Top iOS 13 Problems and How to Fix Them

With the release of formal iOS 13, it is obvious that users will now install iOS 13 in order to have a taste of the new operating system. In the meantime, users have discovered problems lurking in iOS 13. Some of the problems are new, others have carried over from the previous version of iOS. In this guide we take you through fixes for the most common iOS 13/iPadOS problems that have been reported.

One Stop Solution for All iOS 13 Update Problems

With a plethora of issues from iOS 13, users are fed up of trying their hands on a number of solutions. Hence, they are searching for a universal solution that might solve the issue. And it is this time when Tenorshare ReiBoot comes into handy. This tool is capable of solving more than 50+ issues related to iOS update, downgrade or daily use. Hence, whether it is unable to install iOS 13 or iPhone battery draining fast after iOS 13 update, this tool is capable of solving the issues with simple clicks. The best part of this iOS system repair software is that your data are kept intact always.

Now that you have the universal solution at your service, here are some common problems that you might face in iOS 13. We have also provided some common solutions to these issues.


Problem 1: Unable to Install Update An Error Occurred Installing iOS 13

In iOS 13, some users are unable to install update with the error "Unable to Install Update an Error Occurred Installing iOS 13". This means that the users can't install iOS 13 on iPhone/iPad/iPod. There are some tips to fix if you also have the error "An error occurred installing/downloading iOS 13".

 unable to install ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Check and make sure that your iPhone is connected to the Internet.
  • Force restart your iPhone or iPad/iPod touch.
  • Delete the downloaded update and then try to re-download and reinstall the update.
  • Clear more storage on your iDevice. Generally, however the update size is, you'd better leave double the available space. For instance, one of our users said that 3.5GB available storage helped him solve the issue.
  • If you are not able to download the latest iOS from Settings > General > Software Update, then you can always use iTunes.

Recommended Fix:

Fix iPhone won't update and update to iOS 13 successfully using ReiBoot. This software will fix iPhone update problems and help to update to latest iOS without hassle.

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Problem 2: iOS 13 Update Stuck on Verifying Update

When you tried to install the latest iOS, but the "Verifying Update…" popup isn't go away after 10 minutes or longer. It is very possible that the iPhone stuck on verifying update. This makes users go nuts. Here are some solutions for the issue.

ios 13 update stuck on verifying update

Quick Fixes:

  • Make sure your iPhone/iPad is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • Force restart iPhone.
  • Delete the iOS update and download it again. Go to iPhone > General > iPhone Storage and tap on the software update, and then tap the red Delete Update button. After this, you can go back to Settings > General > Software Update and try downloading and installing the update again.

Recommended Fix:

To quickly fix the problem iPhone stuck on verifying update, you can use ReiBoot to fix the stuck. And after system repair using this system repair software, the iOS version in your iPhone/iPad/iPod will update to latest official iOS.

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Problem 3: iOS 13 and iPadOS Update Stuck on "Resume Download" or "Update Requested"

ios 13 update stuck on resume download

iOS 13 and iPadOS won't progress past "Resume Download" or iPhone stuck on update requested in iOS 13? Here are some tips to fix iPhone update stuck on resume download problem.

Quick Fixes:

  • Check your free space to ensure you have enough storage to download and install iOS 13.
  • Try to remove the profile, restart your device and then install the profile file again.
  • Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi. One of the main reasons an iPhone stuck on update requested is because your iPhone/iPad has a weak or no connection to Wi-Fi.
  • It is possible that your iPhone is stuck on update requested because its software crashed. You can hard reset your iPhone/iPad to unfreeze your device.

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Problem 4: iPhone Battery Draining Fast iOS 13

The iPhone battery drain issue is one of the most common problems that can be seen in almost every update. And iOS 13 is one of them. Here, the battery draining faster on iPhone/iPad than earlier and users get frustrated. Here are some tips to fix iOS 13 battery drain issue.

Quick Fixes:

  • In order to fix this issue, turn on the Low Power Mode. All you need to do is go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.
  • low power mode
  • To save battery, you can always lower the brightness of your screen and turn off the animations. This will help you save a lot of juice so that your iPhone runs for a long time.

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Problem 5: Wi-Fi not working on iPhone iOS 13

The iPhone Wi-Fi problem is one of the common issues that users face every now and then. You will always find some or the other person complaining about his Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting or Wi-Fi greyed out issue.

