[SOLVED] How Do I Transfer LINE from Android to iPhone?

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You got a new iPhone 12, Right? And now you are searching for how to transfer LINE chat history from Android to iPhone? It is well-understood that why you want to transfer LINE from Android to iPhone. Well, it may not be as simple as you think. But it will not be a problem for you after reading this article.

Part 1. Why It Is So Difficult to Transfer LINE from Android to iPhone?

Many people will tell that how difficult it is to transfer line chat history from Android to iPhone because of the many reasons. It is, no doubt, a difficult task but yet a solvable problem. I have mentioned two main reasons. These are:

1. iOS has a lot of Limitations

iOS has a different operating system data that works differently from Android operating system data. Unlike Android, it does not allow you to download random files for the newly installed apps. It limits the connection between an opposite operating system data.

2. LINE does not offer this solution

However, there is no official way for how to transfer LINE chat history to new iPhone. LINE only offers importing your messages history and other relevant data officially between Android to Android devices, similarly, from one iOS to another iOS device.

Part 2: Move LINE Chat History from Android to iPhone Via Email or Google Drive

We have discussed that it is not possible to let you transfer LINE chat from Android to iPhone officially but you can either mail your chats and media to your email address or you can simply use email to create Google account for Google Drive on Android to backup LINE Android to iOS.

But, these two ways only works when your Android version over 6.0.

Copy LINE chat history from Android to iPhone with Email.

  • Go to open one conversation.
  • Find "v" button, tap on setting, choose "export chat history"
  • Choose Email to send your chat to your own email.
  • Download LINE on your new iPhone, and open Email, then, you can check chat history at your new iPhone.
  • Note: This method does not support to restore your LINE history directly in LINE.

Migrate LINE chat history from Android to iPhone with Google Drive

  • Go to LINE app in your Android phone and tap to open it.
  • Find the "Friends" option. Go to the option for "Setting"
  • Select the option for "Chats"
  • Locate the option for "Backup and Restore Chat history" and select it
  • Click on "backup to Google Drive", and the App will start backup your data on the storage capacity.
  • Connect your Android phone with computer and copy LINE backup folder to computer.
  • Download Google Drive in your iPhone, then, you can access all your LINE chat history after login on your iPhone.

    line backup android to ios


  • These two methods can only help you access LINE chats in your new iPhone, does not allow you to restore them to LINE app.
  • It takes time to transfer and not very convenient.

Part 3: Move LINE from iPhone to iPhone with iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer

Besdies backuptrans, there is another software which called Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer. You can eaisly use this tool to backup LINE data on your computer and then restore it to your iPhone(iOS to iOS only). Let's take a look how it works.

Here are steps with pictures about how to transfer LINE from iPhone to iPhone with iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer.

  • Open iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer, connect your iPhone and locate the "LINE" Menu.

    Tenorshare icarefone backup line android to iphone
  • Click button "Back Up Now".

    Tenorshare icarefone restore line chat history from android to iphone
  • A few minutes the LINE backup will complete.

    Tenorshare icarefone restore line chat history from android to iphone
  • Next, connect your iPhone and select LINE again, then select "View & Restore" > "Restore Now".

    Tenorshare icarefone restore line chat history from android to iphone
  • After a fewe minutes, your iPhone LINE chat history will be restored to your iPhone.

    Tenorshare icarefone restore line from android to iphone

This is how to use iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer to move LINE chats history from iPhone to iPhone. To be honestm, it's more easier than Backuptrans.

Part 4: Backuptrans Android iPhone LINE Transfer (Third-Party Tool)

Backuptrans Android LINE to iPhone transfer is recommended way because it always comes out with the easiest and better solutions to make the transferring data possible.

Backuptrans is actually a smart LINE Chat history transferring program that helps you with transfer line chat from android to iphone in an easy way. You have to connect both of your phones with your PC via a USD cable in order to achieve the transfer.

  • Install Backuptrans on your computer and connect both of your phones via USB cable.
  • Backup LINE chat history by going to the Backup option in your LINE app. A message will pop up to your Android screen saying " Backup my Data". Tap this button without entering password and tap "OK" in the software on your PC.
  • A pop up window will be shown representing your LINE chats on the screen.
  • Go to you "Device List". Click on your Android Device.
  • Click the top tool bar and press "Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone" option.
  • From the tool option, Select the iPhone you want to transfer your Line chat history to. Choose the target iPhone and Click to "Confirm" button.

    To restore LINE chat history from Android to iPhone, make sure to close LINE app on your iPhone.

    transfer line from android to iphone


  • It is not a free software. You need to purchase this service.
  • You may not succeed to transfer all data for some reasons.

Final Thoughts

Transfer LINE chat iPhone to iPhone is no longer a difficult task. You can do it perfectly if you follow the procedure properly and choose right software to get your task done. Such as Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer. If this article helped you, don't forget share this post in Quora.

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FAQs About Transfer LINE From Android to iPhone

1. Can I restore LINE Chat History?

Yes, you can absolutely restore your Line Chat History. You can have recovery tool such as Tenorhsare UltData, D-Back etc. These tools can help you recover LINE chat history without backup.

2. How do I get my LINE account back?

Open LINE on your phone, enter your phone number, and get verification code.Click on "Yes. That’s my account" and enter your email that is registered to this account. Then, you can get your LINE account bank.

How do I use the same line on two devices?

For iPhone: Search http://vip.othman.tv/ on Safari, and tap "Line 2" to download. After installation, Find setting, go to general, tap on profile and click "Trust VNE Software" to allow the iPhone accept this app. Go to sign up or login to LINE app.

For Android phone: Using Parallel Space. Select "Line">" Add to Parallel Space".

  Updated on 2021-07-02 / Update for  iPhone Tips

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