bit hard to figure it out why iPhone gives you such bad luck. Let’s ditch deeper to find out what behind it. And help you to fix iPhone 12/11/11 Pro stuck on Apple logo with feasible ways.

Part 1: Possible Reasons Why Your iPhone 12/11 Pro Max Stuck on Apple Logo

As the majority of you know little about why iPhone 12/11 only shows Apple logo, can’t identify whether software or hardware problem results in chaos. A frozen screen with apple symbol is likely displaying that software malfunction there. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of reasons that might give yourself such headache. Like what we have listed here:

iphone 11 stuck on apple  logo
Pic. iPhone 12/11 stuck on Apple logo
  • Upgrade to a new version of iOS 14.1
  • Restore iOS 14.1
  • iPhone 12/11 blinking Apple logo when restore from iTunes
  • Transfer data from computer to iPhone 12/11/11 Pro(Max)
  • Stuck on a black screen with white Apple logo on the setup process
  • Jailbreak the phone
  • Hardware problems

Of course, it’s much more than those reasons I mentioned before. After you have initial knowledge about this, we’re going to explore a little bit more about what kind of way helps you with fixing iPhone 12/11 stuck on Apple logo loop. Hopefully, these ways are useful when you have no idea what to do.

Part 2: Best Way to Fix iPhone 12/11 Stuck on Apple Logo without Losing Data

Every problem finally comes to be solved with one efficient way. If you’re encountering problem with iPhone 12/11 getting stuck on restart screen with apple symbol, please turn to Tenorshare ReiBoot. Tenorshare ReiBoot is technologically advanced software with powerful functions to repair iOS system.

So when you are facing with unknown problem, except corrupted software leading to iPhone 12/11 Pro Max stuck on Apple logo, all can be addressed by this tool with only few steps. Surely, if you once also happened to have other issues like iPhone 12/11 stuck in recovery mode, won’t turn on,etc.. Anyway, ReiBoot is an ideal software to quickly and securely solve iOS problem.

  • After successful download and launch ReiBoot, please connect your iPhone to computer and then click "Start" on the screen.

    select repair operating system to fix iPhone 12/11 stuck on Apple
    Pic. Select repair operating system
  • Next check "Standard Repair" and then click on "Standard Repair".

    fix now
    Pic. Press "Standard Repair"

    Note: If your iPhone 12/11 is unable to be correctly recognized, follow the instructions to enter recovery mode and DFU mode, only by which your iPhone can be detected. If this standard way doesn’t work, please turn to deep repair. But, this will wipe out all data on device.

  • The tool will download corresponding firmware package for your iPhone. Just wait for a few minutes.

    download firmware to repair iPhone 12/11 Apple logo error
    Pic. Download coresponding firmware package for iDvice
  • Now, you can repair your device by clicking "Start Standard Repair". While the process is going on, do not plug out of your iPhone in this process in case of damaged procedure occurs.

    repairing iPhone 12/11 Apple logo Stuck
    Pic. Repairing now
  • It will take a few mimutes to finish the whole process. When you see “Standard Repair Completed”, wait for iPhone 12/11 restarting.

    repair iphone 11 frozen apple logo
    Pic. Repair successfully

Video Guide: How to Use ReiBoot to Fix iPhone 12/11 Stuck on the Apple Symbol

Part 3: Low Success Rate to Solve iPhone 12/11/11 Pro(Max) Stuck in Apple Logo

If you also want to figure out other useful ways, here are another 4 common but effective ways come to you. Let’s try it one by one. It’s just like getting the optimal solution from different equations. As a whole, these ways are on the safe side to save your iPhone out of troublesome situation.

Way 1. Reboot to Solve iPhone 12/11 Stuck on Apple Logo and Progress Bar

This way seems to be worked well on all of problems about iPhone. In normal situation, force iPhone to start almost solves the majority of issues involving iPhone won’t turn on and stuck on some interface for a while.

  • Hold press and then release the Volume Up button
  • Then hold and release the Volume Down button
  • At last, press and hold the side button for about 10 seconds till your iPhone 12/11 restarts to a normal state

Note: Generally speaking, this way is simple but doesn't work most of time, which means you probably fails to fix iPhone 12/11 stuck on Apple logo 99%.

Way 2: Fix iPhone 12/11 Stuck on Apple Logo during Update in Recovery Mode

That means all data on your device will be totally erased. And thus, have a backup of your important data. Firstly, connect iPhone to computer and turn on iTunes.

  • Press then release the Volume Up button
  • Quickly press then release the Volume Down button
  • Hold the side button till the Apple logo shows up
  • When you see the Recovery Mode screen, release the side button
  • Then a prompt appears on the iTunes interface as below, click Restore to restore iPhone.

    iphone 11 itunes recovery mode
    Pic. iPhone 12/11 in iTunes Recovery Mode

Note: this method is useful but can’t assure you a complete solution about iPhone 12/11 stuck on Apple logo after update. Sometimes it works well on your iPhone 12/11/11 Pro involving corrupted software.

Way 3. Enter DFU Mode to Pass iPhone 12/11 Update Stuck on Apple Logo

What if you still couldn't get your iPhone 12/11/11 Pro out of Apple logo screen? Be careful with using DFU(Device Firmware Upgrade) through iTunes.

It is more complicated step in comparison with recovery mode, please have some patience. Remember to back up data as we mentioned in way 2.

  • Hold then release Volume Up button
  • Then press and release the Volume Down button again
  • Now hold the Power button for nearly 10 seconds till the iPhone goes black
  • Continue to hold the power button, and at the same time, press the Volume Down button for about 5 seconds
  • Release the Power button with holding Volume Down button for another 10 seconds
  • Next, you will see a window pops up denoting that you need to restore iPhone. Just click OK and choose Restore iPhone

    iphone 11 itunes dfu mode
    Pic. iPhone 12/11 in iTunes DFU mode

Note: DFU mode is most of the time tended for professionals. Because for beginners, they’re unable to master each step precisely (otherwise the device will only restart). This mode requires the user understand various underlying operating principles of Apple and be familiar with the various functions.

Way 4. Seek for Help from Apple Support to Solve Hardware Problem

Immediately get contact with Apple support online if you tried all way we described above. It is highly possible that something goes wrong with your hardware. Also, head to Apple store and have it diagnosed by professional stuff. In a word, do not disassemble your iPhone causally by yourself to check out.


Although, it seems to be extremely tough to deal with when your iPhone 12/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max become stuck in Apple logo all of sudden. If it has something to do with software problems or iOS system issues, use Tenorshare ReiBoot to give your iPhone 12/11 a quick repair and save it from stuck screen with Apple symbol. Other common methods are also helpful if you’re in urgent situation. Good luck to all of you and hope this article does your big favour.

  Updated on 2021-01-29 / Update for  iPhone Fix

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