Quick Fixes to iPhone Wi-Fi Problems iOS 13

  • If your iPhone is having some Wi-Fi issues, then turn on and off the Airplane mode. This will disconnect all the networks that your iPhone is connected to and will connect them again.
  • In addition to this, you can also reset network settings. This will solve all the issues related to your network. This is very easy to implement. All you need to do is go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
reset network settings

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Problem 6: Bluetooth Not Working iPhone iOS 13

The next common issue that iPhone users face is Bluetooth issue. Here, user's iPhone's Bluetooth does not connect to any other Bluetooth device. This is frustrating as well as irritating for users. Here is a solution for you.

Quick Fixes:

If your iPhone Bluetooth not working in iOS 13, you can turn on and off the Airplane mode. In addition to this, you can also reset the network settings. This might help you restore your Bluetooth connection.

If the common tips above do not fix the Bluetooth problems, you can use ReiBoot to repair iOS system to fix Bluetooth issue thoroughly.

Problem 7: iPhone Cellular Data Not Working iOS 13

Cellular issue is one of the most irritating iOS 13 errors for the users. Here, users are not able to make a phone call or send a normal text message. This makes their iPhone completely useless as the handset cannot perform basic functions. Here are some solutions for you if cellular data not working iOS 13.

Quick Fixes:

Read here to find more tips to fix cellular data not working on iPhone after update.

Problem 8: Notifications Not Working iOS 13

After installing iOS 13, some users find that the app notifications not working. Some find their iMessage notifications not working, while others find the facebook or Instagram notifications stop working any more. Well, here are some solutions.

Quick Fixes:

  • See if "Do Not Disturb" feature is turned on or not. If it is on, you need to switch it off by going to "Settings > Do Not Disturb".
  • do not disturb
  • If you are facing this problem for some specific app, make sure that you have allowed the notification for that app. Go to Settings > Notifications > certain app > Allow Notifications > Enable banners and alerts.
  • notifications
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Turn on Always Show Previews. Navigate to the Settings app and tap Notifications > Show Previews. Make sure there's a check mark next to Always.
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset All Settings.

Recommended Fix:

Repair iPhone system to fix notifications not working if it is a system glitch. This will fix the problem without data loss.

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Problem 9: Face ID Not Working iOS 13

Face ID came to the new generation of iPhones with the 10th anniversary iPhone X. It uses user's face to unlock the iPhone. But with the new iOS 13, the Face ID stops working randomly.

Quick Fixes:

  • Start or Force restart your iPhone.
  • Make sure that your front camera is clean. You can wipe it clean with a tidy cloth so that it can scan your face properly.
  • You can also reset all setting on your iPhone. This can be done by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This will not erase your data, but will erase the settings you have saved for your device.

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Problem 10: Touch ID Not Working iOS 13

If Face ID is not working for some users, then it is also possible that Touch ID will also be not working for others. Here, users complain that their iPhone Touch ID won't recognize finger or Touch ID won't unlock iPhone. If you are one of them, then here is the solution.

Quick Fixes:

  • Force restart your iPhone.
  • Make sure that your fingerprint scanning area is clean and not oily. Wipe it clean for better results.
  • Delete your existing fingerprint and enroll a new finger.
  • Reset all setting on your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

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Problem 11: WhatsApp Not Working iPhone after iOS 13 Update

The odds for some apps not working on the new iOS 13 are high. And WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app is one of the apps that users claim the WhatsApp crashing or iOS 13 WhatsApp not connecting/opening. Here are some solutions for you to follow.

Quick Fixes:

  • Update WhatsApp if there is an update available. Go to App Store and click on the Updates tab at the bottom. If an update is present, you just need to press update button.
  • update
  • You can also force restart your iPhone.

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Problem 12: iOS 13 Update/Downgrade Stuck in Recovery Mode

If your iPhone or iPad stuck in recovery mode after installing iOS 13 or iPadOS beta, you can use ReiBoot to get out recovery mode by one click.

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Problem 13: iPhone keeps Restarting/Stuck on Apple Logo/Black Screen iOS 13

Now and then you may find that the new iOS is not working as smooth as we expect, just like this guy describes: "My iPhone X keeps restarting on its own at random times, and this started after updating to iOS 13…". Other problems that have been reported include: iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone spinning wheel and black screen.

