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Learn to Be A LINE Sticker Creator!

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-05-19 / Update for  LINE Tips

Do you want to turn your loved pictures into LINE stickers and share them with the whole world? LINE Sticker Maker is a free tool that allows anyone to design attractive LINE stickers rapidly. This guide will assist you in becoming a LINE sticker creator and make your own stickers in a matter of minutes.

Part 1: What is LINE Sticker Creator or LINE Sticker Maker

LINE Sticker Creator or LINE Sticker Maker is a free method to create LINE stickers. You can join the creators market on its website or the LINE Sticker Maker official app for both Android and iOS users. It enables you to design your own stickers by using photographs from smartphones effortlessly or drawing cartoon images. Once you have completed stickers, you can submit them for approval and upload them to LINE store for others to use.

Part 2: How to Use LINE Sticker Maker

We all like using stickers while chatting with friends and families to make the talk more insteresting. Besides the free LINE stickers, you can also make your own stickers. Let's look at how to use LINE Sticker Maker step by step:

  • Download and install the LINE Sticker Maker app on your mobile device.
  • Run the app and start Create Your Stickers. Tap the "+" icon, and you can choose a photo from your phone, directly take a picture or draw a picture in this app.

    line sticker maker
  • Editing your pictures with adding words, filters and others to make them stickers.
  • It needs at least 8 stickers. When finished, tap "Apply to Sell".
  • Then fill in some details and choose a main image, and request for review.

    line sticker maker
  • After your stickers have passed the review, you can sell them on LINE store. And you can download for free as a creator.

If you want to use computer to create stickers, go to its website, read the creation guidelines and start.

Part 3: FAQs on LINE Sticker Creator

1. Can You Make Money From LINE Stickers

Yes, you certainly can. After you send the submission and get reviewed, your stickers will be listed on LINE store. Other people can purchase your sticker sets, then you will receive your revenue share. The more popular your stickers are, the more money you make.

2. Are There Other Ways to Create LINE Stickers

If you just want to make stickers for your own use, and don't want to use the formal LINE Sticker Maker way, you can also utilize a variety of apps like LINE Camera and B612. They offer a variety of free tools with which you can edit, manage and share all of your images. You can easily get stickers without much steps.

Part 4: How to View & Export LINE Data to PC

If you operate a LINE app, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone for LINE. It supports backing up LINE messages and attachments, including files, images, and videos. You'll quickly get back up for LINE data from iPad mini 6/iPhone 13, and it also permits you to restore and view the backup. Now is the time to backup, export and view your LINE data with Mac/PC.

  • Start iCareFone for LINE, then click "Back up Now" after selecting your iPhone device.

    export line data to PC
  • Allow a few minutes for the program to back up automatically. Your LINE data will be successfully backed up on the next page.

    export line data to PC
  • Then choose View Backup. On the screen, you will see the LINE data. Select the files and choose the “Export to Computer” option.

    export line data to PC
  • Following that, choose a folder to store the LINE data and then click "OK" to save it to your PC.

    export line data to PC export line data to PC
  • You can also choose "Restore to iOS" directly, but in this case, all of your LINE data on your current device will be overwritten.


The app LINE Sticker Creator is well-known for its sticker feature. Following a few simple steps, you may make your own stickers for free and become a LINE sticker maker. If you want to learn how to make LINE stickers, this guide is for you. And at last, we also introduce Tenorshare iCareFone for LINE for you to backup and view LINE chat history like stickers, videos and messages.