Reset iPad to Factory Settings without iTunes - Best Solutions

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-05-16 / Update for  iPad

Recently my iPad 2 doesn't work after updating to iPadOS 16. It drives me crazy because I was doing my assessment with it! Does anyone know how to reset iPad to factory settings without iTunes easily?

Whatever might be your need, either you are giving away your old iPad or selling it off to someone, understanding how to factory reset your iPad is paramount. If you are looking for the top solutions to reset iPad to factory settings without iTunes, then you come to the right place. Let's start right now!

1. When Should We Factory Reset iPad

So, first of all we will discuss what are the scenarios that demand for resetting iPad factory settings without iTunes? Here are the most prominent reasons for factory resetting your iPad:

  • You has an iPad pro unresponsive issue.
  • The iPad has been behaving weirdly after a failed iOS update, for example, freezing screen, oversize lag, and virus etc.
  • The ipad has been disabled or has a black/blue screen.
  • You are selling off or giving away the iPad to someone.
  • To get rid of the faulty apps that deteriorates iPad's performance.
  • iPad has been locked and you don't remember your passcode either.

2. Hard Reset iPad Factory Settings without iTunes

You should hard reset iPad if you are on a business or holiday travel but don't have internet access or PC with you.

  • Hold your iPad's sleep button and the home button simultaneously.
  • Pressing for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Release all buttons and wait for your iPad to restart.

    factory reset ipad without passcode or itunes ReiBoot

3. How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings without iTunes: Third-Party Tool

Here we will take Tenorshare ReiBoot for iOS as an exmaple. This tool can repair a wide rang of issues related to iOS devices like iPhone and iPad without iCloud password. Simply follow the steps below to know how it works.

  • Download and install the software on your PC.

  • Connect your iPad to the software with an original Apple cable.
  • Go to Factory Reset iPhone/iPad on the top right corner of the main interface.

    factory reset ipad without passcode or itunes Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • Click Fix Now on the next window.

    how to factory reset ipad without itunes Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • Click Download to download the firmware package.

    ipad factory reset without itunes Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • Click Start Repair to reset your iPad to factory setting without passcode. A few minutes later your iPad will be ready to use.

    reset ipad factory settings without itunes Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • If you forget your iPad passcode, you can try 4uKey for iOS to reset your iPad to factory setting.

4. Restore iPad to Factory Settings without iTunes: Setting Panel

If your iPad screen is locked and you are aware of the passcode, then you can try this method for sure. For resetting iPad to factory settings without iTunes, you can use the 'Settings' app on your iPad. It is imperative take a backup of your iPad, as the data will completely get erased with this option.

  • Go to Settings > General > Erase All Content and Settings
  • Choose either Backup Then Erase or Erase Now

    how to factory reset ipad
  • Press the Erase [Device] option and tap on Erase to confirm.
  • The Apple logo will appear on screen now and then your device data is completely wiped off. The iPad becomes fresh as new and you can restart it to configure again after that.

5. How to Restore iPad to Fatory Settings without iTunes: Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a brilliant remote feature for ipad factory reset without itunes. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Go to Settings > Your Apple ID name > iCloud > Find My iPad to turn on the option.
  • Go to and then login to your iCloud account using the credentials.
  • Click on Find iPhone > All Devices, then click [your iPad].
  • Press Erase iPad afterwards.

    ipad hard factory reset without itunes
  • Your device will be reset back to factory settings and all data will be removed.
  • The iPad will be erased now along with the passcode. Allow it to restart and later you can configure it afresh.

If you have an iPhone, here is a article about how to factory reset iPhone without passcode with detailed steps.


In today's guide, we have found out how to factory reset iPad without iTunes by some easy ways, such as the ReiBoot for iOS, and how to do iPad hard reset without iTunes. While looking for the best ways to reset iPad factory settings without iTunes, you shouldn't worrying about the technicalities of it. For more comments or suggestions feel free to leave them below!

FAQs on iPad Reset Factory Settings without iTunes

"How to change ownership of an iPad without PCs?"

Log out your iTunes and iCloud accounts, then go to Settings and click Sign Out.

"How to remove someone else's Apple ID on my iPad?"

Go to Settings > [Your Apple ID name] >iTunes & App Store". Click the Apple ID and scroll down to the bottom to select your device. Finally tap Remove from Account.

"Does factory reset an iPad delete everything?"

Yes, so you really need to back up your device before choose the factory reset option.