The Best Way to Fix iPhone Stuck & Errors

iOS system repair software ReiBoot is the most effective way to fix these iPhone problems without data loss. It will download the latest IPSW file and install it to your device without erasing the current data.

 fix iPhone stuck

Common Fixes:

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Problem 14: iPhone 11/XR/XS/X Does Not Receive Calls on iOS 13

In iOS 13, some users find weird that they can't receive calls. This could be because you have certain settings turned on, if there's a problem with your network or it is a bug in iOS 13 version.

Common Fixes:

  • Turn Airplane mode on and off. Go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode, wait five seconds, then turn it off.
  • Check your Do Not Disturb settings. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and make sure it's off.
  • Check for any blocked phone numbers. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking > Identification.
  • See if Call Forwarding is turned on. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding and make sure it's off.
  • Remove and reinsert your SIM card.
  • Reset your network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will erase all current saved settings, including Wi-Fi passwords, preferred networks, and VPN settings.

Final Fix:

If all above tips can't resolve the iPhone won't make or receive calls, I will suggest you downgrade to the previous official iOS. You can use ReiBoot to remove the iOS 13 version and goes back to iOS 12 without data loss. Read more to learn how to downgrade iOS 13.

Problem 15: Huge iOS 13 Bug: I can see and take action on devices not belonging to me.

ios 13 beta bug

This is a problem that has been fiercely discussed in Reddit, when this person can see an iPhone, 2 iPads and a watch around he for 30 seconds before disappearing. Though this problem has not been widely discovered, it is still frightening. Until now some people are trying to replicate it without success, and the author said this problem only happened twice and in both cases all unknown devices disappeared within 30 seconds. Here are some tips for you if you are worried to be tracked by other devices. I will recommend you to turn off Fine My iPhone. The steps are:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Scroll down to Find My iPhone
  • Tap on the switch to turn off Find My iPhone. You will be requested to enter the Apple ID and password to turn off Find My iPhone.

Problem 16: Apps Not Downloading/Updating on iPhone iOS 13

 iPhone app won't download

After installing iOS 13 (beta), you may find that some apps not updating or downloading. When iPhone won't download or update apps after update, you can try to fix it using these tips.

Quick Fixes:

  • If you are trying to download apps over mobile data, please try Wi-Fi. Apple limits the size of app downloads over cellular to 150 MB. If the app you want to download is bigger than that, the app won't download successfully.
  • Restart the App Store. The apps not downloading on iPhone may have to do with the App Store itself. So force-quit the App Store app and re-open it to download the app again.
  • If you can see the app icon appears on your home screen, but the download is slow or it is not downloading at all, try to hard press the icon for the app you're trying to install. In the pop-up meu tap Resume Download. This is applicable on iPhone 6s or newer with 3D Touch screen.
  • Check your Apple ID payment methods. You need to have a payment method in your Apple ID if you are trying to download a free app.
  • Sign out of App Store and sign back in.
  • Reset iPhone settings.
  • If you won't download apps on iPhone in iOS 13, it could be a known bug. You can wait for the update or downgrade to iOS 12.

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Problem 17: Apps Crashing iOS 13

It is a known bug that some apps crashes after iOS 13 update, like Health app and Apple Maps app quit randomly. When iPhone apps crashes after update, here are some troubleshooting tips.

Quick Fixes:

  • Check for updates in iOS and Apps. Open App Store > Search app name in Store search box. Or tap on Update for all apps update > See Available Updates section.
  • Force quit the crashing app and relaunch it.
  • Reboot or restart iPhone, iPad.
  • Free up storage on iPhone/iPad.
  • If the problem starts from the iOS beta version, you can update it to the public iOS 13 to resolve it.

Recommended Fix:

If iPhone apps keep crashing without a known reason, repairing iOS system to clean reinstall iOS can fix it to a large extent.Read here how to fix iPhone app crashing.

Problem 18: iPhone Messages Not Sending/Can't Send Text Messages on iPhone

Are you unable to text on iOS 13? When you are trying to text a message, you'll see the error "Your message was not sent. Tap try again to send this message". When your iPhone can't send or receive messages, try the steps below.

Quick Fixes:

  • Make sure you are connected to a network. The reason why you can't send text messages might be because the iPhone is neither connected to cellular network or a Wi-Fi work.
  • Check the recipient's phone number/email.
  • Quit and re-launch the Messages app.
  • Restart your device.
  • Check iMessage system status.
  • Reset network settings.

