How to Use the Native iOS Video Player for iPadOS 16/17

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-07-25 / Update for  iPadOS

"How to use the native iOS Video Player for iPadOS 16? Before it worked with Full Screen API off, but now it is not working at all. Please help me fix this issue"

Actually, there used to be a setting on the Safari 'Disable Fullscreen API'. Basically, due to that, websites would use the native iOS video player to play a video instead of using a custom video player. But it seems that the said option has been removed making the users ask 'How to use the native iOS Video Player for iPadOS 16'.

The main issue with the custom player is that it is buggy and close to impossible to navigate. The complete experience is pretty bad whereas the native iOS player was much better.

Part 1. Can I Use the Native iOS Video Player to View Videos on Websites

With the previous iteration of iPadOS, users were able to use the native iOS video player. But the said can't seem to be performing with the iOS 16.

Previously, there used to be a setting with Safari called 'Disable Fullscreen API'; which allowed the users to use native iOS video player while they were watching a video on a website. This specific option has been removed from the iOS 16.

Now, the main issue is that video can only be played via the custom video players. Unfortunately, these custom players are buggy, hard to navigate, and constantly have ads and pop-ups.

So, the custom player experience is pretty bad and a huge negative regression for Apple to force users to use custom video players when the native iOS player was so much better.

Part 2. Unable to Use the Native iOS Video Player in iPadOS 16/17, What to Do?

Well, as we just discussed, Apple intentionally removed the option to use the native iOS video player. And users have already established the fact that the custom players are quite bad.

So, there are only a few things you can do. Let's have a look.

Solution 1. Stream via iPhone

Your first option is to use the iPhone to stream the videos. Simply, download a streaming app on your iPhone and use it to stream the videos.

Solution 2. Use Google Chrome for iPad

So, if Safari on iOS 16 is not allowing you to use the native video player anymore and it has caused streaming issues over the Apple TV via screen monitoring, you can use Google Chrome for iPad.

Google Chrome will perform better and you will get a much better experience.

Step 1: Go to 'App Store' and download Chrome.

Step 2: Tap 'Get' and then tap 'Install'.

Step 3: You will be asked for your Apple ID. And after that, tap 'OK'.

Step 4:Now, just launch Google Chrome by tapping on the App icon.

google chrome ipad

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Therefore, as you can already know, Apple intentionally removed the option to use the native iOS video player in order to force the users to use the custom video players. Nonetheless, users are suffering pretty badly with the performance of the custom players. But in order to have a better experience, you can try to stream from the iPhone or use Google Chrome for iPad. But if you are having issues with the iOS system, then your only option is to use Tenorshare ReiBoot in order to repair the iOS system effectively. This software is really effective in fixing any type of iOS system related issues. Highly recommended! Free download and give this iPad fix tool a try.