Quick Ways to Exit iPad Recovery Mode without iTunes

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-02-22 / Update for  iPad

How to enter or exit iPad recovery mode without iTunes? Recovery mode on an iPad is not something that everyone will want to use. As the name suggests, it is usually used to recover your iPad from any bad conditions. If you have put your device in the recovery mode and are not sure how to bring it out of the mode, this guide will help you do it. The following methods do not require you to use iTunes to do recovery mode iPad without iTunes.

Way 1. Manually Get iPad Out of Recovery Mode without iTunes

One of the easiest ways to exit the recovery mode on your iPad without having to use the iTunes app is to use the physical buttons on your device. You can use these buttons to bring your device out of the iOS recovery mode. The following shows how you can go about doing it on your iPad.

  • While your iPad is still in recovery mode, press and hold down the Sleep button for a few seconds. It will turn off your iPad.

    ipad sleep button
  • Once your iPad is turned off, press the Sleep button again to turn the device on. Your iPad will boot-up.

This time around, you will notice that your device boots-up directly in the normal mode. It is no longer in the iOS recovery mode. As you can see, you do not actually need anything to exit the recovery mode on your iPad.

Way 2. One Click to Exit iPad Recovery Mode without iTunes

In most cases, the above method should get the job done for you. However, there are certain cases where simply pressing the Sleep button will not do the job for you. It may be because your iPad is stuck in the recovery mode or there are any other issues preventing it from quitting the recovery mode.

If your iPad is in such a case and you are having trouble booting it into the normal mode, Tenorshare ReiBoot is recommended to get iPad out of recovery mode without iTunes. It will reboot your iPad into normal mode and only requires you to connect your device to your computer and click on an option. There is absolutely no need to press any physical buttons on your device which saves you time in rebooting into recovery.

  • Download, install and launch the software on your computer. Connect your iPad to your computer using a compatible cable. You will see a few options on the main screen of the software. Click on the one that says Exit Recovery Mode.

    let iPad Out of Recovery Mode without iTunes
  • The following will appear on your screen when your iPad is being booted in normal mode. Wait for it to finish.

    exiting ipad recovery mode without iTunes
  • When your iPad has quitted the recovery mode, you will see the following message on your screen.

    exit iPad recovery mode successfully

You are all set. Your iPad should now be out of recovery mode and that too without using the iTunes app.

Way 3. Restore iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode without iTunes

It will be a very rare case where the above method will not work for you. If you cannot exit the recovery mode on iPad with 1 click, there may be an issue in the system of your iPad that is causing it to stay stuck in the recovery mode. ReiBoot has a feature called Repair Operating System that should help you fix the very core files of the device and that should fix iPad stuck on recovery mode without iTunes for you. The following is how you exit the iPad Mini recovery mode without iTunes by repairing the device.

  • Download, install, and open the software on your computer. Plug-in your iPad to your computer using the original cable. Click on the Start option in the software.

    Get iPad Out of Recovery Mode without iTunes
  • Click on Standard Repair on the following screen.

    fix ipad stuck in recovery mode with ReiBoot
  • Choose a location to save the iPad firmware and click on the Download button.

    Get iPad Out of Recovery Mode
  • Once the firmware is downloaded, it will automatically start fixing your device.

    Get iPad Out of Recovery Mode without iTunes successfully

One More Tip: Once Click to Enter iPad Recovery Mode without iTunes [Free]

The traditional way to enter recovery mode on iPad is not easy and may easily get failed. If you need to get iPad into recovery mode, you can use the aforementioned Tenorshare ReiBoot to do it. Simply plug-in your iPad to your computer and choose the Enter Recovery Mode option in the software. It’ll get the task done for you.


While you can certainly use iTunes to perform a number of tasks on your iPad, it is not the only way to do things on Apple devices. As shown in the above guide, you can indeed exit the iPad recovery mode without iTunes using Tenorshare ReiBoot. Not only recovery mode, it also helps you fix various iPad issues like iPad reboot loop, iPad Glitch Issues.