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Problem 19: FaceTime Connection Issue iOS 13

Some users said that they had WiFi and connection issue when on FaceTime in iOS 13, if you are also troubled by this kind of issue, then you can have a try of the solutions below:

ios 13 facetime connection issue

Quick Fixes:

  • Go to Settings, turn off WiFi, then turn on it again or just try to use another WiFi connection.
  • Go to Settings > FaceTime, turn it off and on again.
  • Restart your device to ensure your installation of iOS 13 is completely finished.
  • Double click home button to force close FaceTime, then restart it to try again.

Problem 20: There’s A Delay When Swiping to Other Pages on the Home Screen Since Upgrading to iOS 13

It is reported that there was a delay or a freezing when swiping to other pages or apps on the home screen after upgrading to iOS 13. As there is no this kind of issue on iOS 12, it should a bug of iOS 13. If you want to solve the annoyed problem, just follow the tips below:

Common Fixes:

  • As it maybe a temporary issue, please wait for about 12 hours after updating to iOS 13, then you can use your device without problem.
  • Go back to the previous version and wait for the public release of iOS 13.1.
  • Restart your iOS device, if it is still the same, force restart it would be help.

Problem 21: Note Crashes Frequently iOS 13

Note crashes is a common issue when upgrading iOS, if you also face the issue when updating to iOS 13, then here is the right place for you to solve the bug with the following methods:

note crashes iOS 13

Common Fixes:

  • Force restart your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to complete the installation so that the issue can be fixed.
  • Go to Settings > Your account > iCloud > Note, disable it and then enable it again.
  • Offload note app through settings and reinstall it again.

Problem 22: iPad/iPhone Reboots Sometimes When I'm Not Even Using It in iOS 13

iPhone/iPad keeps rebooting has ever been a big issue in iOS 12, although it has already been fixed before, some iOS 13 users said that they encountered this problem again. If you are one of the unlucky person, the following tips may help you:

Quick Fixes:

  • Hard reset your iPhone or iPad may be helpful.
  • Close the apps running in the background to avoid uncertain app issue.
  • Update apps to the latest version to protect your device from incompatible problem.
  • Check and remove the suspicious apps. To check it, go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data, you can find a list of the analytics data.
  • fix iPad reboot issue
  • Clear up data and free up storage as updating error usually comes after less storage.
  • Reset all settings is also a good way to solve updating issue, you can try it without any worry as it will not delete your data.
  • Simply reset iPhone to erase all the potential issue.

Problem 23: Siri Issues in iOS 13

Apple announced that Siri would be greatly improved in iPadOS and iOS 13, however, many users that have tested the formal version said that there were still lots of issues with Siri. The issues include “cannot get my Siri to let me speak to it”, “Siri voice accents won’t download” and many others. Fortunately, there are some quick fixes:

siri issue in iOS 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Restart your iOS device.
  • Disconnect from cellular data and change to use WiFi. If you are using WiFi, just switch to another WiFi network.
  • Check if there are restrictions on Siri, if so, disable them and try again.
  • Make sure your Siri is on, you can check the option through: Settings > Siri & Search.

Problem 24: Touch Screen Lagging iOS 13

Touch screen is important for every iOS devices user, if touch screen lagged, it would be a huge trouble. Unfortunately, in the latest iOS 13 version, this issue occurs. However, don’t be too worry about that, we have listed lots of solutions for you:

Quick Fixes:

  • Force restart your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch can sometime solve the issue.
  • Got to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch to adjust your 3D touch among “Light”, “Medium” and “Firm”.
  • Check if it is caused by some certain app, uninstall it to see if the issue can be solved.
  • Completely restore your device to make it like a brand new one.

Problem 25: iPad iMessage Screen Not Rotating iOS 13

As Apple has released the public version of iOS 13, there are a lot of using issues reported. For instance, a part of users said that their iPad iMessage screen not rotating. If this is also a trouble that bothers you, find solutions below:

ipad imessage screen not rotating ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Check your “Display and Brightness” feature, make sure the option is in “Standard” mode.
  • Restart your iPad/iPhone or force restart them.
  • Enter your iOS device into DFU mode and connect iTunes to fix the issue.

Recommended Fix:

If the issue cannot be solved by the methods above, then we suggest you having a try of Tenorshare ReiBoot which can solve nearly all of the iOS system problems.

