2 Proven and Effective Solutions to Transfer LINE Chat History from iPhone to Android

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"How do I transfer LINE chats from an iPhone to an Android while switching from iOS to Android?” Ever since there are concerns about Google and Facebook security, users are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp. Thanks to LINE, a messaging app. But the issue is LINE doesn't support message transporting for cross-platform. In order to solve this problem, we are here with two proven ways to transfer LINE chat history from iPhone to Android.

Method 1: Move LINE from iPhone to Android via BackupTrans

When you want to stay out of all the technical complexities and want a simple solution with a few clicks, BackupTrans is a perfect choice. It is the best software to quickly transfer your LINE chat history from iPhone to Android. You can perfectly merge and copy all the LINE chats within a few minutes.

No other data transferring utility software except BackupTrans provides the service to transfer LINE messages from iPhone to Android. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Download and install the software on your computer. The installation will take some time.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cables to move LINE chat history from iOS to Android. Make sure you have the LINE app logged in to your iPhone
  • The software will load all the device data shortly. It will backup the chat LINE from ios to computer and show all the LINE chats on the main interference of the software.
  • Right-click iPhone from the devices list and choose export to LINE backup folder. It will export all chat files into computer.
  • Now connect your Android phone to the computer and copy the LINE backup folder to your Android device.
  • The transfer will start shortly, and you can access all the chats on your Android after a while.

  • Download the LINE app to your new Android device and logged in with the same account you used on your iPhone.
  • Now launch the app on your Android device and go to the chat setting.
  • Click on the contact for which you want to restore chat. Go to setting, tap on import chat history, and you can see the restored chat. You can repeat the step to restore the chat of all contacts.

    transfer line chat history from iphone to android


  • You can transfer each chat separately and can get the preview before moving.
  • Very effective way to transfer LINE from iPhone to Android.


  • The interface is a bit cluttering.
  • There can be a compatibility issue.
  • No free trial version available.

Method 2: Migrate LINE from iPhone to Android via Email

If you do not want to pay BackupTrans, we are here with another way to help you out to move the LINE from iPhone to Android. In this method, all you have to do is to back up the chat and send the files through email by following the below steps

  • Use the springboard of your iPhone to start the LINE app and to backup LINE iOS to Android.
  • You will see the "V" icon on the top left of the screen. Tap on the icon to go to the setting which will open the setting menu.
  • A new screen will open and you have to tap “Export chat history”. It will export the chat of selected contact into a simple text file.
  • Send the exported files to your Android phone through email, or you can use other file sharing platforms to backup LINE iPhone to Android.
  • Open the received files via emial on your Android phone to get your LINE chat history. And you succeed to transfer the LINE from iPhone to Android in text file version.

    backup line iphone to android


  • It is the most simple and super easy way.
  • You don't need to install any software.
  • It is Free


  • You can only transfer chat in text form without images and videos..
  • Cannot restore them in LINE app.

Bonus Tip1: Transfer LINE from iOS to iOS

If you are an iOS user and only want to transfer iOS to iOS, iCareFone for LINE Transfer is recommended a lot in the internet which helps you to backup, manage, and transfer the files. It is a popular solution that can help you to transfer files and social apps like LINE and Whatsapp from iPhone to iPhone.

To transfer the LINE from iOS to iOS, follow the below steps. (Note: before transferring, you need backup LINE data in first.)

  • First, connect your both iPhones to Mac after installing the software and click on the 'LINE' on home. Now we are startting to back up LINE data after click the button 'Back Up Now'.

    backup chat line ios to android
  • The backup process will not take some time, when it is finished, this software iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer will show 'Backup successfully' in interface as below.

    backup line chat iphone to android
  • Then hit the button 'View & Restore' and select the previous backup file to restore it to new phones.

    backup line chat iphone to android
  • After select the destination device and comfirm all things, the restore precess will be finished in few time.

    backup line chat iphone to android
  • If you think the transfer process is very easy please share it to your friends.

Bonus Tip2: How to Free Backup LINE to PC With Technoshare iCareFone

Technoshare iCareFone is a complete iPhone management software, which helps you to manage and transfer files. It offers solutions that are often missing in Apple's official guide. It is available for both Windows and Mac. Most importantlu, Technoshare iCareFone allows you to free back LINE to PC.

  • Download iCareFone to your computer and install it.
  • Connect your device with the computer and go to “Backup and restore”, click on the LINE Backup to transfer all your data from iOS to the computer.

    transfer line from iphone to android
  • Once the backup is completed, you can check all LINE Data in the computer.

    backup line ios to android

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The above guides have given you the absolute answers to the question "how to transfer LINE chat history from iPhone to Android”. All the above-mentioned ways are genuine and help restore all the LINE chat history to your new Android device. It can be a bit time consuming but it is better than manual labor. If you want to transfer LINE from iPhone to iPhone or free backup your LINE chat to PC, you can go to download Tenorshare iCareFone.

FAQs on LINE Apps and LINE Transfer

1.Can I use the LINE app on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use LINE on other devices with LINE lite or desktop version.

  • Start the LINE lite or the desktop version.
  • Login and tap yes to answer "Are you using LINE on a mobile phone?"
  • Tap "Yes, I want to use the LINE account on other devices".
  • Use email or scan the QR code with the LINE app for verification.

2.How do I transfer LINE chat from Android to iPhone?

There is no offical method but several software/tools like Backtrans available for it. Below steps can help transfer LINE chat from Android to iPhone with Backtrans.

  • Open LINE on Android and backup all the chats.
  • Connect Android with PC, Copy the LINE-Backup folder from Android to the computer.
  • Login the LINE account on iPhone and connect the device to the computer, select iPhone on BackupTrans, right click and choose "import from LINE Backup File".
  • Tap the imported database and choose "Transfer Messages from the database to iPhone".

3.How do I transfer my data from iPhone to Android?

Switching to Android from iPhone can be great, but if you don't want any data loss, here is a simple way to restore iPhone data to Android.

  • Sign in to the Google Drive on iPhone
  • Backup all the data by going to Menu--> Settings--> Backup.
  • Sign in to your Gmail account on the Android to get all your data.
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  Updated on 2020-07-13 / Update for  Transfer

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