One Click to Fix iPhone 11 Stuck on Preparing to Transfer

I was trying to set up my new iPhone 11 and tried transferring the data from old iPhone 11 but my iPhone 11 screen keeps getting stuck at “Preparing to transfer”. How can I solve this issue?”

iPhone being a popular device by Apple, several phone users opt to own this device. Apple keeps introducing the latest upgraded iPhones and iPhone 11/11 Pro is the latest iPhone launched. With the launch of this model many iPhone users rushed to grab one for themselves. Although this new iPhone model comes with a lot of attractive features, it did show a few technical glitches which left the users annoyed.

iphone 11 stuck on preparing to transfer
Fig.1 -iphone 11 stuck on preparing to transfer

One such issue is the one which has been mentioned above. Several users reported that when they tried to transfer the data from their old iPhone to the new one, their iPhone stuck on preparing to transfer one too many times. While making the transition, if you too have experienced problems setting up new iPhone 11, check out the best way in which you can solve this problem.

Part 1: Why Setting Up iPhone 11 stuck on "Preparing to transfer"

There may be several reasons why you are facing the problem of your iPhone 11 stuck on preparing to transfer. Some may be minor issues on your iPhone which would have led to such a situation while some may be crucial technical glitches on iPhone causing the problem. Here are a few reasons why your iPhone 11 screen is stuck on “Preparing to transfer”.

  • The Wifi to which both your iPhones are connected may be having issues. You can disconnect and reconnect with the wireless network to tackle this problem. If in case the problem persists, then you may have to find another source for internet connectivity.
  • This problem also occurs when you are trying to transfer too large data from your old iPhone to the new one. If so, you can categorize the data and transfer it part by part.
  • The USB lightning cable which you may be using for the transfer may be damaged or spoilt. If you suspect this, you can try changing the USB lightning cable and then transfer the files.
  • If you are making the transfer of data through bluetooth, you need to check if the bluetooth of both the iPhones are functioning normally.
  • The software of the iPhone may not be up to date which may be causing the issue of setting up iPhone 11 stuck on "preparing to transfer".

Part 2: Quick Way to Fix iPhone 11/11 Pro Stuck on "Preparing to transfer"

If there are any technical glitches on your iPhone which is causing the problems setting up iPhone 11, then you can make use of ReiBoot -iOS System Repair. This is an effective tool which helps in fixing any kind of issue on your iPhone which is causing the screen to shut. You can use this tool to fix the problem of iPhone screen stuck on “Preparing to transfer” by following the steps mentioned below.

  • After downloading the tool, launch it and connect your iPhone to the system and click on “Repair Operating System”.

    main interface
  • On the next screen, click on “Fix Now”. Download the latest firmware by clicking on “Download”.

    download the firmware package
  • Once done, click on “Repair Now” and you can check the progress of the repair on your screen.

    repairing repair successfully

This way you can fix the issues causing your screen to get stuck on “Preparing to transfer” using Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Best Alternative: How to Transfer Data to New iPhone with iCareFone

If you want the best alternative for setting up iPhone 11 from old iPhone, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone. This has the unique “Restore” feature using which you can easily know how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone without iCloud. Follow the steps given below to know how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone easily using Tenorshare iCareFone.

  • Once you finish installing the program on your system, launch it and connect your iPhone to it.

    main interface
  • As soon as the devices get detected, click on the backup option and then backup old data on old iPhone.

    choose the required backup file
  • Now restore what you have backed up to your new iPhone within minutes. Then take a look at what have already on your iPhone.

    restore the files

This is how easy it is to know how to transfer data to new iPhone using Tenorshare iCareFone without any hassle.

Video Guide: How to Transfer Data to New iPhone


This guide can be useful when you are switch over from an old iPhone to iPhone 11/ 11 Pro. while making the data transfer from the old iPhone to the new iPhone, if in case your iPhone 11 Pro stuck on “Preparing to transfer”, the best way to fix it is by using Tenorshare ReiBoot. If you want to transfer the data between iPhones without any hassle, it is recommended that you use Tenorshare iCareFone

  Updated on 2020-03-04 / Update for  iPhone 11

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