Problem 26: iOS 13 Cannot Connect to App Store

There are also some users said that their device could not connect to app store after updating to the latest iOS 13 public version. It’s not a big issue, but still needs solution. The fixes below may be helpful.

cannot connect to app store ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Check your Wi-Fi connection and mobile network.
  • Check if you have enabled App Store to use mobile data when you don’t have Wi-Fi.
  • Check your Data & Time, if they are not set correctly for your time zone, there may be connection issue.
  • Some users said that enabled VPN could solve this issue, you can also try it.

Problem 27: Media Controls are Gone after Updating iOS 13

Control center is an useful function, especially for media controls. Unfortunately, there is an issue with this feature, some users reported that media controls were gone after updating to iOS 13. Check the methods below to solve the issue:

media controls are gone ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Sometimes, you need to restart your iOS devices or force restart them when some option is gone.
  • Simply wait for a few minutes as your iPhone/iPad needs time to load all the functions.
  • Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls to see if you can add Media Controls manually.
  • Report the issue to Apple and ask their support for help.

Problem 28: iOS 13 Mail App Shows Ghost Draft Count

Some users said that mail app notified that there was a draft, but when they opened mail, no drafts could be found. Although some users said that the issue has been optimized, others said that it was still a terrible bug. To fix the problem, here are some suggestions:

Quick Fixes:

  • Download other mail app, like Outlook app to replace the iPhone mail app.
  • Reset iPhone and then restore your backup from iCloud or iTunes.
  • Reinstall the mail app may be helpful.
  • Quit your mail app, turn off Wi-Fi, then open mail again.
  • Roll back to iOS 12 and wait for the formal iOS 13.1 version.

Problem 29: Automation Has Been Removed Since iOS 13 Beta 5

Automation is an useful function and many users use it in their everyday life. However, from iOS 13 beta 5, this feature has been removed. Although an Apple developer confirmed that it was just a temporary removal, we still haven’t found it even in the latest iOS 13.

automation is missing ios 13

Quick Fixes:

As it is not a functional problem, we think that the only solution is to downgrade your iOS version to iOS 12 and wait for the formal iOS 13.1 version.

Problem 30: Problems with iOS 13 and Instagram

With the release of formal iOS 13, many users wonder that if Apple has fixed the problems with iOS 13 and Instagram. As you may know, there are many problems with Instagram in the previous iOS 13 beta versions. For instance:

  • Instagram started to crash.
  • Instagram sound issue.
  • Invisible keyboard bug in Instagram.
  • Instagram Stories volume level is crazy.
instagram issue ios 13

If you want to fix the iOS 13 problem with Instagram, just follow the tips below:

Quick Fixes:

  • Close your Instagram, turn off Wi-Fi and Cellular, then open the app again. Wait for a few moment to see if it will crash again. If it is OK, turn on Wi-Fi or Cellular while in the app using control center.
  • Uninstall your Instagram, then restart your iOS device. After that, install it again can also fix the issue.
  • Enable the airplane mode first, then open your Instagram. When Instagram is loaded complete, disable airplane mode and you can use the app for a while.
  • Report the issue to Apple and wait for the public release of iOS 13.1.

Problem 31: iOS 13 Apps Installing Problems

Apps are important nowadays, we use them for our work and life everyday. However, what if you cannot install app on your mobile phone? In the latest discuss, many people reported that there were iOS 13 apps installing problems. In order to help our customers, we list some methods for you to solve the issue:

Quick Fixes:

  • Close your App Store, restart your device and then try to install the target app again.
  • Change to use Wi-Fi if your are using Cellular Data as some app is too large to install via Cellular Data.
  • Turn off and then turn on Wi-Fi, if it is still not working, try to forget your network, then connect again.
  • Sign out and then sign in your Apple ID to avoid Apple ID issue.
  • Erase your device to factory reset if you are not care about data loss. Or you can back up first, erase your iPhone and then restore the backup file to it.

Problem 32: iOS 13 iWatch Pairing Problems

Have you ever bump into such problem that your iPhone with the latest iOS 13 iWatch pairing problems? It is most likely that your Apple Watch is unable to connect iPhone. Pairing problems sometimes show up out of nowhere, even if you have owned the new iPhone or iWatch. Try the solutions below to fix:

ios 13 beta iwatch pairing problems

Quick Fixes:

  • Check for Apple Watch connection. Go to Control Center to make sure there is successful connection of Wi-Fi and iPhone.
  • Restart both Apple Watch and iPhone.
  • Unpair your Apple Watch and re-pair again.
  • Downgrade iOS 13 to the previous version and re-pair Apple Watch. Firstly, unpair and reset iWatch, then have a backup of iPhone using iCloud or iTunes, then try to downgrade iOS 13 with ReiBoot to the latest version or search for the available older IPSW on Google, and restore backup. Now your iWatch will be repaired again.
  • Turn to Apple Support for help, and maybe there is a better and professional way of solving your problem.

Problem 33: iOS 13 Problems No Sim Card Installed

SIM card plays an important role on your iPhone service, without which calls, SMS, mobile network and other relevant service can be invalid. However, some users feel desperate when iOS 13 Problems “No SIM Card Installed” appears on screen all of sudden. That means your SIM card isn't correctly recognized, and no more service can be afforded. Here are some of the solutions:

no sim card installed ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Make sure you’re having an active cell plan.
  • Force your iPhone to reboot again.
  • Remove and reinsert your SIM card. Check out whether there are stains, scratches or damage on the SIM tray.
  • Refresh Network Settings on iOS 13. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. After that, iPhone restarts and you’re able to reset network to check out.
  • Reset All Settings on Your iPhone. If a network doesn’t work, try Setting > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. All settings will be erased and you can reset them by yourself.
  • Update Carrier Settings. Head to Settings > General > About. Wait for a while to check for a update, if there is one found automatically, please install it right now.
  • Make an iPhone factory reset. Using iTunes or just choose settings to do.
  • Try another SIM card. If a new SIM card can be recognized, turn to cell provider for a new SIM card.

Problem 34: Unable to Check for Update iOS 13

It’s obvious that there are many different problems with iOS 13, today, we find that many users encounter the error “Unable to Check for Update”. Fortunately, it is not a complex issue, please check the solutions below:

unable to check for update ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • As there are too many people try to update iOS 13, please wait for a moment and then try to check the update again. If it is still the same, try another Wi-Fi network.
  • Change to use iTunes to update your iPhone.
  • Make an encrypted iTunes backup, enter your device into DFU mode, then install iOS 13 with iTunes. Don’t forget to restore your backup after finish the installation.
  • If your device has ever been jailbroken, then you need to reinstall and uninstall the jailbreak to disallow the setting to “disable updates”. After that, you can check for the update without any issue.

The Easiest Fix

If the quick fixes are still cannot help to solve the issue, then it’s time to try Tenorshare ReiBoot. This flawless software is full of the technology to solve iOS devices system issues, use it to update iOS 13 would be as easy as 1-2-3. You can follow the video to have a try.

Problem 35: iPhone X ‘Swipe Up’ Not Working after iOS 13 Update

The latest issue of iOS 13 update we heard was that some users' iPhone X ‘swipe up’ not working after update. What's worse is iOS 13.1 beta also cannot solve the issue. To help our customers to use their iPhone X before Apple solve the bug, we list some useful tips.

Quick Fixes:

  • Enabled AssistiveTouch to use your iPhone X without ‘swipe up’. Open your Settings, then go to General>Accessibility>enable AssistiveTouch.
  • Enter your iPhone X into recovery mode/DFU mode to reinstall the latest iOS 13.
  • Restart/force restart your iPhone X.
  • Check if you have enabled the “Access on Lock Screen” and “Access Within Apps” of your Control Centre in the new iOS 13.
  • Report the bug to Apple support and ask for some suggestions.

Problem 36: Can't Move App iCons after iOS 13

Everyone has his/her own way to arrange Apps. However, it seems the iOS 13 update messes many users' app icon and lets it impossible to move the app icons to the right place. What an annoyed problem it is! Luckily, the good new is that we have found some verified solutions, please check:

unable to check for update ios 13

Quick Fixes:

  • Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Slide to Type, turn off this option will solve the issue.
  • If the first solution not working, you can try to update to iOS 13.1 beta to see if it is still the same.

Wrap It Up

Now that you are well aware of all iOS 13 and iPadOS problems and their fixes, you can look out for them if you face one. You also know the basic solutions to these issues. If none of the solutions work, you can also use Tenorshare ReiBoot, which the universal solution for all iOS 13 and iPadOS problems. If you felt that the article was helpful, the do let us know by commenting below.

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